Annie and Montgomery

Small standard English goldendoodles

45-55 pounds

Born 11/11/2018

Match Day 12/18,

Ready to go home the weekend of January 4th

Reservation list

1. Teri Smith--Emerson (bright pink ribbon) Paid in Full (cash)

2. Service  dog Nedra--Maya--light green collar--Paid in Full--PayPal 

3. Shannon Lowry--Barrett--light blue ribbon-Paid in Full-check + travel

4. Savannah Hawkins--Elliott (blue collar) Paid in Full (PayPal)

5. Luke Visser--Beckett (red collar) $200PayPal, $1800 Paid in full-cash

6. Hall Family--Tennyson (apricot girl) $200 PayPal $1800 check Paid in full

7. Whitman-- (Hank) Paid in full

8.Charlotte--Puppy Steps-Dona Disario-Paid in Full Venmo

9. Andrew Easterday from Buhl- $1500 total $700 due 3/2019

10.Mario Maestas Paid in Full-PayPal $1600

IMG_6310 2_edited.jpg
F1 doodle
50 pounds
-/- curl, moderate seasonal shedding
AKC Poodle
40 pounds
curly,  non-shedding coat

Sometimes we get to have a few puppies stay longer than usual and we love to have the chance to spend a little more time with training and playing! 


Walt-11.6 pounds

Charlotte 12.8 pounds

Whitman--13 pounds







We have been enjoying meeting the families of Annie's puppies.  We are thrilled with the fantastic homes that these babies will join!  Annie's puppies are starting to wean and they have all figured out how to use the dog door to go outside.  They are getting their teeth and they spend their time sleeping and chewing on each other.  We introduce each new toy every couple of days and they spend time playing in the family room each day as well. Within the next week they will be going potty outside and they will all be eating puppy food. They are sleeping in crates at nights and for most of their naps. 

November 27,2018

Annie's puppies all have their eyes open.  They are starting to toddle around their box and they are discovering the world around them. Their eyesight isn't fully developed yet and their ears are just starting to open.  Over the next few days they will grow more and more confident and steady on their feet.

The boys

The girls

November 21, 2018

Our babies are growing and developing like crazy!  We are seeing their coat colors darken as happens with most of Monty's babies.  They are starting to wobble around on their chubby little legs.  They still spend almost all of their time nursing and sleeping.  Annie is starting to venture out of the puppy box more often as the babies are able to keep themselves warm.  Their eyes will start to open this next week and they will start to toddle around. 

The Girls

The Boys

We have four girls--three are apricot and one is apricot and white parti.  Her markings are getting darker as she gets older. 

We have six boys--Four are white and red/apricot parti and two are apricot. 

November 14, 2018

Annie delivered ten healthy puppies on Sunday afternoon.  We have six boys and four girls.  They were all born healthy and vigorous. Annie is spending all of her time nursing and keeping her babies clean and warm.  The puppies will spend the next week and a half snuggled together nursing and sleeping as their neurological systems finish developing.  Their eyes will open at 10-14 days and their ears will open shortly after that.  

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