Callie Jo

Breed:  F1b English Goldendoodle 

Parents: Annie and Shooter

Coat Color: Cream (bbee) (KbKy) (ayat)

Dilute: ​D/D (does not carry dilute)

Coat type: Loose wave, low shedding

Hair Curl: +/- (C/c)

Furnishings: +/- (F/f)

Parti Factor: Yes

Birth Day: 4/6/2017

Height:  22 inches

Weight: 40 pounds

Penn Hip: Left DI .29 Right D.32 top 10% (Excellent) 

OFA Elbows: Normal

Eye Cerf:  normal

Lives in a guardian home in Jerome

Callie Jo is a gorgeous medium size doodle from Annie and Shooter.  She has a thick, soft wavy coat. She doesn't shed at all. She goes to work at an insurance office  every day.  She loves to meet people and does great in public situations.  She is super mild mannered and we love her light amber eyes!  

Callie Jo & Gus
Medium Golden Mountain Doodles 
Bernedoodle/Goldendoodle cross
30-40 pounds
Due June 10, 2020
Go home the first week of August
2 open spots on this list

We are so excited to offer our first litter of Golden Mountain DoodlesWe have received non-stop inquries for bernedoodles and Mountain Doodles.  A mountain doodle is a mix between a poodle, a bernese mountain dog and a Golden Retriever.  These lines have all English Golden retriever.  

Golden Mountain Doodles or Golden Bernedoodles,  have a great mix of  trainability, people pleasing personality and devoted, confident family dog all wrapped up in a medium size with a soft, thick no/low shedding coat.  We will have beautiful colors and markings varying from black and white to apricot and white. 

This litter Belongs to Kimberly

Please contact her for more information 208-421-2858

Callie Jo
F1b English 
Goldendoodle from Annie and Shooter
loose wavy non-shedding coat 40 pounds, 21 inches
F1 Bernedoodle
Wavy, non-shedding coat
33 pounds 
20 inches

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