Breed:  multi-generation miniature English Goldendoodle
Parents: Rory and Judah 
Birth Day: 4/14/2019
​Coat Color: Apricot, Bbee, DD(no dilution gene), awat, KyKy
Coat type: Soft curly, non shedding
Hair Curl: +/+
Furnishings: F/F

Parti: SS (does not carry) 
Height: 15 inches
Weight:  18 pounds

PennHip: Right .39 Left .34

Patellas: clear 
Eye Cerf:  Clear

Honey is a carrier for IVDD and PRCD. She is not affected with either of these disorders. She will only be bred with studs that are clear.  She is clear for all of the other 150+ genetic diseases we can test for. 

Lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls. 

Puppies from Honey

22 pounds, 18"

F1 Cavapoo
pounds, 10"
Honey & Saylor
Petite Cavalier Goldendoodles 10-15 pounds
Due Date: November 30th
Match Date: Early January
Go home: End of January
These puppies will be $3000

Honey has been bred with Saylor and we are anticipating our first litter of Petite Cavalier Goldendoodles early December. We will have small wavy red solid and abstract doodles from this pairing. Honey is adorable and has the perpetual look of a puppy.  She has passed all canine good citizen classes and is as sweet as her name. Her family adores her! Saylor is a great snuggle buddy and companion. He isn’t needy but absolutely adores affection. He is a non-shedding F1 Cavapoo, with beautiful tuxedo markings including his muzzle and top of the head.  He’s incredibly intelligent, easily trained and loves everybody that gives him loves.  

For more info about this litter you can text Kimberly at 208-421-2858

January 25, 2022

Honey's babies are growing right on schedule!  They are all using the paper trays to go potty and have started using the dog door to go outside to go potty--they've been a little slower to start going outside with all the crazy snowstorms we have had around here lately!  They get lot of snuggles and playtime as we have only these three little cuties at the house right now!  Honey has weaned them and they are all eating hard crunch puppy food. They still get lots of interaction time with Honey as well as with the other dogs we have here at the house which is important to help them learn dog manners and develop bite inhibition.  We introduce new toys and new experiences every day to help develop their little neurological responses.  We watch for individual reactions and then help them navigate new experiences.

December 5, 2021

Honey has babies! We had three tiny little babes born early on Thursday, December 2.  She had her babies in her favorite spot--inside her crate next to my bed!  She is super attentive and loves to keep them tucked up right next to her. She and her babies moved back over to her guardian family's house where she is loved and spoiled.  


We have two girls and a boy.  Both girls will be kept as part of our breeding program.  Our little boy will go to one of that families on our reservation list. 

IMG_7544 2.HEIC
IMG_7544 2.HEIC
Honey and Maverik
20-30 lb Miniature GoldenDoodles 
Born: April 23, 2021
Go home about June 18, 2021

They is Honey's first litter and we love the pairing we are expecting with Maverik!  We will have mostly solid puppies and a couple of abstract/white marked puppies with these parents.  Honey is adorable and has the perpetual look of a puppy.  She has passed all canine good citizen classes and is as sweet as her name.

Her family adores her! 

Maverik is one of our favorites and he passes his easy going temperament and thick good looking coat to his babies.   

  1. Sarah Pugmire (1st pick wavy girl) Meridian ID.--Yellow collar--Piper

  2. Katie Engerman (2nd pick wavy girl) Wilsonville, OR.​--Puprle collar --Maple

  3. Linda Parsons (Curly Girl) Sun Valley, ID. Green Collar, Coconut

  4. Cassi Sutherland (Wavy boy) Olympia WA Orange collar, Caesar

Multi generation  
Goldendoodle from Rory  and Harvard
loose wavy, non-shedding coat 22 pounds, 18 inches
multi-generation goldendoodle
Wavy, non-shedding coat, 30 pounds 
16 inches
Honey and Maverick Born 4/23/2021

Honey and Maverick Born 4/23/2021

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IMG_4965 3.heic

June 9, 2021

Honey's babies are growing up!  This has been a big couple of week for these little guys.  They learned to use the dog door to go potty in record time--we only had the paper tray in their dog door pen with them for a few days.  They are all running in and out whenever they need to go!  They almost completely have their teeth including their molars.  They are doing well eating hard crunch puppy food.  Honey still nurses a couple of times a day and she spends quite a bit of time with them teaching puppy manners.  It's pretty fun to watch.  If one of the babies is being pushy or keeps 'asking' to nurse after she's told them no she will just rip them over and pin them to the ground until they settle down.  It's fun to see a good mama teach her babies the rules of the dog world,  She helps shape self-control, bite inhibition and dog interaction rules.  

This week we will have vet checks and we will work on having each puppy start taking treats individually to learn to sit and pay attention to the humans in their world in order to get what they want.  They will keep growing and practicing their exploring skills on each other! 


The pups are just past 4 weeks old.  They are really enjoying their time with the kids in the house and they are all great with being held and snuggled. They are just starting solid foods. They are starting to use the paper tray to go potty in one area--we use their natural instinct to keep their bed clean to help direct them where we want them to go potty.  Most of the pen is covered with paper and then once they get used to the paper we can make the paper space smaller and increase their sleep and play space.  Next week we will introduce the dog door and they will gradually switch from using the paper tray to using the dog door to go potty outside.  The puppies have new people and new toys introduced every day and they are all really quick to adjust and respond to new situations which is just what we like to see.

May 17, 2021

The babies just passed their 3 week mark and they are all doing great! The babies are all walking around really well. Tomorrow we will introduce a new bed/sleeping area along with our new pee/pooping area to help start these little ones on a path to easier potty training. In the beginning we have one soft bed area and the rest of the pen is potty area.  We use the puppies' natural instinct to keep their bed clean to help with potty training--the minute they step off their bed to go potty they will be in the desired area. Once they are accustomed to use the paper/grate area for potty we will be able to make their play/sleep area bigger. 


This week puppies will leave the transitional period and will enter the socialization period.  During this time their ears open and they begin to hear.  The puppies live in our living room so they are naturally exposed to a variety of noises that will help them adjust to family life: TV/movies in the background, children playing, vacuums running etc.are all familiar sounds to these babies.  Over the next we will also work on some startle recovery exercises. For startle recovery exercises we will randomly make sudden unusual noises that may startle the puppies ever so slightly to help shape their emotional responses. We watch closely to make sure there isn't a fear response and if necessary we will work with individual puppies more gradually to help them adjust to the noises. 


May 7, 2021

The babies are two weeks old.  They all have their little eyes open and are starting to toddle around.  Their ears will open in the next week  and they will get better and better on their little legs.  Honey is a patient and super attentive mom.  The babies are at Honey's Guardian family home and getting lots of attention from Honey's three little human kids!   More pictures coming! 









April 26, 2021

Honey has babies!  She delivered four little ones on Friday, April 23.  Her labor was so easy and smooth that she literally slept through most of it!  I've never seen a first time mom so completely relaxed during delivery!  She is doing great as a mama and spends her time nursing and snuggling her babes.  She and the babies are at their guardian's home here in Twin Falls and will stay there until it's time for the babies to move to the toddler area.  They are getting lots of attention from Honey's 'kids'--two girls and a boy who adore the babies.  At this stage the babies are still developing physical and neurological pathways--they can't see or hear and they are still developing their ability to regulate body temperature and elimination. They will gradually develop more each day and will open their eyes and start to walk at about two weeks old.  We will keep pictures and video updated!