Available Puppies

We can deliver your puppy to you!  Transportation to the west coast is usually $650. East coast and central and southern US is usually $700-$900. We have delivered to Puerto Rico and Canada and can make arrangements as needed for both of those locations.  Transportation to the Boise airport is $125.  We can often transport several puppies together to make this time and cost effective for all of us with today's travel prices.  All of our puppies travel with a member of our family in the passenger section of the airplane to make sure they have a safe and comfortable transition.  

Contact Kim for help with arrangements. 208-421-2858

 We will post openings in a litter after we have called everyone already on our master  list. 

 If you would like to have top pick of the litter then we recommend you get on our master reservation list.  We are always busy planning and prepping for great litters!

 Please read more about our reservation process if you are interested in a puppy.  Thanks! 

        Looking for Christmas puppies?



We prefer not to send puppies home right at Christmas.  Christmas day can be a little chaotic with a lot of stimulation and that can be stressful on a new puppy. It’s easier to introduce a puppy to a new home after Christmas break is over and schedules get back to more of a normal routine. But we do have some Christmas present ideas for you! 


We will have a couple miniature size litters (20-30 pounds) a medium size litter (40 pounds) and a couple petite litters (15-20 pounds) in our homes at Christmas.  On Christmas Day  they will be anywhere from 1-6 weeks old so they won’t be ready to go home.  Our puppies go home when they are eight weeks old.


We have some ideas to present a puppy as a Christmas present.   We like to do videos for a surprise reveal that you can show the kids Christmas morning.  Or we can send a photo you can frame and wrap or it can be fun to purchase some of the puppy supplies and wrap them as a gift.  The day after Christmas we can do a FaceTime call where the kids can see their puppy in action and have a chance to ask me any questions that you can think of about this fun experience. It’s really great for the kids to be involved in possibly choosing their puppy and getting ready and prepared to bring the puppy home. Its also really fun for them to see the puppy grow and progress before he or she joins the household. They have time to learn responsibilities, expectation and what it will look like to have a puppy in the home.

Let us know if you have more questions!