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Breed:  multi-generation miniature English Goldendoodle
Parents: Olive and Teddy
Birth Day: 4/14/2019
​Coat Color: Apricot parti, BBee, Dd, a(y)a(t), K(y)K(y), mm, rr, hh
Coat type: Soft wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: +/+
Furnishings: F/I (one furnishing gene)

Parti: Ssp
Height: 15 inches
Weight:  18 pounds

PennHip: Right .39 Left .34

Patellas: clear 

Buttercup has 1 copy of CDDY and is clear for all of the 190+ genetic diseases we can test for. 

Lives with a guardian family near Boise, Idaho 

Buttercup has all the qualities that we love in a great family dog.  She is easy going and easily trainable--even the youngest members of her family can train her!  She loves to snuggle and is intuitive about the emotions in the people around her. She has a lovely soft, wavy coat that doesn't shed at all.  

Buttercup and Maverick
20-30 lb Miniature GoldenDoodles 
Born: Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Match day September 18, 2021
Go home about October 20, 2021

This is Buttercup's first litter!  We think she is a great match with Maverick.  She is a sweet girl that loves to be around her people.  She is a lap dog at heart and she's really intuitive about the emotions of people around her.  She is a soft, non-shedding coat.  

Maverik is one of our favorites and he passes his easy going temperament and thick good looking coat to his babies.   He has a fun personality and loves everyone he meets.  

1. Amy Spiripulos Make-a-Wish (apricot abstract boy)

2. Paula Sinclair (red girl)

3. Erika Ladage (breeding) parti female

4) Adria--Extreme parti female (available)

Multi generation  
Goldendoodle from Olive and Teddy
loose wavy, non-shedding coat 18 pounds, 15 inches

multi-generation goldendoodle
Wavy, non-shedding coat, 30 pounds 
16 inches

September 27, 2021

The babies are almost six weeks old!  They are growing and developing right on schedule.  They are all busy teething and chewing on each other and all the toys they can find!  They are sleeping in crates and all four are using a dog door to go potty outside 100% of the time.  We really love their little personalities.  They don't bark at all and they love to be held.  They are doing great with the other dogs here at the house and with the kids that love to snuggle them.  They are just finishing their 5 day de-worming treatment and they are almost ready to move from softened kibble to hard crunch.  They love to use the dog door and spend time playing outside in the grass every day. This next week we will begin individual training with the clicker--I'll post videos as we go! 


September 8, 2021


We have really been enjoying the sweetest little babies from Buttercup! We've kind of kept them to ourselves over this last month as our family was busy with a brand new (first!) grand baby and a wedding.  Yay!  So many great things.  These moms and puppies have done so well accommodating the changing schedules and visits from new people.  These four little cuties are so easy!


They  are just starting to use the paper outside of their sleeping area to go potty.  They walking well and they all love to sleep in their big soft bed in the crate.  They are just starting the socialization period so we are introducing new objects and experiences every day to help establish comfort with new experiences. We have lots of kids and other dogs that help us to make sure that families kids are familiar to them.  They have just started spending a little time outside in our beautiful early Fall weather and we will have them play outside more and more as they get stronger and older.  


Over this next week these babies will keep developing their walking skills and we will start to see little teeth erupt.  We will start weaning when Buttercup 'tells' us it's time.  She will start standing up to nurse and will spend less time in the box with them when it is time for them to start eating solid food.   

Black collar is a boy and the other three are girls.  Our make-a-wish family is leaning towards the boy but we will make a final decision in a couple of weeks.