Breed:  F1 Medium English Goldendoodle
Parents: Paisley and Raygun
Birth Day: 9/27/2015
​Coat Color: Apricot, Bbee, DD(no dilution gene), a(t)a(t), K(B)K(y)
Coat type: Straight, low to moderate shedding
Hair Curl: +/-
Furnishings: N/n
Inbreeding coefficient: 0%
Parti: Parti factored
Height: 21 inches
Weight:  45
Penn Hip: 
Eye Cerf:  Clear
DM:  GR-PRA1:carrier  GRPRA2:carrier  

Ich: Carrier She will only be bred with studs that are clear for these diseases

MD:  NEwS:  vWD1: Clear
Bisou is not affected with any disease--she is clear for more than 150 common inheritable diseases. 
Lives with a guardian family in Boise 

Previous Puppies from Bisou

Bisou and Norris
miniature red F1b Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
Born July 15, 2019
Ready to go home the beginning of September

Bisou (Bee-zoo) and Norris have created some of our favorite puppies.  They have nice soft, non-shedding, loose-curly coats.  They are easily trainable and have great temperaments as we expect from all of our goldendoodles.  

This litter Belongs to Kim


1. Available--Red collar boy--Bastien

2. Carol Nie--prefers male--White collar--(Philippe) Luke pick up 9/7

3. Stacy Berenger--Blue collar--(Luke) Jaks Pick-up 9/7

4. Kyle Nelson--teal collar--Daisy (Marielle)--Gone home to Northern Utah

5. Jason Chesley--Orange Collar--Corben

6. Valerie Coleman--Pink--(Eloise) Bella-home in Twin Falls 

7. Melinda McCorkle-Purple--Juliette (Fly to Seattle 9/7)

8. Cheri Hung--yellow-- Coralee

F1 English Golden doodle from Paisley and Raygun
45 pounds, 21 inches
loose wavy coat


AKC miniature poodle

red, curly coat

12 inches, 14 pounds



The babies are growing right on schedule!  They are just barely starting to open their eyes and toddle around on their tiny little legs but they still spend most of their time nursing and sleeping.  


I have been  gone with my family for the last four days and these sweet babies were in the care of mama Bisou and Reann--our aweome puppy nanny.  I am always shocked by how fast puppies grow at this early age when I spend any time away from them!  We are enjoying getting to know these little personalities.  The puppies are all eating and sleeping all day and Bisou only leaves the box to eat or go potty outside.  She's still really protective and doesn't like anyone she doesn't know near her box. We should start seeing eyes open this week and then they will all start toddling around and interacting with their world more and more.  Right now everyone is healthy and growing! 

Delivery 7/15/2019

Bisou has eight babies!  Labor was quick and easy as it always is for Bisou.  All eight babies are healthy and nursing and growing.  We let them spend the first few days recovering from birth and they we will begin our early neuro stimulation protocols which helps to develop neuropathways in the brain that will facilitate training and socialization as the puppies get older.  Their eyes and ears are still closed so their main sensory input is smell and touch.  They will start to see and here in about 2 weeks but for now they spend their time nursing and sleeping with Bisou always close by their sides.  

Previous puppies from Bisou...

F1 English goldendoodle from Paisley and Raygun
45 pounds
apricot wavy coat
AKC miniature poodle
14 pounds
red, curly coat
Bisou and Norris
Miniature red/apricot English Teddy Bear goldendoodles
25-30 pounds
Born 11/13/2018
Ready to go home the weekend of January 4th

Bisou has babies!  We had seven healthy beautiful puppies born on 11/13.  We have four girls and three boys.

 Bisou is a 45 pound, F1 goldendoodle from Paisley and Raygun.  She has a wavy coat with moderate seasonal shedding. Norris is an AKC registered poodle at 12 pounds with a red, curly, non-shedding coat and a lovely, easy-going temperament. These puppies will be 20-30 pounds with red and apricot wavy or curly coats. They will have a nice boxy, sturdy  structure and great temperaments. 


Blaise is nine weeks old.  He is such an easy going little guy!  He is using a dog door to go in and out to the bathroom and to play outside--even in the cold and snow.  He gets along really well with other dogs and other puppies and he is easy going and patient with kids as well.  He has a thick, soft, wavy coat.  He will be an apricot color with a loose curly coat as an adult.  

Reservation List

1. *MVGD Guardian--(Fleur) (gray dot girl)--Kalli Welker and Family--Layla

2. *Michelle Fulllmer--Sylvie (red dot girl)--Paid in full--PayPal.  1/5, Saturday AM pickup

3. *Madeline Steele--Madeline Steele--(Pierre) Dobby  Paid in full--check

4. John (Florida)--Luna (turquoise flower collar) $2250 paid in full, check. flying 1/12

5. *Amanda Bettencourt--Blue bow tie--Jeter paid in Full--check

6. Emma Cherry--Elle $2000 received 2/28 check


Mail or bring Final payments to Kimberly Hatch

                                                      1425 Evergreen Drive

                                                      Twin Falls, ID 83301

November 27,2018

Bisou's puppies are just barely starting to open their eyes.  They are getting better at toddling around to find each other and Bisou.  They will have their eyes open in the next day or two and they will be walking confidently by the end of the week.

The girls

The boys

November 15, 2018

Bisou delivered seven puppies a few days earlier than we expected but all seven were born healthy and active.  They are spending all of their time nursing and sleeping snuggled up together.  Bisou is attentive and her babies are impeccable clean and quiet which is always a good sign that they are warm and well fed. They will continue to develop over the next two weeks and then their eyes and ears will open and they will start to toddle around their puppy box. 

The Girls

The Boys

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