Welcome to Magic Valley Goldendoodles!

We are Fonda Thompson and Kimberly Hatch--two separate households that have teamed up to provide the best possible start to what we think are the best possible family dogs! We are located in Magic Valley (Twin Falls), Southern Idaho.  We have some great litters available now and more in the planning stage.  All of our parents are health tested and we offer two year health warranty. We place our moms and dads in guardian homes so we never have to use kennels and we can limit the number of dogs that live in our homes (and on our couches!) full time.  Every puppy is carefully raised to be the kind of dog we want to have around our kids and families.  

As you meet our doodles we know you will fall in love with them as much as we have!

 Read more about our families...

While we love to meet and talk with our puppy families, we have to save time for our growing families as well.

We need to set limits for the times we spend on the phone and answering emails.  

We try to put our phones and computers away after school, in the evenings and most of the time during the weekends so we can be fully present with our families.  We still spend a lot time working with puppies along with our kids but we need to focus on the kids and puppies during those times. If we don't respond to a text or email right away please be patient and know that we will get to you when we have office hours weekdays from 9-3.  We generally try not to respond to text, phone calls, or emails on the weekends or after office hours.  

We reserve Sundays for church and family.

We don't respond to texts, emails or pick-up dates on Sundays.  Thanks for understanding! 

Available Puppies

We have 3 available puppies from Dottie's litter 

Go to the Adoption Application Process page to see how to reserve one of these babies.

If you are ready to move forward with one of Dotties puppies and have already read through our

Adoption Application Process please contact Fonda 208-731-0053


We have one little boy available from Callie Jo and Winston's puppies.  He will be about 40 pounds with thick wavy coat.  Ready to go home July 23. 


We have five puppies available from Ember's litter!  These are beautiful big, boxy standard F1 bernedoodles.  They are sweet and smart babies.  They are all using the dog door to go potty outside and they are doing great with basic early training. They have wavy coats and will be 60-100 pounds.  

New pricing for our Standard Size Bernedoodles--$3000.  

 Pictures/videos on their litter page.   Kim--208-421-2858

IMG_8170 2.jpeg

 If we have an opening from a litter after we have called everyone already on our reservation list, we will post that availability here on the home page.

 If you would like to be on our master reservation list we estimate that you will bring home a puppy 1-4 months after submission of application and reservation fee.   If you are flexible with size, color and gender you can get a puppy more quickly.  We are always busy planning and prepping for great litters!

 Please read more about our reservation process if you are interested in a puppy.  Thanks! 


Nursery News 


Standard Poodle

50 pounds, 25.5"tall

Brown phantom



Bernese Mountain Dog 
120 pound, 
26" tall,

Photos/videos updated here.  

Last updated 6/28/2021

We have 5 available puppies in this litter.

Ember and Miller
70-100 lbs 25-26 inches
F1 Bernedoodles
Born Monday May 24, 2021
Match Day July 5-6 
Go home July 17, 2021

We have four openings on this litter--see our application process to get started or call Kim (text first) if you have questions! 208-421-2858

Both of these parents are sweet and devoted family companions.  We expect these puppies to be big, sturdy, sweet family dogs! 


IMG_8170 2.jpeg

Callie Jo


F1b English  Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 22" tall






Multi-Generational   Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 19" tall




Pictures/videos updated HERE.

Last updated 7/19/2021

Callie Jo  and Winston
40 pounds, wavy coats in red and Cream, Solid and Abstract
multi-generation goldendoodles
Born Friday May 28, 2021
Match day July 8-9
Go home July 22-23, 2021 
We have one puppy available in this litter. 

Callie and Winston have babies!  We have red, apricot and cream puppies with thick wavy coats and brown noses.  Most of them have big abstract markings.  Some of them will darken to a dark red as they get older and some will stay a lighter apricot.  We won't be able to tell for sure until they are several months old. We expect them to be 35-45 pounds.  

Both of these parent dogs have mellow, people loving personalities.  They are great with kids and strangers alike and they are easy to train and easy to live with.  We think these babies will be awesome family dogs and will have great service aptitudes!  

Lainey and Huck Finn
Petite multi-gen Goldendoodles 10-20 pounds
Born: June 6th
Match Date: July 23rd
Go Home: July 30th


f1b from Poppy & Norris


soft, wavy non-shedding

14 pounds, 15 inches

image000000 3.png

Huck Finn

F1b goldendoodle

Apricot abstract

wavy coat

23 pounds, 15 inches

Litter Updates HERE.

Last updated 7/18/2021

This litter list is full.

There are no available puppies.

Olive & Maverik
Large Mini/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 30-40 lb
Born: June 27th
Match Date: August 2nd
Go home: August 20th for pickup. August 19th or 21st if transportation is needed,

Olive had  4 babies beginning in the early hours of June 27th.  She has 1 extreem parti female that we will be keeping and adding to our breeding program.  She has one cream/apricot extreem parti male and two abstract cream/apricot male puppies.  These puppies will be a large mini/small medium sized puppy that we expect to mature to be about 30-40 pounds full grown.

We have two available puppies from this litter.  The parti male (Blue collar) and one of the abstract males.  We will not know what abstract male is available until August 2nd.




F1b English


36 pounds, 19" tall


Loose Wavy






31 pounds, 18" tall

Red Abstract

Loose Wavy


Litter Updates HERE.

Last updated 7/18/2021


Upcoming Litters

We do not take requests to be on a specific litter waiting list.

Below is a list of our breeding expectations for the next six to twelve months.   Puppies will be ready to go home 4 months from the time that breeding takes place.  When we feel confident that the girls are pregnant we will make that announcement above under "Upcoming litters." As females cycle and are bred, we will update and make note of it below. If there are no updated notes it is because they have not cycled. Although our girls typically cycle within a month of our prediction, Mother Nature is not always exact and these months are only our best guesses!

If you are interested in one of our upcoming litters, read through our Master reservation and adoption process to learn how you can get on a list for one of those puppies.

If you would like to be on our master reservation list we are estimating that the wait time before bringing a puppy home will be 3-6 months after submission of application and reservation fee. Here's what we're working on now!


Breedings that have taken place

Tesla/Everest--for Petite/Mini Golden Mountain Doodles (15-30 lbs) brown/apricot solid, abstract, and parti. Tesla has cycled, she has been bread with Everest. Tesla is due Mid August. Puppies can come up to 5 days late. Puppies will be ready to go home beginning of October. $3500

Paris/Winston --for Medium Goldendoodle (40-45 lbs) Black, Brown, Silver, Silver beige, cream/apricot in  solid and abstract. Paris has cycled and has been bread  with Winston. Paris is due Mid August.  Puppies can come up 5 days late. Puppies will be ready to go home beginning of October.This will be Paris's retirement litter. $2500

 Lolli/Winston large mini/small Medium wavy apricot/red Goldendoodles $2500


Buttercup/Maverik miniature, apricot/red, solid and abstract Goldendoodles $2500

Jade /scuba for Petite Goldendoodles (10-20lbs)  apricot/red abstract and solid wavy puppies. Jade has cycled and has been bread  with Scuba. Jade is due mid September.  Puppies can come up 5 days late. Puppies will be ready to go home beginning of November. Goldendodles $3000

Here's what we're planning for the future!

Please keep in mind that these anticipated litter pairings may change at any time up until the time that breeding takes place. There can be a change of sire due to multiple different circumstances but these pairings are our best guess and what we currently anticipate will happen.



(July) June/Scuba 15-25        Miniature Goldendoodles

(Late July) Suzy-Q/Everest 10-20 lb Petite Bernedoodles

(Late August) Masi/Winston/? Miniature Multi-Gen Red Abstract and Red Goldendoodles

(any time after July) Pepper/Maverik/? Multi-Gen large Miniature blue merle and red Goldendoodles

(August) Honey x Winston Mini multi-generation Goldendoodles 

(Mid September) Lainey/? Petite Goldendoodles 

Late September) Tenley/Ridge for Miniature 20-30 lb wavy and curly red Goldendoodles

(October) Ruby/Jasper Miniature goldendoodle/bernedoodle mix 20-30 lbs $3500

(Late November) Dottie/ Winston for Medium (45-50 lbs) red and brown wavy Goldendoodles

(Late December) Cola/ Scuba ? for Petite 10-20 lbs red Goldendoodles

(December) Blanche/Jasper/? multi-gen Tri color mini Bernedoodles

(Late Jan) Tesla/Winston--Large Miniature/Small Medium (30-40lbs) brown, silver beige solid & abstract                

                       Goldendoodles. $2500

(Jan) Wendy/?--Miniature, red, solid and abstract Goldendoodles.  

(Jan) buttercup/? Miniature, red, solid and abstract Goldendoodles

(Jan) Lolli/Winston Miniature red and apricot curly and wavy Goldendoodles

(Early April) Jade / Murphy/Jasper/scuba Petite (15-20lbs) apricot/red and black/ phantom Golden Mountaindoodles $3500 or Goldendodles

How Much do our Puppies cost?

Mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodle (20-90 lbs) are $2500.  Petite Goldendoodles (litters where we expect puppies to be under  25 lbs) are $3000 and Bernedoodle and Bernedoodle mix puppies are $3500. 


In our quest to find a way to give both dogs and families the best chance to be happy together we have focused on breed (natural instinct), health and training.  We have a corner on the market for breed and temperament with our carefully planned doodles.  We use a food that is doing great things for our dogs' health and we implement carefully planned early training procedures at our homes. 

We also have a fantastic training resource we can offer all of our families.  Proper training from birth up to 20 weeks of age is the most important thing that will shape a dogs behavior.  We offer a lifetime guarantee to take our dogs back at anytime so we are committed to your success.  

When you sign up for the 'puppy starter pack' and set up auto-ship for dog food products with Paw Tree, we will credit you $100.  And when you sign up for training online through Baxter and Bella we will credit you another $100.  We have more information about these new procedures on our FAQ page and our Take Home Info page and our Supply list page. 

Shipping/transportation is available and usually costs between $500-$850.

All of our breeding dogs live with guardian families from birth and throughout their lives.  We couldn't run our program without our awesome guardian families! If you are interested in learning more about our program read more about it here.