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Breed: Multi-Gen English Goldendoodle
Parents: Scarlett/Knox
Coat Color: Dark Red
Bb/ee KyKy atat
Coat type: wavy
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: f/f
Parti factor:?
Birth Day: November 27, 2018
Height: 14 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Penn Hip:Left .47 Right .48
OFA Elbow: normal
OFA Preliminary Patella: Normal
OFA Preliminary Cardiac: Normal
Eye Cerf: Clear
Dentition: Normal

Lives with a guardian family in Burley 

Puppies from Jade

Jade & King Louie 
Petite Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 10-20 pounds
Born: December 20, 2020
Go Home: Thursday  February 11, 2021
If Transportation to Boise airport is required go home will be Feb 12th

Jade had 6 beautiful puppies early in the morning on Sunday, December 20th.  She had 2 apricot males and 2 apricot females, 1 blue merle phantom male and 1 blue merle phantom female. All puppies will be furnished (typical goldendoodle coat).


Jade's coat is called a flat coat and is unfurnished. None of her puppies will have a flat coat like hers. We can't tell yet which puppies will have a wavy coat and which will have a curly coat--we will wait to add families to this list until we get a better idea of coat texture.

Jade Waiting list  

1)Julie underwood (Wavy apricot female) Kimberly Id

2)Rosaris Rodriguez (Curly apricot female) Puerto Rico

3)Shannon Stone (Wavy apricot abstract male) Eagle Id

4)Lisa Latimer (Merl Phantom female) Boise ID

5)Brady Mcgetrick (Merl Phantom male)Boise ID

6)Brad & Cori Dalton(Curly apricot male) Eagle ID




Multi-Generation English Goldendoodle

18 pounds, 15" tall


Flat Wavy


King Louie




15 pounds, 15" tall

Merle phantom



No puppies are available from this litter

Jade/King Louie 4 weeks

(Green Boy) -wavy apricot  (Blue Boy) -Curly apricot

(Red Boy) -Curly merle phantom (Pink Girl) -Curly apricot  

(Yellow Girl) -Curly merle phantom (Purple Girl) Wavy apricot 

Finally was able to update this page.  Thank you for being patient with me. Im sorry I forgot to get updated weights on this litter this week.  I will update those weights with next weeks update.  

Puppies are all steady on their feet now and are starting to get more and more playful.  They are doing great with their potty training by using the potty area about 75% of the time.  When they don't use their potty area they are using their play area--they are keeping their sleep area completely clean.  

This is week two of the socialization period. Their little teeth are starting to erupt so this week puppies will start on solids and begin the process of weaning.  We take our cues from mama--when she starts standing up to nurse we know it's time to introduce soft solid foods.  First we will use ground food mixed with water. As they get used to eating and swallowing we will use regular food soaked in water until it is soft.  Mom has already started to wean by spending less time in the box with them.  This time will gradually increase over the next 2-3 weeks until they are no longer nursing. Mom still interacts with them throughout the day but she does so in shorter amounts of time. Puppies will participate in their first barrier challenge this week.  Once they are really interested in their food I will place it behind of barrier of some sort so that they can use their problem solving skills to help work through problems or obstacles.

Jade/King Louie 3 weeks

(Green Boy) -wavy apricot  (Blue Boy) -Curly apricot

(Red Boy) -Curly merle phantom (Pink Girl) -Curly apricot  

(Yellow Girl) -Curly merle phantom (Purple Girl) Wavy apricot 

This past week they have all begun to toddle around really well and have become quite vocal. Tomorrow we will introduce a new bed/sleeping area along with our new pee/pooping area to help start these little ones on a path to easier potty training. 

This week puppies will leave the transitional period and will enter the socialization period.  During this time their ears open and they begin to hear.  We will start some sound protocols with them this week.  Some of those include listening to classical music, exposing puppies to common "upsetting" appliances such as the vacuum and blow dryer,  and doing some startle recovery exercises.  For startle recovery exercises we will randomly make sudden unusual noises that may startle the puppies ever so slightly to help shape their emotional responses. Fortunately for us--because the puppies live in our living room they are naturally exposed to typical household noise all the time. 







Jade/King Louie 2 weeks

(Green Boy) -wavy apricot  (Blue Boy) -Curly apricot

(Red Boy) -Curly merle phantom (Pink Girl) -Curly apricot  

(Yellow Girl) -Curly merle phantom (Purple Girl) Wavy apricot 

Puppies are all doing great.  We except everyones eyes to open up in the next few days if they haven't already.  They are starting to move around a bit. We've begun handling the puppies a lot more. Handling by young children is a daily occurrence here at the Thompson household because we have a built in 4 year old to help socialize them.  

At two weeks of age the puppies leave the neonatal period and enter what is called the transitional period.  Traditional period is typically between days 14-21.  During this time we will begin to introduce them to a new novel item and or have a new experience daily.  These items and experience will help to build a healthy startle/recover/curiosity/and exploration cycle with the puppies to lay the foundation for a confident puppy. This week we will take a dermal nail trimmer to the puppies nails to begin to get them used to vibration and trimming of the nails.  These puppies will have a lifetime of grooming and will need to be handled by their feet and toes on a regular bases.  Doing these things with them early and using items like this that cause vibration regularly will help to start to set them up for success for their many groomings they will have.

Jade/King Louie 5 days

(Green Boy) -wavy apricot  (Blue Boy) -Curly apricot

(Red Boy) -Curly merle phantom (Pink Girl) -Curly apricot  

(Yellow Girl) -Curly merle phantom (Purple Girl) Wavy apricot 

Puppies are  a couple days shy of 1 week old but we wanted to get an update and photos done before Christmas.  By the time they turn one week old their weight will have almost doubled. These first 3 weeks they grow so fast!

Momma is still doing most of the work right now feeding, cleaning, and keeping them warm and happy.  We are enjoying giving them short times of daily handling.       

 The puppies will be entering their 2nd week of the Neonatal period.  When the puppies were 3 days old we started Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). We will continue doing ENS until they are 16 days old.  ENS is a combination of different tests and stimuli that are designed to get each puppy comfortable being handled, desensitize to discomforting touch, and get the brains working developing neuropathways.  We perform a series of exercises including handling the puppy upright, upside-down, on his/her back, tickling his/ her toes, and setting them on a cold surface.







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