Breed:  Multi generation English Goldendoodle

Parents: Penny and Rover

​Coat Color: Cream/apricot extreme parti, Bbee, KbKy, AyAt, no merle

Dilute: ​D/D (does not carry dilute)

Coat type: Curly, non-shedding

Hair Curl: T/T (+/+)

Furnishings: F/F (+/+)

Shedding: C/C (two low shed genes)

Parti: yes

Birth Day:  06/29/2018

Height:  16 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Penn Hip:Right 0.37 Left  0.35                     

OFA Elbows: Normal

Eye Cerf:  normal

June is clear for over 150 genetic diseases tested through Embark.  

June lives in a guardian home in Twin Falls

June's puppies

June & Knoxville
Petite Multi-gen Goldendoodles 15-25 pounds
Born: February 23, 2021
Match Date: April 1
Go Home: April 17

June and Knox have seven babies!  We have abstract and parti red/white markings--two curly coats and 5 wavy coats. 

  June is a sweet mama that lives with her family of 7 kids.  She is easy going and very tolerant--she has a thick curly coat.  Knox  is a sweet little guy that works as a therapy dog for his family with multiple special needs kids.   He has a nice wavy, non-shedding coat.  These puppies will be wavy or curly in abstract or parti markings.  


1. Elana Story--  Button (orange) 

2. Kylie Minor--   Pocket (Pink) 

3.Marsha and Ken Edwards--Topper (Black collar)

4. Emily Terry--Vision (red collar) 

5. Ivan Gomes--blue collar boy

6. Hui Lynn Ong--Lime green boy

7. Christina Deccarett--purple curly girl 

F1b English 
22 pounds, 17" tall
Cream Parti
F1 English
17 pounds,  15"  tall

April 15

The puppies had their seven week vet checks this week and everyone looked great!  Our four smallest puppies are still getting their teeth in which isn't unusual for smaller size dogs--they tend to develop a little slower.  They will do best with soft/soaked dog food.  I take their food and cover it with boiling water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  It also works well to let the food sit overnight or for a few hours on the counter.  We feed about 1/3 of a cup three times a day.  If you find that your puppy has loose stools or diarrhea the number one cause is overfeeding.  Cut back on the amount of food you give and then slowly add more in as the puppy gets bigger. Follow the serving size recommendations on the bag of food.  If a puppy acts like he is staring after he has eaten I will sometimes add a little more to the next feeding as growth times and rates can vary from puppy to puppy.  

April 1, 2021

The puppies are five weeks old.  They have moved to the Hatch house where they can play in the toddler pen and mama June is teaching them to use the dog door. They spend time playing outside in the grass every day as well.  They are eating soft solid food this week and are nursing less and less.  They should all be going potty outside by next week which is always a great day! They are sleeping and napping in crates.  They aren't ready to sleep without the comfort of each other quite yet.  They will start spending some time on their own each day this next week and throughout the next couple of weeks as they get prepared to go to their new homes.  

You should have all received an email from me and you should be working on getting supplies and food and training plans in place for the arrival of your baby.  If you haven't taken the time to read through our take home information now is a good time to do that as well! Take home information. 

March 25, 2021

The puppies are all steady on their feet now and are starting to get more and more playful.  They are doing great with their potty train--we start our by making their pen all paper with just a couple of beds for them to sleep on.  Once they get used to the paper for potty, we will shrink the potty area and have more bed and play area as well as crates for sleeping time. 

This is week two of the socialization period. Their little teeth are starting to erupt so this week puppies will start on solids and begin the process of weaning.  We take our cues from mama--when she starts standing up to nurse we know it's time to introduce soft solid foods.  Petite litters tend to progress physically a little slower than standard size litters.  When we introduce solids we will start with just water and then goats milk.  Then we will introduce ground food mixed with water once a day and then we will progress fo three times a day. As they get used to eating and swallowing we will use regular food soaked in water until it is soft.  

The puppies spend time playing outside every day that it isn't raining or snowing...Our spring weather is so unpredictable!  These puppies get lots of handling and playing every day with a house full of little girls that absolutely adore them! 

March 8, 2021

June's babies are all growing right on schedule!  They are just starting to open their eyes.  It will take a little while for them to be able to see clearly. They are starting to move around more and more. The puppies are beloved in the Moffitt home--they get lots of individual time and attention every day! 

At two weeks of age the puppies leave the neonatal period and enter what is called the transitional period.  Transitional period is typically between days 14-21.  During this time we will begin to introduce them to a new novel item (toy, new bedding etc.) and or a new experience daily.  These items and experiences will help to build a healthy startle/recover/curiosity/exploration cycle to lay the foundation for a confident puppy.

February 27, 2021

June has babies!  She had seven babies born in the afternoon on Tuesday 2/23.  She had a quick and easy labor and delivered seven healthy babies in record time. We have four boys and three girls. June had her babies at her guardian's home.  This is the Moffitt family's second guardian dog with our program and they are experienced with mom's and deliveries and especially with puppies! 


The puppies are now in the neonatal period.  They are still finishing the development of their eyes, ears and overall neurological systems. The Neonatal period last for two weeks.  During this time we pay close attention to the little pups to be sure each is thriving and growing. We watch weights and observe feedings to make sure everyone is eating and gaining weight and we trim toenails to make sure they don't scratch June.  Momma does most of the work right now and we just do a lot of observation except at the Moffitt house Penny gets lots of help from the girls! Each puppy is gently held and carefully stimulated each day.



Previous puppies from June

June & Maverick
Miniature multi-gen Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
Born June 12, 2020
Go home September 5, 2020

June and Maverick have babies! We had 5 puppies born Sunday June, 12.  All are healthy and thriving.  

  June is a sweet mama that lives with her family of 7 kids.  She is easy going and very tolerant--she has a thick curly coat.  Maverick is one of our favorite studs ever--he has a fun outgoing personality and loves people.  he has a thick wavy coat.  We will have both curly and wavy coat puppies in red, cream and apricot with white markings and full parti markings.

1. Robert and Stephanie Skaggs--Kuna, ID--green collar girl-- Paid in Full

2. Joe Burch--Platte City, MO--wavy apricot male--red collar Paid in Full

3. Cyndi Conner--Boise, ID--wavy parti female--yellow collar Paid in Full

4. Missy Olsen--Boise, ID--cream wavy male--blue collar--Paid in Full

5. Karen Gose--Twin Falls, ID--wavy cream female--black collar--Paid in Full

F1b English 
Goldendoodle from Penny and Rover 
curly non-shedding coat 22 pounds, 17 inches
Red/White abstract
Wavy non-shedding
31 pounds
18"  inches

August 31, 2020

We've had lots of family here this week so it's been a big week for the babies!  They are all so completely tolerant of being held and carried and rocked and snuggled.  They have had 'train rides' and they've been wrapped in blankets.  There hasn't been a minute of complaint from any of them!  They are all doing awesome using the dog door to go potty when they are in their pen. They had their Neopar (Parvo immunization) and a course of dewormer this week.  We will have vet checks later this week and then everyone will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend.

August 25, 2020

The babies are six weeks old now.  They are all using the dog door to go potty and are not having any accidents in the house.  yay!  They always have access to crates and they put themselves down for bed and nap time.  They love to be held and carried and they come running when we call.  We always introduce the basic concept that sitting brings good things--they pick up on it quickly.  We simply pet/pick-up the puppies that are sitting and they catch on in a hurry! This isn't a 'command' sit but more of a default behavior that we will continue to reinforce.  The babies  just got their molars in and we just introduced hard crunch food today.  This week we will work with them individually to start taking treats and to be exposed to the clicker and they will continue to learn bite inhibition by playing with each other and mom. 

August 12, 2020

Four and a half weeks! 

June's babies are doing great.  They are all using the litter box to go potty when they are inside and they love to run and play outside.  They spend time with mama June and with Grandma Penny outside everyday! Their coats are thick and soft.  The babies don't have their teeth yet but they are doing great eating soft food.  This week they will continue learning dog manners as they play with each other and with mom and grandma and they will transition to having most of their calories from solid food instead of nursing. 

August 3, 2020

June's babies are three weeks old!  They all have their eyes all the way open and they are able to hear sounds around them.  They are up walking and are just starting to interact with each other.  We have added a potty training area to their box and they are starting to spend small amounts of time outside.  Mama still nurses every few hours--we will start introducing solid food at the end of this week.  

July 27, 2020

The babies are two weeks old!  They are just starting to open their eyes and they toddle about on their little shaky legs.  This week they will be able to see and hear more clearly and they will strengthen their legs as they learn to balance and walk. 

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