Ginger of MVGD
Breed: F1b Standard English Goldendoodle
Parents: Annie and Prince Edward
Coat Color: Silver Beige
bbEe, ay/at KB/ky
Coat type: Curly, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: F/F
Shed: C/C
Parti factor: Yes
Birth Day: November 10, 2015
Height: 22 inches
Weight: 73 pounds
OFA Hip: Good
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Dentation: (Teeth) Normal
Eye Cerf: normal
Works as a therapy dog for a retired military soldier in Mountain Home. 

Ginger's puppies

F1b English 
Silver Beige
22 in 70 lbs
Curly, non-shedding coat
F1b goldendoodle
black, brown and
white parti
24 in. 60 lbs.
Curly, non-shedding coat
Ginger and Remington 
Large Standard Goldendoodles
55-75 pounds
Born February 16, 2020
Ready to Go home April 10, 2019

This is Ginger and Remington's second litter together.  We love the puppies we have from these two--many are working as therapy and service dogs.  They are all completely non-shedding and exceptionally healthy. We expect these puppies to have a big blocky structure with calm and stable temperaments.  Many of these dogs love to play fetch just like their dad Remmy and all are exceptionally aware of the emotional atmosphere of their families.  

These puppies are parti and solid in black, chocolate, silver beige and cream.

Ginger's reservation list:

1. MVGD Guardian--Sarah and Duncan Veal Mountain home--Lime collar girl 

2. Bass Family--Paid in Full PayPal Boise--Black collar boy 

3. Jeff and Jana Maxwell Paid in Full PayPal--Boise--Teal Girl

4. Jeff and Erica Reineke--payment sent by check--Buhl Red collar male

5. Saints Dominguez--Paid in Full PayPal--Oceanside, CA Forest Green male

6. Liz Suver--Paid in Full PayPal--Seattle Light blue collar girl 

7. Jeramy VanVleck payment by Apple--Yakima White Collar Girl 

8. Karla Larkins payment by paypal--Seattle  Orange collar Girl 

9. Hailey Cummings--Payment by PayPal--Los Vegas Purple collar Girl 

10. Sumit Saxena payment by PayPal--Saratoga CA Royal blue collar male 


April 9, 2020

The puppies are all on their way home!  They have been such a pleasant litter!  Some puppies are easier to have around than others and these are definately some of our favorites!  We have lots of take home information on the website here.  Happy puppy training! 

April 1, 2020

The puppies have all their teeth!  They don't like the soft food anymore--everyone prefers to eat regular crunch puppy food.  We like the PawTree Chicken and Sweet potato recipe for our newly weaned babies.  Ginger is ready to be done nursing--she lets them nurse for a quick snack now the then but for the most part they are just eating solid food and water.  Everyone is using the dog door to go potty 100% of the time.  YAY!  It's always a great day here at the house when puppies take themselves outside to the bathroom!  

March 19, 2020

New puppy pictures today!  We had baths and trimmed nails and did our first round of Neopar to begin immunization to Parvo--the most devastating puppy disease.  These babies are surprisingly calm with baths and handling.  They hardly even make a peep!  This next week then will continue growing and learning to eat solid foods.  

The Boys

The Girls

Ginger's Goldendoodle girls
Ginger's Goldendoodle Boys

February 24,2020

Week Two

Our babies are doing great!  They grow every day!  It's amazing to see their progress.  They are getting more mobile on their feet (still crawling) and will start opening their eyes in the next few days. Ginger is doing well keeping everyone warm and well fed--nursing and cleaning puppies takes almost all of her time! She's a great mama. 

February 17, 2020

Ginger had ten healthy puppies on Saturday night February 15, 2020.  All ten are doing great--eating well and sleeping their days away curled up with their mama!  Ginger is eating everything she can find and spends all her time with her babies.  This week we will start Early Neurological stimulation to help them develop adaptable and trainable  little nervous systems. 

Previous Litters from Ginger

F1B English Golden doodle
from Annie & Prince Edward
70 pounds 
silver beige
curly, non-shedding coat


multi-generation golden doodle

Brown merle with blue eyes

15.5 inches, 20 pounds

curly, non-shedding coat

Ginger and Beethovan 
Medium multi-generational Goldendoodles
40-60 pounds
Six puppies born May 23
Ready to go home Saturday, July 13

This litter Belongs to Kim.


Ginger is calm quiet and so easy to have in our home! She gets along well with other dogs and kids and she loves to swim.  She doesn't bark and she is reliable off leash. We especially love her stunning big, thick, boxy structure.  She has completed her genetic and physical health testing.
 Beethovan is part of a great  breeding program in Ohio.  He has completed genetic and physical health testing.  He has a lovely non-hyper personality.  Both of his parents are about 20 pounds so we are confident that his size will help to downsize Ginger's puppies without sacrificing her beautiful boxy structure and personality.  

Ginger's reservation list:

1. Nicole Crenshaw--Chip--Fairbanks Alaska

2. Alfred and Lilya Aday--Fudge--Seattle, Washington

3. Jennifer Nishijima--Hershey--Salt Lake City

4. Miranda Trimpey--Mocha--Wisconsin 

5.Coco--Eastern Washington/Spokane

6. Mousse--available. 

June 30, 2019

The puppies are all using the dog door to go potty!  This is always a nice change for us when they start taking themselves out to the bathroom--so much less cleanup work!  They all have their little puppy teeth and are doing great eating solid food.  They still nurse a couple of times a day but Ginger is gradually weaning them.  They are so fun to watch as they play and learn to use their sharp little teeth.  They are learning to sit to 'be polite' and they will become more proficient in their interactions with each other as they take fewer naps during the day.  From Largest to smallest: Mocha, Chip, Mousse, Fudge, Hershey, Coco

June 20, 2019

The puppies are all walking and playing and teething!  They just started going outside to play each day and today they tried some soft/watery puppy food.  They still prefer nursing but they will switch over to solid foods within the next week and a half or so.  They are doing well with potty training and almost always use the litter tray in their box.  They are just about ready to move to the bigger pen where they will start using a dog door to go potty outside.  

June 14, 2019

Ginger's babies are three weeks old!  This week they  have become more and more stable on their little legs and they aren't gaining weight nearly as fast as they have been.  They have started to interact with each other and they stay awake for longer  periods of time every day.  Ginger no longer sleeps with the babies.  They have started using a potty area in their pen and are getting there about 70% of the time.  They will get better about using the potty area as they get more stable on their feet and then they will move to the bigger pen where they can start using the dog door to go potty outside.  Next week they  will start trying a little bit of water and goats milk and next week they will start weaning.  We are continuing to interact with every puppy every day as we follow our early socialization program.       *It's still too early to tell who will have blue eyes for sure but it looks like our two merle puppies and our light parti boy (Mocha, Fudge and Chip) will have lovely, light blue eyes.* 







Waking up!

These babies are doing great!  This week they started to open their eyes--their eyes are still cloudy and they won't be able to see well until they get to be three to four weeks old.  Their hearing is just starting to develop as well.  They spend their time eating and sleeping and occasionally creeping around their little box.  Ginger still sleeps in the box with them and she keeps busy keeping them warm and clean and fed.  They will start to toddle around this week and their eyesight and hearing will improve every day.  We hold and handle every puppy every day to help develop resilient neurological systems and to start the socialization process. 

Welcome puppies!

May 23, 2019

Ginger has six babies!  We are thrilled with these beautiful chocolate and merle puppies. Ginger is a sweet and attentive mom.  All the puppies are nursing and sleeping and growing right on schedule.  Puppies number 1 and 2 are chocolate merle, 3 is a chocolate parti, 4 is solid chocolate girl and  5 is solid silver beige and 6 is a sliver beige and chocolate merle parti.  We will update more pictures in the next few days.    

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