Breed:  F1b Medium English Goldendoodle
 Linna and Bingo
Coat Color: RED and White Parti (Bbee)
Coat type: Flat, (sheds like a typical golden retriever)
Hair Curl: n/C
Furnishings: n/n
Parti: Yes
Birth Day: November 22, 2015
Height: 20.5 inches
Weight:  39 pounds
Penn Hip: Right DI: 0.40 Left DI: 0.36
Eye Cerf:  Clear
DM: Clear GR-PRA1: Clear GR-PRA2: Clear Ich: Carrier MD: Clear NEwS: Clear vWD1: Clear
Lives with a guardian family in Boise 

F1bb Goldendoodle
from Linna and Bingo
20.5 inches, 39 pound
cream, curly, (sheds like a typical golden retriever


multi-generation golden doodle

red with white abstract markings

14 inches, 22 pounds


Waiting list

1) Breeder pick

2) Lisa Law in Surprise AZ

3) Lorie Ehlis in Kennewick Washington

4) April Howard in Surprise AZ

5) Micaela Florence in Arvada Colorado

6) Ethan

7) Lauren 

Cali and Teddy 
Mini multi-generational Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
Due date September 25th
Family Match day November 16th
Go home date just before Thanksgiving

This will be Cali"s retirement litter.  We were so pleased with the puppies she and Teddy produced  with their last litter we decided this pairing is a must one last time.  This litter will be whelped in Surprise Arizona at Cali's Guardian home.  Cali's guardian owners name is Lisa.  She is a Vet Tech and has wanted to breed for some time now so we here at Magic Valley Goldendoodles will be mentoring her.  We are both very excited about this opportunity.  Lisa is phenomenal and is going to be great with these puppies.  This will make picking and pick up different than our other litters.  If you choose to be placed on this list you will need to be open to traveling to AZ to pick up your puppy or you will need to pay for a flight any to have him or her delivered to your nearest airport.  The cost for a flight nanny is usuall around $500-$600.

IMG_1620 2.JPG
IMG_1596 2.JPG

"Arizona"  4 weeks

"Arizona"  3 weeks

"Arizona"  1 week

Arizona newborns

DesiLu now Cricket
Previous Cali/Teddy pups
Lucy now Rigley

"I love Lucy" 5 weeks old

They are seriously the cutest things.  Today they all had a great time being socialized by a group of 8 girls ages 7-10.  They spent some time on the trampoline with the girls all sitting down (no jumping) feeling a little spring beneath their feet as they played the "pouncing game" with one another.  Their little personalities are starting to show and it is so fun watching them interact with one another. Their going home date is coming up and Im not sure I am ready to let these little ones go.  Everyone had their first bath this week and will get their second round of dewormer as well as their first round of shots next week when they turn 6 weeks. We moved them in front of the doggy door and should start to see them push it open and us it over this next week.  When momma goes out to the bathroom they will fallow her through the door. 

IMG_1609 2.JPG


(SOLD) 'Bongo" 4lbs 8.5oz (Male)

IMG_1571 2.JPG

(SOLD) "Babalu" 4lbs 0oz (Male)

IMG_1555 2.JPG

(SOLD) "Little Ricky" 3lbs 3oz (Male)

IMG_1587 2.JPG

(SOLD) 'Mertz" 4lbs 0oz (Male)


IMG_1620 2.JPG

(SOLD) "DesiLu"  3lbs 10oz (Female)

IMG_1628 2.JPG

SOLD) "Ethal" 3lbs 12.5oz (Female)

IMG_1596 2.JPG

(SOLD) "Lucy"  3lbs 10oz (Female)

"I love Lucy" 2 weeks old

Because of the red heads in this litter our Guardians have chosen  "I love Lucy" for the theme.  From left to right for the girls we have Ethal (yellow collar), DesiLu (pink collar), and Lucy (red collar). For our boys from left to right we have Bongo (Green collar), Mertz (tan collar), Babalu (blue collar), and Little Ricky (black collar).  Everyones Eyes have now opened up and they are all starting to toddle around a little.  By this time next week they should be fairly steady on their feet. Mom is still doing great with them and is now starting to spend a little time outside the whelping box away from them.





The pictures from todays photo shoot are a perfect reminder to me of why taking photos of puppies can be so overwhelming and time consuming.  For me because our puppies are raised in our basement (It is a walk out basement) We just don't have the best lighting to ever get many candid shots doing the every day things.  We will sometimes take some candid shots but because of the lighting I like to do the whole photo shoot thing.  Thinking that I would spend less time today for the photo shoot I decided to do group photos.  Usually until the pups are about 4-5 weeks if I do photos I do group photos (I can usually get them to sleep with some work and patience) because editing the photos for me is so time consuming and editing 3-6 group shots would "ideally" take less time than editing 3-6 shots of 7 different puppies.  This time the girls did not want to cooperate at all and just to get the 3 pics of our girls that I do have taken me about an hour (that is from the time I take the very first photo until the last photo I take.).  Today I could not get them to sleep and hold still like I usually can with my two week old pups. With group photos I always set it up with a heating pad under them to help aid me in helping them stay sleepy.  Today I constantly needed to try to get them to eat again to try to get them sleepy but  it was a lost cause.

When we take photos of our puppies it is usually an all day ordeal and often times it is spread into two days. Today we only took photos and I didn't even edit any of them but when we do this again once they have turned 5 weeks old this will be our process.

We start by bathing them, then towel dry, brush, towel dry again then air dry. Now they need time to decompress and relax after the bath as well as finish drying.  We try to make bath time a good experience for them but they are still a little weary for their first bath even if we have spent time helping them get used to the noise and feel of the water. After or while they are relaxing we give the hair in the corners of there eyes a trim so it does not stick out in front of eyes in the photos. We will also sometimes take this opportunity to give them a sanitary cut on their backside to help keep the poop from sticking to their bum. Next trim the nails so that their is less likelihood of the getting caught on the blanket that we may use under them during the photos. Next we feed them some solids, then let them out to use the bathroom and then nurse on mom to help make them sleepy. A puppy with a full tummy is much easier to keep their attention. Then we set up an area for pics and if we remember we stock it with squeaky toys, treats, wet-ones and a brush.  This is one of the hardest parts surprisingly because depending on the time of day it can be very difficult to get the right lighting. Often times we have to constantly move our set up just to be able to get the right lighting. During the winter months we need to take pics inside and certain times of the the day are better than others to help aid us with the lighting. If the litter is made up of multiple colors of puppies we will need different lighting for different color puppies.  (I am certain there has to be a more simple way to do this but we have yet to find it. I did recently add a light box and this seems to help tremendously. Now I don't seem to have to constantly move during the photo shoot) but lighting still is not ideal so pics continue to need editing to help bring out the true color of the puppy and to be able to see their eyes.  Depending on if I have a helper retrieving the puppies for me the next process of actually taking the photos usually last between 1-2 hours. Once the photos are done they are downloaded onto the computer to sort through them all. It usually takes about 50 photos of each pup just to get 4-8 good or decent photos. Finding those good photos and eliminating all of the others takes quite a bit of time.  Often times I will need to do a little editing on my computer to the photos before I can decide which ones to keep.  When the photos are dark (they almost alway are because a flash usually washes them out and my camera sometimes chooses to use the flash and sometimes not but usually not) It can be difficult to know if the photo is good until you can see the eyes better so I will lighten them. On occasion we then have to go back and take addition photos of the pups because we find that one pup pics just didn't turn our for one reason or another. When I have eliminated the majority of the photos I then transfer the remaining photos to my phone where I have my collage app and photo editor app that I like.  To help with the editing of the website and to make that go quicker and easier I make a collage of each pup. After they are done being edited and put into a collage they get transferred back to the computer where I can upload them to the website which takes approximately an additional 1-2 hour to do. Granted this process in an all day (or two) event because amidst the whole thing life still goes on and diapers need changed, kids need to eat, and errands need to be ran along with the other half million responsibilities that go alone with being a wife and mom of 5.  That being said, I wouldn't change what I do for anything.  I love doing what I do and while there can sometimes be some parts of what I do that are not my favorite, seeing and knowing what these puppies do for all of our families is the greatest reward anyone could ever ask for and makes all those other things fade away into the background.  Our puppies have enriched the lives of so many people and I love hearing all about it.  


Cali and Teddy 
Mini multi-generational Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
Born February 13th

Waiting list

1) m/Christin Blankenship (DesiLu) Candler NC

2) m/Gloria Stewart (Lucy) Murrieta CA

3) m/Trevor & Sarah Kiser (Mertz) Parma, ID

4) m/Kairee Lucentes (Little Ricky) Twin Falls, ID

5) m/Elizabeth Conway (Babalu) Long Beach, CA

6) m/Jenine Rittierodt (Bongo) Seattle WA

7) m/Angie & Robert Schirk (Ethal) Troy SC

F1bb Goldendoodle
from Linna and Bingo
20.5 inches, 39 pound
cream, curly, (sheds like a typical golden retriever


multi-generation golden doodle

red with white abstract markings

14 inches, 22 pounds


Poppy Seeds new name is


6 1/2 Weeks

With the exception of our little Arrow who leaves on Sunday all of these sweet puppies have gone home to their forever families.  It was a true delight getting to know and bless these families and I cant wait to see what your pups grow up to be and how they bless your lives.


Covers' new name is

Chives' new name is

Cinnamons' new name is


Nutmegs' new name is


Cilis' new name is


Sages' new name is


4 Weeks

We have lots of first for these little ones this week.  Mamma is beginning to ween her puppies so we started them of puppy mush today.  Their whelping pen was also extended to a bigger size today so that they could have more room to play and ruff house with one another.  Everyone is moving around really well and they have all found their voices (this includes in the middle of the night and my bedroom door is right next to the whelping box LOL).  Puppies are doing great at using the litter box but we still have a ways to go.  I opted to do another photo  shoot for you today because this litter will go through puppy pick day just before they reach 5 weeks of age.  Normally I take photos at 5 weeks but this weeks photos will take the place of that.  I wanted to give you all a chance to see these sweet babies growing before it came time for you to choose.
Puppies have entered or are about to enter their first fear period this week.  We will be taking extra care that this fear they go through is not too much.  Protecting them and watching over them carefully when introduced to new things this week will be an important part of their development so that they do not have any bad experiences that stay with them.  Last week they began noise desensitization and will continue to be introduced to new sudden noises this week as well but on a smaller "less scarier" scale.  Every day we introduce new and different toys/items/sounds/smells/texture to the puppies.  The more the are introduced to now the more well adjusted and confident they will become when introduced or faced with new things as they grow older.

"Poppy-seed" ( pink collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest female
4lbs 5.5oz

“Clover” (blue collar) loose/wave
red parti male 4lbs 3.5oz

"Chive" (green collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest male
4lbs 10.5oz

"Cinnamon" (tan collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female
 4lbs 1.5oz


"Nutmeg" (orange collar) wave/curl cream/apricot parti female 4lbs 7.5oz


"Chili" (red collar) wave/curl
red abstract chest male 4lbs 6oz


"Sage" (purple collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female
4lbs 4oz


3 weeks old

Puppies have grown a lot over these past two weeks.  Every-ones eyes are open and they have begun to toddle around.  We have finish the ENS and are moving on to desensitizing them to noises.  Today we started vacuuming in their whelping box to desensitize them to the "very scary vacuum" that so many puppies and dogs are afraid of.  We will continue to do this 3-4 times a day over the next few weeks. We have also introduce a bed to them with trays of litter just outside the bed to start them with their potty training.  When the puppies wake up they will move from their sleeping area to use the bathroom.  The trays right next to their bed is helping them get used to using the bathroom in the litter. In about a week we will move the trays of litter further away when they have a better grasp of the idea and are a bit more mobile.

"Chive" (green collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest male
3lbs 15oz


"Clover" (blue collar) loose/wave
red parti male 3lbs 9oz


"Poppy-seed" ( pink collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest female
3lbs 10.5oz

"Cinnamon" (tan collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female
 3lbs 6oz


"Nutmeg" (orange collar) wave/curl cream/apricot parti female 3lbs 8.5oz


"Sage" (purple collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female
3lbs 9.5oz

"Chili" (red collar) wave/curl
red abstract chest male 3lbs 13.5oz


1 week old

"Clover" (blue collar) loose/wave
red parti male

"Chive" (green collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest male

"Cinnamon" (tan collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female


"Nutmeg" (orange collar) wave/curl cream/apricot parti female


"Chili" (red collar) wave/curl
red abstract chest male


"Sage" (purple collar) loose/wave apricot/red abstract chest female


"Poppy-seed" ( pink collar) wave/curl cream/apricot abstract chest female