Breed: Standard Poodle

Color: Brown & White Phantom

ee,  KyKy, atat, bb

Parti: Ssp (carries parti) 

Coat type: Curly

Hair Curl: T/T

Furnishings: F/F

Shed: C/T


Birth Day: March 1, 2018

Height: 25 1/2 inches

Weight: 50 pounds

OFA Hip: Good

OFA Elbow: NormalOFA

Patella: NormalOFA 

Cardiac: NormalOFA

Dentation: (Teeth) Normal

Lives with her family in Wyoming



Ember is an AKC standard poodle.  We love her regal, confidant structure!  She lives in Wyoming with her family of 9 kids including two Down syndrome girls who adore her. She has the predictable, steady temperament that we love to see in a poodle.  She loves to chase balls and run through the mountains.  

Standard poodle 
25.5" tall, 50 pounds 
brown/tan phantom
Curly, non-shedding coat
Bernese Mountain Dog 
26" tall, 120 pound

1. MVGD breeder pick

2. Michelle S. (Eagle ID)-

3. Barb (Ketchum, ID)-prefer female






Ember and Miller
70-100 lbs 25-26 inches
F1 Bernedoodles
Born May 24, 2021
Go home July 17, 2021

Ember is a gorgeous chocolate/tan phantom standard AKC poodle.  She lives with her family in Wyoming and is a sweet and devoted to 'her' kids including her two little  Down syndrome girls.  She has great genetics to create puppies with beautiful markings with Miller as the dad.  

Miller is a beautiful gentle Bernese Mountain Dog.  He has European lines and has created many gorgeous Bernese babies.  When I met him he immediately snuggled up to me and asked for head rubs with his tail wagging.  He does not have the stand-off-ish personality that some Bernese lines carry.  He lives on a beautiful farm with 'his' seven human kids who all love him. He has the large, boxy body and head that we love to see in a great Berner.

The average weight of these dogs should be 85 pounds with some puppies possibly weighing closer to the mom or the dad's weight.  These puppies will be big, beautiful, sweet, devoted family dogs! 

June 28, 2021

Ember's babies are five weeks old today!  They are growing like crazy.  They have moved to the toddler pen where they are learning to use the dog door to go potty outside. They are doing great--they still use the paper litter box during the night but they should be going outside 100% by next week. They have almost all of their teeth and are constantly playing and mouthing each other.  

This is week three of the socialization period. This week the puppies have begun to learn and be shaped by other adult dogs in the household but especially mom.  Learning dog manners is a skill that can only be taught by other dogs! We always watch interactions with other dogs closely. Mom is really the best teacher as she will stop or pin puppies that are overly energetic or that aren't picking up on cues to settle down.  This interaction is important to learning good dog social skills. They are also learning how to use their teeth without causing damage.  They teach each other that lesson as they constantly mouth and play with each other.  They are handled by different people every day. We want them to be familiar with both boys and girls and all different types and ages of people. 

We will give the puppies their Neopar vaccines this week.  Neopar helps develop immunity to Parvo--it is the only vaccine that is effective at this young age as these puppies still have passive immunity from nursing with mom.  Some vets prefer to give full immunizations at 6 weeks of age but shots at this early stage are less than 30% effective.  They have a much better immune response at 8 weeks. Our neonatal specialist recommends waiting until 8 weeks for full immmunization.  Parvo is the most prevalent puppy illness so getting a head start with Neopar is important.  We will talk more about vaccines in the take home information.

IMG_8161 2.jpeg
IMG_8146 2.jpeg
IMG_8170 2.jpeg

June 2, 2021


Ember has babies! We had eight babies born Monday May 24, 2021.  All eight babies are healthy and doing great!  Ember is a great attentive mom.  She keeps her babies impeccably clean and the babies are all getting nice and chubby! They are still in the neonatal period where their neurological systems are completing development.  They can't see or hear yet and they creep around on their little bellies instinctively finding mom to nurse and finding each other to keep warm and comfortable.  Over the next week they will start opening their eyes and toddling around on their little legs.  

These puppies are all phantom--some have white markings as well and some of the phantom markings are darker than others.  Their coloring will continue to develop over the next few weeks and we will keep updating pictures!