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Indy and Winston
Mini multi-gen Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
expected to cycle late June

This will be Indys retirement litter.  We expect phanominal puppies from Indy and Winston.  We will have red/apricot and brown puppies in this litter.  They will all have a nice wavy coat.  



F1b from Daisy and Dash

silver beige

soft, curly non-shedding

24 pounds, 17 inches



multi-gen small medium 



soft, straight non shedding

42 pounds, 19.5 inches


Breed:  F1b Miniature English Goldendoodle
Parents: Daisy/Dash
Coat Color: Brown (bbEe)
Coat type: Curly, non shedding
D Locus: D/D (negative for dilution)
Hair Curl: C/C
Furnishings: n/F
Parti Factor: No
Birth Day:  June 28, 2015
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 24 pounds
OFA hip: Fair
DM: Clear GR-PRA1: Clear GR-PRA2: Clear Ich: Clear MD: Clear NEwS: Clear vWD1: Clear
Lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls

This Girl was born September 16th and is now 12 weeks old.  She is up to date on her shots having had 3 rounds.  She has been doggy door trained and crate trained.  She sleeps in the crate at night and roams around downstairs during the day with the other adult dogs acting like she is a big girl all grown up.  Pearl will grow to be about 20 pounds full grown. She has a nice silky, soft, shiny, thick, black, wavy, coat that should not shed. We have really enjoyed having her this extra time and will miss her when she is gone.  She is ready to go to her new home now.  If you are interested in adding her to your family

call Fonda 208-731-0053 

"Color" crew 6 weeks old

"Color" crew 4 weeks old

This colorful crew is now 4 weeks old.  They are getting very mobile and have now been introduced to their litter box. They will begin to eat some solids this week.  They are spending their days "play fighting" with one another learning to communicate and sleeping in the infamas  "Doggy Pile"  

Indy and Teddy

Mini multi-gen English goldendoodles

20-30 pounds

Match Day 10/27, Pick up day 11/9

Indy had 6 puppies Sunday September 16th.  She had one lonesome red female 3 black females and 2 black males.  These puppies will all have a loose wavy coat.  They will be approximately 20-25 pounds full grown.  Puppies from this litter will be ready to go home on November 9th.  We have 3 black wavy females available and ready to go home now. To read more about these pups or to see previous pups from Indy click here... 



F1b from Daisy and Dash

silver beige

soft, curly non-shedding

24 pounds, 17 inches



F1b goldendoodle

red/white abstract

straight coat

22 pounds, 14 inches

Reservation list
1) Plews/guardian (Magenta now Cici) Twin Falls, ID
2) Terry & Roy Richards (Cobalt (phantom0 now "Bentley) Palmdale CA
3) Ashylyn Arbuckle (Forest now "Koda")Boise, ID
4) Marcie Kunstnand Missy Bennett (Marlot now Ruby)  Boise, ID
5) Castelton Family (Rose now Tillie) Boise, ID 
6) Nicole Belnap (Pearl) Stansbury PK, UT

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