Welcome to Magic Valley Goldendoodles!

We are Fonda Thompson and Kimberly Hatch--two separate households that have teamed up for more than ten years to provide the best possible start to what we think are the best possible family companions. You are going to love our dogs!

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We are moms first!  

If we don't answer your call, send a text or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we get finished with puppy snuggles, baseball, piano lessons, dishes, mama tummy rubs, story time, laundry, walks, dinner.....


We reserve Sundays for church and family.

We don't answer calls/emails or have pick-up days on Sundays.  Thanks for understanding

Available Puppies

We can deliver your puppy to you!  Transportation to the west coast is $600-$650. East coast and central and southern US is usually $700-$900. We have delivered to Puerto Rico and Canada and can make arrangements as needed for both of those locations.  Transportation to the Boise airport is $125.  We can often transport several puppies together to make this time and cost effective for all of us with today's travel prices.  All of our puppies travel with a member of our family in the passenger section of the airplane to make sure they have a safe and comfortable transition.  

Contact Kim for help with arrangements. 208-421-2858

We have 3 boysl available from Dottie's litter of Golden Mountaindoodles (Goldendoodle X Bernedoodle) Ready to go home NOW! They will be a medium size (35-45 pounds) some are wavy and some are curly.   $2500.

Contact Fonda for more info.  208-731-0053  

Read more about these puppies here...    Read how to bring one of these puppies home here... 







We have some spots open on Joy's mini goldendoodle list.  These babies will all have beautiful no/low shedding coats in classic cream/apricot-red colors. They have beautiful boxy heads and the sturdy structure that we love to see in our goldendoodles.  They will weigh 20-30 pounds. They are ready to go home now.  Call Kim for more information! 208-421-2858 More Pictures and information here.  


We have puppies available from Wendy and Scuba.  They will be 15-25 pounds with curly and wavy coats.  Ready to go home August 26.  Call Kim for more information! 208-421-2858 


 We will post openings in a litter after we have called everyone already on our master  list. 

 If you would like to have top pick of the litter then we recommend you get on our master reservation list.  We are always busy planning and prepping for great litters!

 Please read more about our reservation process if you are interested in a puppy.  Thanks! 

Nursery news
Wendy & Scuba
Mini Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 15-25  pounds
Red/apricot coats

Born: July 3rd
Go Home: August 26

Wendy and Scuba have nine babies!  We have six girls and three boys.  All were born healthy and everyone is growing right on schedule.  

These babies will have straight/wavy/curly coats that are expected to be

low/no shedding.  

We will be testing DNA testing results on the puppies when they are a couple of weeks old. We may keep back 1 or 2 males in this litter for breeding purposes. We will open choices further up on the list once we have results.  

Pictures and updates here! New Video 8/13/2022




Multi-Generational Goldendoodle 

33 pounds, 18" tall




IMG_7516 2.jpg





6 pounds, 10" tall

Red abstract



18 pounds
15 inches

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Straight, low shedding coat.
16 pounds,
13 inches 
Clear genetics
Honey & Ernie
Petite Cavalier Goldendoodles 15-20 pounds
Born July 21, 2022
Go Home September 15, 2022

Honey and Ernie have petite Cavalier Goldendoodles!  These two have beautiful black phantom puppies.  We expect them to be 15-20 pounds with wavy coats.  As always, our cavalier goldendoodles have beautiful blocky structure and soft low to no shedding coats.  

For more info about this litter you can text Kimberly at 208-421-2858



f1b from Poppy & Norris


soft, wavy non-shedding

14 pounds, 15 inches




Multi-Generational Goldendoodle

32 pound, 18" tall




Lainey/Maverik Waiting list

1) Breeders pick (Male

2) Breeders pick (Male/Female

3) Jennifer Schwartz (Female)

4) Todd Graham (prefer Female) Possible parti.


1) Reserve spot #1 AVAILABLE

2) Reserve spot #2 AVAILABLE

Lainey & Maverick
Miniature Multi-Generational English Goldendoodles 20-25 lb
Born;: August, 3, 2022 
Go home: Monday September, 26, 2022
These puppies are $2500

This is Lainey's retirement litter.  Lainey has been such a fantastic momma. We  are really anticipating watching her raise one last litter of puppies.  Lainey had 5 beautiful babies the evening of Wednesday August 3rd (3 girls and 2 boys). They will all have a loose wavy apricot/red coat. Puppies from this litter are expected to be a about 20-25 pounds full grown.  Pending DNA testing results on the puppies when they are about 1-2 weeks old we have one open spots and will be taking two back up reservations.  We may or may not keep back 1 or 2 puppies in this litter for breeding purposes.  If we do not keep a puppy back then everyone will move up the list and we may have puppies available for 1 or 2 reserve spots.  

Lainey's Previous Puppies with coats similar to what these puppies will look like.


Upcoming litters

* When you submit an application and reservation fee to be placed on our master list, please indicate what upcoming litters you are most interested in and we will contact you when they are born. Once we contact you with an available puppy/litter, we ask that you commit to that puppy/litter within 12-24 hours.  We don't ever know for sure how many pups we will get with each litter and occasionally unexpected complications arise with pregnancy or delivery, so we won't make an official litter list assignment until after puppies are safely delivered and thriving.*

Blanche & Roland
Petite/Mini Golden Mountain-doodles (Goldendoodle X Bernedoodle) 15-25 lbs
Due: Aug 24th. 2022 
Match Date: Birth
Go home: Monday, October 17th
These puppies will be $3500

Pregnancy has been confirmed and Blanche is expected to have puppies soon. We still have reservation spots open for this litter. If you are interested in being on the waiting list for one of these babies or if you have any questions after reading through our Adoption Process please send me a text or call  208-731-0053

Blanche/Roland Previous Puppies




F1b Bernedoodle

15 pounds, 13" tall







Golden Mountaindoodle

26 pounds, 16" tall




Blanche/Roland Waiting list

1) Ron Schackenberg Tri (Any gender)

2) Jennifer Zhuang  (Prefer male)

3) Suzi Taylor (Prefer female)



Below is a list of our breeding expectations for the next six to twelve months.   Puppies will be ready to go home 4 months from the time that breeding takes place.  When we feel confident that the girls are pregnant we will make that announcement above under "Upcoming litters" As females cycle and are bred, we will update and make note of it below. If there are no updated notes it is because they have not cycled. Although our girls typically cycle within a month of our prediction, Mother Nature is not always exact and these months are only our best guesses!

If you are interested in one of our upcoming litters, read through our Master reservation and adoption process to learn how you can get on a list for one of those puppies.

If you would like to be on our master reservation list that will give you the best shot at being at the top of the litter of your choice. 

Here's what we're working on now!


Breedings that have taken place

Pepper /Goose miniature (20-30lbs) apricot/red, black phantom, blue merl phantom,  and solid blue merl.   Some of these puppies may also have abstract markings (White chest/white muzzle/or white spots on the top of their head) Goldendoodles  $2500 - $3500

Phantom merl = $3500

merl = $3000

Apricot/red/black/black Phantom = $2500


*Callie Jo /Goose--mini/medium goldendoodles in parti and solid red/apricot/white. Go home  mid-November


Molly Moo/Maverik  Miniature Multi-Gen Goldendoodle (20-25 lbs) Apricot/Red Solid/Abstract/Parti wavy.  Molly has cycled and we anticipate breeding her this week with Maverik.  (Due mid October Go home early December) $2500

Here's what we're planning for the future!

Please keep in mind that these anticipated litter pairings may change at any time up until the time that breeding takes place. There can be a change of sire due to multiple different circumstances but these pairings are our best guess and what we currently anticipate will happen.


*(September) Jade /Roland/Goose Petite Goldendoodle (15-20 lbs Apricot/red/wavy/curly)/Small Miniature Golden Mountaindoodle  (15-25lbs) apricot/red/black/phantom/tri Wavy (go  home around August) $3500

*(October) Minnie /Maverik/Goose Petite/Mini Goldendoodles (18-28lbs or 10-20lbs) apricot/red Wavy (Go home around Feb) $2500-$3000

*(October/November) Masi/Winston Large Mini/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle Red Abstract and Red Solid Wavy (Go home around September) $2500

* (Novemer) "Parti" Poppy /Winston /Goose Small/Large Mini/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle (Red Abstract and Red Solid (Go home around October) $2500

*(Nov) Cola/Goose Petite Goldendoodles (10-15lbs) apricot/red Wavy (Go home end of Nov) $3000

*(December/January) Blanche/Jasper/Roland  Mini Bernedoodles or Golden Mountaindoodle (15-25 lbs) Tri, Phantom, and Parti Tri (Go home around October) $3500

* (Mid Jan) Hazel/Maverik/Goose Small/Large Mini/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodle (Red Abstract and Red Solid (Go home around October) $2500

*(Feb) Molly Moo/Goose Petite Multi-Gen Goldendoodle  (15-20 lbs) Apricot/Red  wavy (Go home around Oct/Nov) $3000

*(April) Pepper /Roland /Goose large Small Medium (35-40lbs) apricot/red and black/ phantom and blue merl Golden Mountaindoodles  $3500 or Mini Goldendoodles 

How Much do our Puppies cost?

Mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodle (20-90 lbs) are $2000-$2500.  Petite Goldendoodles (litters where we expect puppies to be under  25 lbs) are $3000 and King Charles cavalier/ cavapoo or Bernedoodle and Bernedoodle mix puppies are $3000- $3500. 


In our quest to find a way to give both dogs and families the best chance to be happy together we have focused on breed (natural instinct), health and training.  We have a corner on the market for breed and temperament with our carefully planned doodles.  We use a food that is doing great things for our dogs' health and we implement carefully planned early training procedures at our homes. 

We also have a fantastic training resource we can offer all of our families.  Proper training from birth up to 20 weeks of age is the most important thing that will shape a dogs behavior.  We offer a lifetime guarantee to take our dogs back at anytime so we are committed to your success.  

We offer $100 off the purchase price of your puppy if you set up AND place an EZ ship order of at least $200 or more.  The only thing we require to be in your order is an X-Large bag of dog food.  And when you sign up for training online through Baxter and Bella we will credit you another $50.  We have more information about these new procedures on our FAQ page and our Take Home Info page and our Supply list page. 

Shipping/transportation is available and usually costs between $500-$850.

All of our breeding dogs live with guardian families from birth and throughout their lives.  We couldn't run our program without our awesome guardian families! If you are interested in learning more about our program read more about it here.