Kims litters



2021 Litters


Layla/Knox 11/13/2020

  1.  M/Gabriela Mostacero 801-836-8314 12/2/2020  (Provo ut) friends with pillings​--Gray collar Boy​ PRA affected--no charge--$200 deposit only

2. Bryan and Shelly Wright--blue collar boy--Kobe--Billed $1800 12/23

3. Aubry in Twin Falls--Purple Girl--Gia--PRA affected-no charge

4. Pink collar Girl--Meyerhoffers in Twin Falls--IC and PRA affected--no charge

5. Orange Collar boy--Eyre Family Twin Falls--Bill $1800 12/23

6. Green Collar boy--Jeremy Kendrick--billed $2000--Hutch--12/23


2020 litters

Bisou/Maverik 9/30/2020

1. MVGD--Ginger's family.--yellow girl

2. Kathy Johnson Service Dog Pick--Green Boy Cool, CA--paid both food and training--$1800 Paid Wave--$500 transport 

3. Jerry Evernden--Prefers curly female (turquoise girl )--Hillsboro , Oregon--$2000 paid Wave--$450 transport

4. Mark and Brittney Roussin-Black boy --Mission Viejo, CA $1900 paid Wave--$500 transport

5. Cara and Devon Caywood--Gray Boy --Emmett, ID $1800 paid Wave--$50 transport

6. Alexandra Fruehauf--Red boy --Portland, Oregon $2000 Paid Wave--no transportation

7. Mike Smith-Light blue boy --Beaverton, OR--no food, no training, $2060 paid Wave--$450 transportation

8.Spring Lam--prefers wavy female--Purple Girl --San Diego, CA--$1900 paid Wave--$500 transportation

9.Nicholas Maikranz--Pink girl --Santa Rosa, CA (picking up in Twin Falls) --$1900 paid Wave--no transportation

10. Daniel Magallanes--Orange Girl-Austin, TX--$2000 paid Wave--$650 transportation to Austin TX

Maggie/Winston 8/20/2020

1. Natalya Wolters--green collar apricot male (Spokane, WA) paid in full 

2. Natalie Kershaw--Yellow collar Apricot female (Seattle, WA) Paid in Full

4. Jeff Duben--black collar apricot female (southern CA) Paid in Full

5. Jennifer Smith--large chocolate male  (N. California)Paid in Full

6. Mike Morris--small chocolate male (Hailey, ID) Paid in Full


Ruby/Louie 8/10/2020

  1. mini Bernedoodle/Mini M/ laurie C Silva   510-909-4548 6/29/2020 $200 deposit, $2800 received on Zelle--purchased food and training  Dallin transport $350  Final 150 paid Paid in full

    1.  (Fremont, CA) wavy mini under 30 pounds open to either bernedoodle, mountain doodle or a goldendoodle, prefers male Apricot/red in color not closed off to black or brown. has a 19 yr old mini poodle and 10 year old maltese. 

      1. Fonda called 7/6/2020 but could not leave a message because the mailbox was full

      2. Fonda texted 7/6/2020 asked what kind and size of dog she would be open to

      3. laurie called back 7/6/2020 wants a mini under 30 pounds open to either bernedoodle, mountain doodle or a goldendoodle, prefers male Apricot/red in color not closed off to black or brown wants wavy

      4. 7/27/2020 Fonda sent text and left message. Laurie said she would look this evening and get back to me. she said she wanted to wait for a mini mountain doodle or a more solid apricot or red color

      5. texted 8/14/20--male

  2. Mini/Med/ golden mountain doodle/ Bernadoodle (also on mini list)  M/ Erin Meyer 206-923-6464  7/172020  $3000 total + $350 travel = $500 +$500  Zelle $200 PayPal, $2050 check, $100 food credit Paid in Full..

    1. #1(Seattle, WA) wavy. prefers female but open to male. has 2 boys ages 7 and 8. Currently working from home but when she is allowed to bring dogs to to work. (I think she may work at Amazon because they said they have dog parks in their office at work.  and that work is a very dog friendly place.) has a younger brother who is a certified dog trainer and has been for 15 years who will help them train.

      1. Spoke with kim 7/21/2020 and says she wants to be on Ruby's mountaindoodle list​

      2. texted 8/14/20--Female

  3. Mini/Med/ golden mountain doodle/ Bernadoodle (also on kims mt doodle list)  M/ Jeanette & Javier Carolina 503-409-8766  7/292020  (Portland, ORReceived 5 $500 and 1 $300 Zelle payments. plus $200 deposit. $350 transport paid to Dallin via Venmo. Paid in Full

    1. They have 3 boys, toddler, pre teen, and teenager. Both parents work from home and are an active outdoor family.

      1. 7/29/2020 Spoke with Kim and said they would love a mt doodle but if there are not enough puppies in that litter they would be open to a goldendoodle

      2. ​ texted 8/14--prefer not to have the curly coated girl.  love the chocolate boy and the more solid face colored girl

  4.  Parveen Ahktar 724 732 5792 (8/5/2020) (Beaver Falls, PA) $3500 total- $200 PayPal-$2000 Zelle $1200 Venmo.  Paid in full

    1. Will have Reann transport to Philadelphia on 10/2--$500.

      1. Recently moved here from England. Has three children. Spoke to Kim on 8/5/20--they prefer a medium size dog but want to get a dog as quickly as possible. 

        1. texted 8/14--prefer green collar male

  5. Patricia Brantz--Oceanside California--hearing impaired. $3000 +$200 transportation -$200 deposit -$200 food/training credit $2000+800 Zelle=Paid in Full

  6. Sameena Sharif--Bay $3000 purchase + $350 transport -200 PayPal. Food/training done.  $2950 sent via check. 

    1. San Francisco Area newly single mom with double doodle.  Stone. 



Masi/Tucker 7/22/2020--Kim

  1. Mini/Medium   M/Janell Focht 206-579-9160 5/6/2020 #1 (Pullman Wa) Paid in Full--Kim Zelle $2000 plus $200 paypal

    1. wavy loose curl. widow of 3 years. prefers a female

      1. Fonda called 6/12/2020 she is looking forward to being put on either June/Masi/or Lunas list when we have a puppy available. 

      2. contacted 7/8/2020 about 2 boys on scarletts litter and said she wants to pass because she wants a girl

      3. passed on June mismark girl--wants to wait for darker color--interested in Masi pups

      4. Fonda called 7/24/2020 and Janell has committed to purple collar girl (abstract)

  2. Mini M/Caitlin Zumalt 916-878-0949 5/12/2020  #2 (Lincoln CA) Paid in Full--Zelle Kim $2000 plus $200 paypal

    1. coat doesn't matter. prefers male not black 26 year old lives with parents and has her own Chemistry consultant company working from home. 

      1. called 6/11/2020 answered any question she had. she has a brother who lives in IF and she will drive up here to get puppy and spend some time with him when it is time to pick the puppy up.​

      2. 7/15/2020 Called about June/Maverick puppies.  She doesn't want white so she is going to wait for the next litter. 

      3. 7/24/2020 Fonda left message and sent text about apricot/red abstract male in Masi litter. I tentatively put her name next to abstract male. She responded and said she wants the abstract male in masi litter

  3. Mini M/John and Amanda Hill 5134839118 7/29/2020   (Loveland, Ohio) $200 paypal $1500 , $425 Kim Zelle (bought food and training, paid for airport transportation)

    1. wavy white male, both work from home. have 2 children boy 10 and girl 7.  John is a teacher

      1. Wants red collar male from masi/tucker litter​

  4. Mini M/Ana & Brady Van Engelen (Lacey longs brother) 2027310994  7/30/2020   (Sacramento, CA) Yellow Collar female. $200 PayPal $1800 Kim Zelle 

    1. They have 2 boys ages 10 & 7. This puppy will be a surprise for them.

      1. 7/30/2020 FaceTimeed  with Fonda and Lacey and said they would fill out application and submit reservation fee by the end of the day. Wants yellow  collar female from masi/tucker litter​. 

  5. Mini M/Hayley Kinseth 520-269-1180  7/30/2020 (Dallas, TX) Blue Collar male Paid in Full --Kim Zelle (Niema Beglari) $2000 plus $200 PayPal

    1. 7/30/2020 Fonda Called and chatted with Hayley. She has committed to blue collar boy and wants to make arrangements for a flight nanny to deliver him.  


June/Maverick 7/12/2020--Kim

  1. Mini M/Robert/Stephanie Skaggs S/208-830-0981 R208-830-5507 5/10/2020 (Kuna, ID)  Paid in Full--Zelle

    1. Wavy has 3 grandchildren

      1. Fonda chatted with them on 5/19/2020​

      2. Left voice mail and texted about June's puppies 7/15/2020--Spoke with wife Stephanie--they only want darker and curlier so they are interested in the apricot male from June/Maverick litter. --want apricot curly female

    1. Mini/medium  M/Joe Burch 816-845-8457 5/12/2020 #1 (Platte City Missouri) Paid in Full--Zelle
    2. Three kids ages 10-16--parents and sister have MVGD doodles.
      1. 6/11/2020 fonda called and let a message  saying we would love to chat and get to know him better as well as answer any questions​

      2. 7/15/2020 left voicemail and text message about June/Maverick puppies--they want the apricot girl from June


  2. Mini M/ Cyndi Conner (Smith) 208-866-1802 5/13/2020   SENT CERTIFIED CHECK (Boise, ID) Curly or wavy . Empty nesters.  Retired Dental Hygienist, 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

    1. ​Fonda called 6/11/2020 eft a message and asked that she call back so that we would have the chance to talk

    2. ​Cyndi called back ​6/12/2020 and she is excited to get a puppy when one is available

    3. 7/15/2020 left message and text about June/Maverick puppies--likes curly--likes curly extreme female--call her back after talking to others before her. 

  3. Mini/Medium M/Missy Olson 208-869-3119 5/19/2020 (Boise, ID)$500 ZELLE, $1400 PayPal  

    1. low shedding open to any color but loves apricot abstract. open to any gender.3 boys ages 8,5, and 5 months--8 year old want to be a vet

      1. fonda called 6/11/2020 and left a message and asked that she call back so that we would have the chance to talk​ she callback and we were able to chat and answer any questions. 

      2. Want wavy male from June

  4. Mini/Medium M/Karen and Gar Gose 208-731-6544 5/23/2020 (Twin Falls, ID) Paid in Full--check curly.prefers female.  has two kids 7 and 8 loves dogs and husband does the train for their dogs

    1. she called 6/9/2020 and wanted a pup from olive so I explained we will not have a pup for her at least until August but maybe later.​

    2. Want curly cream girl from June



Rory/Winston 5/29/2020--Kim

  1. Mini M/Vita Kremenchuk 208-309-2433 4/7/2020  (Ketchum ID) Louie.smallest male. Bought PawTree, Did not buy Baxter and Bella.  $200 deposit, $1900 check mailed.  Pick up Thursday mid-morning 

    1. text messaged 4/11/2020 to let them know we do not believe that Indy is pregnant

    2. ​Texted about Layla/Harvard 4/23/2020--waiting for bigger dog
    3. Call to be put on Rorys list (will only take a female) if there is not a female available on Rorys list she can have 3rd "client" pick on Scarlets list if we do not keep breeding puppies from Scarlett
    4. kim called and left a message.  we know she wants a puppy from either olive or Rory.
    5. Wants a puppy from Rory Wavy male
    6. Puppy now 
  2. M/Marisa Bueno 650-305-0243 4/17/2020 (Bozeman, MT) Hewey (biggest male) 

    1. #1 pick on Golden Mountain doodles​​ but wants a goldendoodle if available sooner.  Male only. 

      1. kim called and left a message.​ kim texted as well

  3. Mini/Medium M/Kristie Abernethy  206-276-0921 4/27/2020 (Bellingham, WA).  Dewey (middle size, darker red male) Thursday morning pick-up PayPal F&F final payment $1800--purchased Paw Tree and Baxter and Bella.

    1. 2 daughters age 8 & 5. has a sheepadoodle and a cat. she is a teacher and he is a construction manager

      1. Kim called 6/10/2020​ she wants to be on Rorys litter list

  4. Mini/Medium   M/Krystal Gollobit  208-631-8101  5/5/2020 (Utah) Daisy, Friday 5 pm pick-up Cash at pick-up

    1. contacted 7/8/2020 about 2 boys on Scarletts litter and said she wants to pass because she wants a girl

    2. Taking Rory's girl ​​​



  1. Mini/Medium M/Delaney Fox 208-309-2601  4/26/2020 (Ketchum, ID).  curly, 29 year old small business owner in Ketchum, wants 20-40 pounds. Her mom will be getting a puppy soon as well but as of today has not submitted a deposit

    1. Kim called 6/10/2020 left message and sent a text ​ left message and sent a text.​ She called and wants to be tentatively put on Rorys list but if pregnancy is confirmed for June she will come off that list and be put onto Junes list once those puppies are born

    2. Deaney called 6/10/2020 really interested in Layla girl but wants more photos.

1. Greg and Vanessa Dancer--Toula (light blue) 6/13 $2200 paid in full PayPal

2. Sylvia Miller--Taki--Forest--Pick-up at 9 Saturday 6/13/20 paid in full PayPal

3. Jodi Greer--son Grayson--Yia Yia Saturday 11 pick-up  6/13/2020 $2300 paid in full cash

4. JoRita Female--open to male--Gus $2200  paid in full check

5. John and Allison Worthington--Dex--6/13/20  9 am pick-up paid in full PayPal

6. Delaney Fox--Maria 6/13 pick-up $2442 paid in full PayPal

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