*=Worked with before and have bought or sold with breeding rights

*Ashton kent (Kent family farms (Bernadoodle or Goldendoodle)

1) 9/30/2021 contacted about jades girls

*Taylor Edwards (she already has a female from us from Indy and ?) wants another small female under 17"

Also wats a mini abstract male

1)9/14/2021 offered pup from Jade but she passed because she is going through a divorce.

*Amy  Keller (used to be Mathis) (cedar lake doodles)

1) 9/15/2021 sent text about Jades puppies interested in a girl

2) 9/29/2021 both girls carried for parti and were +/- for curl so Amy said she would pass

Joanne or Christina (Koas farm Goldendoodles (stud) (North Carolina) possible trade

1) Sending us a stud from her litter of puppies and we are doing a trade.

2) 9/14/2021 said she would pass on Jades litter due to being single furnished.

3) 9/29/2021 had a stud we were going to pick yesterdays and last minuet pulled out and said she was going to keep him for her program. we had planned on adding him to our program for 4-5 weeks and she is the one who contacted us for a trade.  Super annoyed

Jamie Rinkenberger (Blue creek puppies (FB) male and female (Indiana)

*Tess Henry (Someday doodles) we swapped for winston with a Poppy/teddy puppy and she wants another one

Lauren ortiz (mittendoodles.com)

Joi Stevens (Rockwall Doodles) (has a litter mate to Winston from Tessie @ someday doodles so she wants a pup not related to Winston)Sebec, ME. Male 30-45lb Ee-ee KyKy KyKb

Ashley Fuller lives in Dallas Georgia was referred to us by Lisa law

*Calli Brown wants a Petit clear female (Goldendoodles forever) she already has a female from us from Lucy and Norris (Roxy)

1) 3/26/2021 offered girl but decided to pass because she wants a clear male.

2) 4/12/2021 had to spay Roxy (Girl she got from me) she had a puppy get stuck during labor.  she wants to replace her with a puppy from my lines because she consistently got puppies under 15lbs from her.  

3) 4/14/2021 need a girl who is clear fro Cddy and prcd

4) 9/15/2021 sent text about Jades puppies said she will pass because right now she is only trying to add FF to her program

*Gloria  (Has a puppy from Cali/Teddy) Menafe CA, wants mini clear male (No Cddy) 20-30lbs would love abstract but would take a red and white parti or solid as well double furnished.

6/6/20201 wants to send a deposit so she is a very serious buyer.  However I would prefer to do a trade with a boy similar to this so if I have two boys like this available I would likely give the 2nd one to her but the first one would go to someone who has something for me that we could do a trade with.

1) 9/30/2021 contacted about jades girls

people who responded to the fb post of the two male goldendoodles from olive and Winston who were abstract FF and carried for CDDY

Cami Miller Male FF for furnishings. Tuxedo markings are what I’m looking for but parti will do as well. Red/white and a plus if they carry for brown. Medium size would be best and from parents with excellent calm and happy temperaments Clear Of Cddy preferred but not a deal breaker

Sara Fuerst interested in chocolate, merl or tuxedo female or male 30-40 lbs she has a small stud that can potential produce a 10-20 FF -/- boy for us for a trade.

Marissa Franklin

Courtney Dyson