Adoption Application Questionnaire

We know this is a lot to read.  Thanks for taking the time! 


We do not take placement requests for litters that are not born.  Once a litter is born and we know all puppies are healthy (about one week old), then we start to fill positions on the litter list.  First we will call everyone already on our master reservation list and then we will fill any remaining spots on a first come first served basis.    Current waiting time to bring  a puppy home is approximately 2-4 months from the time the application and reservation fee are submitted. 

Petite--10-20 pounds $3000

Miniature--20-35 pounds $2500
Medium--35-45 pounds $2500
Standard--over 50 pounds $2500

Golden Mountain Bernedoodle/Bernedoodles - $3500 

We are 2 hours from the closest major airport.  

  • Transport to Airport is $125 to  Boise, Idaho  Airport (2 hours from our homes)

  • Flight nanny service to the west coast is usually $500 in addition to airport delivery.  

  • Flight nanny to the mid-west and East coast is $600-$750 in addition to airport delivery.  

  • When we have a cluster of puppies in the same area (usually along the west coast) we can offer ground transportation which is $400-$500 per puppy.  

Ready to Take Home a Puppy?

If you are on this page then you are considering adopting one of our little pups. Good choice! 
All of our puppies are raised in our homes with us and we want all of our pups to live in their future homes with their families. Goldendoodles don't make good backyard pets--they love and need to be with their 'people.'  

​1.  Fill out an application (found at the bottom of this page--Fill out the application, not the generic purchase contract).

2.  Submit your $200 Reservation/Application fee. You can submit this fee either through the mail (cash or check) or via PayPal (preferred--see the button on our application questionnaire page). Applications received without an accompanied reservation fee will be discarded. This reservation/application fee is good for one year. 

The $200.00 reservation fee is non-refundable. THIS IS NOT A DEPOSIT. THIS IS NOT TRANSFERRABLE. This is a fee that covers the time that we spend with a client on our reservation list communicating and working with them prior to their selection of a puppy and bringing him or her home. This covers the time we take to transfer info from your application to our master list.  It includes screening the new home, and the discussions we have with clients to ensure the best fit. Just like your time is valuable so is ours. If for some reason a family decides not to take a puppy home this reservation/application fee compensates us for our time and efforts. It will also compensate us in the event we now have to find a new owner for the puppy who may have already been reserved. Once your application is approved and you have been placed on this reservation list, this fee is non-refundable.  If you receive one of our puppies this reservation fee of $200 will be applied to your final purchase price. This reservation/application fee will hold your spot on our Master list for up to one year.

3.  Talk to us! Once you have submitted your application and reservation fee, we would like to touch base with you if we have not yet done so. If you don't hear from us feel free to call or email!  We want the opportunity to talk about what you are looking for in a dog and answer any unanswered question you may have as well as get to know you a little.  We will then add you to the official Master reservation list.  The order of assigning puppies will be done in the order in which the reservation fee is received.

Please be patient with us during the current Covid 19 Epidemic. We are being inundated with inquiries and applications daily.  We will try to get back to you as quickly as we can and we are adjusting our breeding plans and practices to help us best meet everyone's needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy but aren't ready to fill out an application and submit your reservation fee, please fill out a contact form.  You are always welcome to email or call us with questions!Kim 208-421-2858, Fonda 208-731-0053

4.  Once you are on the Master Reservation list we will contact you in order of reservation fees received when we have a litter born that fits your needs and wants. You will have the opportunity to take a spot on that litter's reservation list or you can wait for the next litter that matches your needs.  We will wait to fill the reservation list for each specific litter until after the puppies are born and we know how many girls/boys/colors etc. are available. You will be asked to choose a gender and color at that time.  *It's important to note here that MVGD always reserves the right to determine where our puppies are placed.*  We have a separate ongoing list for both breeders and service dogs (these people have very specific requirements that require special consideration).  We reserve the right to hold a puppy back from any litter who may fill these specific requirements. We will often do genetic DNA testing on some or all of our puppies and these results could come back as an ideal breeding prospect and in that case those puppies will only be available for guardian homes or to specially screened breeders.

​ If you choose not to take a puppy from an available litter you will keep your position on the master reservation list or will move up on the list. You will generally have about 12-24 hours to respond to our attempts to reach you to confirm you want a pup from this litter.  We will continue moving down the list and assume you choose to pass on this litter if we do not hear back from you. If we do not receive communication from you in regards to our attempts to place you on a litter list from 3 litters in a row we will stop reaching out to see if you would like to be placed on a list. We will wait until you contact us and let us know that you are interested in a specific litter.  Communication is important and if our attempts to contact you go unanswered we will need to focus our time with those who are in communication with us.  Once you have committed to a litter your name will be removed from the master reservation list and added to that litter's waiting list.   You will then need to make a vet appointment for your puppy to be seen within 72 hours of the date you will be picking up your puppy.


Once you are matched with a litter we will have you sign up for your training with Baxter and Bella. When you have completed the Intro and Prep units you will receive your $100 credit.  

5.  We will post photos and videos on our website along with updates ahead of time so you can get to know the puppies before match day. While we will attempt to do this at least every two weeks, It may take some time for those updates to be posted and they may not come exactly at those week marks. We have a busy family life and our families and care for the puppies take priority so there are times that our updates are late or sometimes we do not get to them.  Thanks for understanding! We will also help choose a puppy for you based on what we know about the temperament you need. We have raised a lot of puppies and we have a good idea of what coats and temperaments will look like as puppies get older! If you are not assigned a specific puppy at the time you are placed on the litter list, match day will generally take place some time between 5-6 weeks of age.

We don't have litter viewing before go-home day. It's really disruptive to our families and our moms and our intensive daily puppy routine.  Also our moms get really nervous when they have 'strangers' in their nest area with young puppies and we almost always have new moms. We will do our matching through phone calls and FaceTime.  You can read more about our visitor policy here

6. The remainder of the purchase price is due at the time the puppies turn 4 weeks of age or when you have been assigned a specific puppy (whichever comes last). In the case that you place a reservation fee and select a puppy who is 6 weeks of age or older, we require payment in full within 24 hours of when you are matched with your puppy. If you have ordered the food bundle and registered with Baxter and Bella you will owe price of the puppy minus $200.  If you opt not to order the food bundle or enroll in training then your price will be full price.

7. When your puppy is 4-5 weeks old we will send you some information on dog food that will need to be ordered by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old.  This food will take up to 10 days to get to you after your order has been placed and we want to be sure it arrives in time for you to bring your puppy home.  You will need at a least one bag of the PawTree food--if you want to transition to a different food it should be done gradually.  To read more about this go here...

8.  Puppy pick-up day will be at about 7 1/2-8 weeks of age when puppies are ready to go home to bond with their new families and begin one-on-one training. We can not hold onto any given puppy past their scheduled pick up date.. It can be very difficult for us to have an individual puppy in our home without his/her littermates. We do however have a local guardian who will board your puppy for an addition $30 a night if you need to make arrangements for your puppy to stay longer. This boarding includes one on one individual attention and training during the time the puppy is being boarded. Depending on what we have going at the time we may also offer that same boarding option with us if we do not have other extra puppies or mommas in our home at that time. If for whatever reason we do agree to make arrangements to board your puppy past the scheduled pick up date, you will officially be the owner of said puppy and we will no longer be held liable for things that occur after the age of 8 weeks. You will be responsible for any additional vet care, worming, or vaccines needed after the pick up date and you will also be required to sign up for the 30 day free trial of insurance through Trupanion. You will need to activate the pet insurance from Trupanion on the scheduled day of pick up. 


When the puppies reach 8 weeks of age it is in their best interest to go to their forever home as soon as possible. Please make arrangements to pick up your puppy on pick-up date or wait for a litter that better meets your timing needs. In most cases you will know the puppy pick up date and time 6-8 weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to make arrangements to get a day off work if necessary. 

9.  If you aren't able to pick-up your puppy in person we can usually fly your puppy to you!  We have a puppy nanny that can fly with puppies in the passenger area of the plane.  Cost for a puppy nanny is usually $500-$850 depending on destination. In addition to the flight nanny fee we will charge a $125 fee to have your puppy delivered to the flight nanny at the Boise airport. This fee covers the 4 hour drive time and gas. We have sold puppies from New Jersey to Southern California and our babies have always done great with traveling! Puppies have to be at least 8 weeks to fly on an airplane. Please keep in mind that there are certain times of the year (Holidays) that will make flying a puppy with a flight nanny unlikely and other pick up arrangements may need to be made or transportation cost may be higher.

10.  Keep in touch.  We want to see updated photos and hear how your puppy is doing.  Email us at or text photos to us.  We will add you to our MVGD "Family" Facebook page and you can follow us on instagram @Magicvalleygoldendoodles.  Tag photos with #MVGD and #magicvalleygoldendoodles so we can see how you are doing! 

To summarize:  If you know you want a puppy, even if you don't know exactly which one, submit an application with a $200 reservation fee.  The first application fees received get first assignment in the litter. You can mail your check or submit via PayPal.   If you aren't sure that you want one of our puppies and have questions about planned litters,  fill out a contact form or send us an email and let us know what you are looking for and keep an eye on our up-coming litters page.  

While you're waiting--take a few minutes to read some of our favorite training articles.  
Also see the links at the top of the home page under the training tab. 
Great genetics go a long way toward having a fantastic dog but nothing can make up for a lack of training!

On occasion we will assign specific puppies to people at the time of birth. This will happen when we have a litter of puppies with a variety of colors. If we have a litter of solid and parti puppies you will also be asked to commit to either solid or parti at the time you are placed on the litter list. 

Generic purchase contract and warranty *information only*

Our longest wait time for a puppy is for one that is mini apricot/red.  The current wait time to be added to a mini Apricot/Red puppy list is about 2-4 months from the time you place a reservation/application fee.  The more flexible with Size and color you are the more quickly we will have an available puppy for you.

Please make sure you have read through the above adoption information and please pay your $200 reservation/application fee BEFORE you submit an application.  
PLEASE include your full mailing address with City, State and Zip! 
Adoption Application

Tell us about yourself? Do you have kids? Grandkids? Do you travel often? Are you active outdoors or do you prefer to stay home? Have you ever raised a puppy?  The more you tell us the better we will be able to match you with a great dog!

We have a lifetime re-homing policy for all of our dogs so we want to make sure they they have the best chance at a happy life.  Doodles are highly social. If they are left in kennels or backyards without interaction they can become anxious, destructive, depressed and difficult to manage.  What are your plans for your goldendoodle? Do your have a fenced yard or other enclosure? Training plans?

Please type your name below to signify that you have read through and understand our entire above information regarding our adoption process.  Your $200 is not a deposit and is NON-REFUNDABLE.  This is a reservation/application fee.

Our doodles are sold on a strict spay and neuter contract.  All of our doodles must be spayed or neutered by one year of age.  We recommend spaying just before puberty (about six months) to avoid the risk of unplanned pregnancies.  Please type your name below to signify that you agree to have your doodle spayed or neutered by one year old.  If you are a breeder seeking breeding rights please signify that below. 

Please type your name below to signify that you agree to abide by our no homeless pets policy:  I will never abandon or surrender my doodle to a shelter.  If I am unable to provide a suitable home I will diligently search for an alternate family  or I will contact Magic Valley Goldendoodles for assistance. 

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