1. Mini (415)999-7583 M/Julie Meissner 10/16/2018 Any color (prefers apricot/red) prefers male (Deposit sent October 16th 2018)

    1. 415-999-7583 Fonda contaced 11/30/2018 left voice message about litter waiting list options and sent a text 

    2. 4/22/19 waiting for a dog closer to 30 pounds  

    3. 7/23/19 left message and text

    4. 8/13/19 left message and text

    5. 8/13/2019 said she wants a puppy next year. we said we will work with her to get one before spring but then will remove her from the list 

    6. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 responded and said "we are set for now"

    7. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 She responded "We will pass. Thx!"

    8. 11/17/2019 Julie texted Fonda and asked for her name to be suspended and to not get any puppy updates until 2021. We have said we will begin notifying her of available puppies who will be ready to go home starting January 2021.  If she has not chosen a puppy by 10/16/2021 (3 years after deposit) we will remove her from the reservation list.

  2. Mini/Pet(208)-539-2213 M/Renee De Jong 4/20/2019  female red/blonde/black/brown--has pit bull that is reactive to males--needs to have a female.

    1. 7/23/19 bought doodle from stone field goldendoodles.  may want a second dog in a year. Call summer 2020
    2. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 Renee responded and said she is not interested

    3. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 

    4. Do not contact until summer 2020

    5. Texted layla/Harvard litter 4/23/2020 no response. left voice mail assuming a pass for Laylas litter

    6. 5/1/2020 Fonda texted about lainey simba litter. sait they need to pas due to recent accident her husband was in.  We said we will contact them again in the fall of 2020 when we have available puppies.

    7. ​​​​
  3. Mini (208)-283-6717 M/Lizzie Dyrud 8/26/2019 (close to Christmas) apricot to red curly, wavy coat, kids are dog savvy ​​interested in Tesla pup  

    1. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 said "thank you let me chat with my husband" but then did not respond again.

    2. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 no response

    3. Texted about Layla/Harvard litter​ 4/23/2020--no response--called and left message.

    4. 5/1/2020 Fonda texted about Lainey/Simba litter. no response 

    5. 5/2/2020 Fonda called and left a message explaining we needed to hear back and asking when they will be ready to bring a puppy home.  They instantly texted (Would not answer phone) and said they have fallen on hard times and will need to wait a bit to get back on their feet.  (I assume it has something to do with covid 19)  Fonda texted back and asked when a good time to start contacting them would be but then once again no response.  So I then texted back and said we will wait to hear from her when she is ready.  No need to contact her again unless she ask us to.

    6. Wants us to contact her if we have an older puppy that we discount.

    7. Texted Fonda 5/21/2020 she is ready for a puppy.  contact her about Rorys puppies when they are born.  

    8. kim called and left a message then sent a text Fonda called and left a message as well. she never responded

    9. 6/10/2020 Fonda texted because we still had no response.  Said we would not contact her again she will need to call us and her deposit

  4. Mini M/Aly Paslay 208-670-5534  12/31/2019 family stationed in Hawaii (Rorys' owners 1st cousin) wants low/non shedding

    1. Texted Layla/Harvard Litter. 4/23/2020​ They can't get a dog to Hawaii right now so they re going to wait until they get transferred back to the states.  They will contact us when they get here and are ready for a puppy.  We don't need to notify them until then.

  5. Mini/Medium Caitlyn and Dillon Bowers 916-337-9483 2/13/2020 loose non-shedding prefers female 

    1. had committed to suzy-q Bernadoodle litter from week one.  last minute pulled out 1 week before puppies went home even though they had already known they were considering pulling out a week prior due to covid 19 .

    2. Did not contact about Layla/Harvard because they had recently pulled out of suzy-qs litter 1 week before they were ready to go home due to hours being cut at work because of covid. maybe contact again for fall litters.

  6. Mini/Medium F/Ashley Pehrson (208) 419-8978  4/9/2020 (Mackay, ID) Loves the look of Luna ideally but is happy with a solid red as well. prefers a female but open to male

    1. Fonda called 6/8/2020 and sent pictures of 3 of Olives girls so she could decide if she wanted one.  She is very interested in a puppy from lunna and teddy. Ashley texted back and said she wants to wait for a pup from linna/teddy (would love an abstract)

  7. Mini/Medium M/Karla Hansen 509-710-0990 4/23/2020 (Spokane Valley, WA) Wavy. married with 2 kids 10 and 14. has an older Mastif dog (Tug)

    1. Fonda texted about Lainey/Simba litter. They want to pass on this litter but are interested in Scarletts litter​​​​

      1. Called about rory and (Maria from Layla)​ 6/9/20

      2. Texted on 6/9/2020 said she would pass on Royrs litter want 20-35 lb

      3. need should of for a little bit because they just got a puppy recently. start contacting her again mid December

  8. Mini/Medium M/Delaney Fox 208-309-2601  4/26/2020 (Ketchum, ID).  curly, 29 year old small business owner in Ketchum, wants 20-40 pounds. Her mom will be getting a puppy soon as well but as of today has not submitted a deposit

    1. Kim called 6/10/2020 left message and sent a text ​ left message and sent a text.​ She called and wants to be tentatively put on Rorys list but if pregnancy is confirmed for June she will come off that list and be put onto Junes list once those puppies are born

    2. Deaney called 6/10/2020 really interested in Layla girl but wants more photos.

  9. Mini  M/Nancy Ramsdell 503-507-6292  4/28/2020 (Albany, OR) loose curl. empty nesters with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Goes on a 3 mile walk 6 days a week.

  10. Mini/Pet M/Jann Boyer 801-243-7837  4/29/2020 (Holiday, UT) wavy, Single mother voice teacher with 2 boys only one now still lives at home and he is 14. would love one of Laineys​

  11. Mini/Pet M/Autumn Pittard 208-320-2924  5/2/2020 (Twin Falls, Idaho) wavy, Logan Pittards mom.  Is also interested in possibly being a guardian but I am fairly certain that they do not have a fence, only getting an underground fence.

  12. Mini  M/Julie Underwood 208-948-0516  5/4/2020 (Kimberly, Id) wavy, loose curl. Has a labradoodle lives in rock creek canyon, high school teacher looking to retire in about 4 years.  Says she knows dogs really well and is perceived as the alpha to them.

  13. Pet  M/Cidny McFarland  8015413163  5/5/2020 (Utah) Wavy. Cindy has a puppy already from Scarlett/Knox litter and loves her. They want another one from their girls sister Cola or Jade.  They want a small petite puppy just like they already have. Prefers a female

  14. Mini/Medium   M/Krystal Gollobit  208-631-8101  5/5/2020 (Utah) low/non shedding wants a female from Scarlett but know that is highly unlikely. Married couple for 7 years has 2 kids

  15. Mini/Medium M/Tammy Chenault  208-206-3685  5/5/2020 (Rexburg Idaho) low, non shedding,  Husband a Nurse wife grafic designer, have 5 kids ages 14, 12, 6, 3, and 2. 12 year old daughter has asthma so low shedding is really important
    1.  ​emailed us on 5/24/2020 and said she was interested in both a medium as well as a mini doodle. Her application only stated medium. said she is very interested in rorys litter.
    2. emailed us on5/25/2020 wants red/apricot/brown but no black or white 
  16. Mini/Medium   M/Janell Focht 206-579-9160 5/6/2020 #1 (Pullman Wa) wavy loose curl. widow of 3 years. prefers a female

    1. Fonda called 6/12/2020 she is looking forward to being put on either June/Masi/or Lunas list when we have a puppy available. 

  17. Mini/Medium  medium Bernedoodle or Bernedoodle mix   M/Ross Woodside 509-554-1107  5/6/2020 #2 (Pasco WA) low/non shedding. husband wants to surprise wife with mothers day gift. 3 kids ages 6,4,n and 3.

    1. spoke 5/27--want to remain on the bernedoodle list but they are open to a goldendoodle if one become available sooner than a bernedoodle​

  18. Mini/Medium M/Cailyn & Tyler Bradley 301-906-3065 5/8/2020 (San Francisco, CA) First dog for them--also on Bernedoodle list-love Maverick loose, love the abstract look 

    1. Talked on 5/27--excited about a dog from Maverick or Winston. 

  19. Mini M/Robert Skaggs 208-830-5507 5/10/2020 (Kuna, ID) Wavy has 3 gradchildren

    1. Fonda chatted with them on 5/19/2020​

  20. Mini/Medium M/Joe Burch 816-845-8457 5/12/2020 #1 (Platte City Missouri) Three kids ages 10-16--parents and sister have MVGD doodles.

    1. 6/11/2020 fonda called and let a message  saying we would love to chat and get to know him better as well as answer any questions​

  21. Mini M/Caitlin Zumalt 916-878-0949 5/12/2020  #2 (Lincoln CA) coat doesn't matter. prefers male not black26 year old lives with parents and has her own Chemistry consultant company working from home.

    1. called 6/11/2020 answered any question she had. she has a brother who lives in iIF and she will drive up here to get puppy and sped some time with him when it is time to pick the puppy up.​

  22. Mini M/ Cyndi Conner (Smith) 208-866-1802 5/13/2020   (Boise, ID) Curly or wavy . Empty nesters.  Retired Dental Hygienist, 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

    1. ​Fonda called 6/11/2020 eft a message and asked that she call back so that we would have the chance to talk

    2. ​Cyndi called back ​6/12/2020 and she is excited to get a puppy when one is available

  23. Mini/Medium M/Missy Olson 208-869-3119 5/19/2020 (Boise, ID) low shedding open to any color but loves apricot abstract. open to any gender.3 boys ages 8,5, and 3 months

    1. fonda called 6/11/2020 and left a message and asked that she call back so that we would have the chance to talk​ she callback and we were able to chat and answer any questions. 

  24. Mini M/Lyndsea Morriss 208-705-1228  4/14/2020 (Idaho Falls, Idaho)  Low Shedding.  Single collage student. lives with parents. Has Lupus and Anxiety.

    1. ​Kim talked to her around ​​4/14/2020 to confirmed we received her deposit and application​

    2. Texted about Laylas pups 4/24--pass on this litter

    3. put on Scarletts litter

    4. When scarlets puppies were two weeks old Lyndsea asked to be taken off of her list and put back on the master list. She texted Fonda an said due to coved 19 they needed to pull out and hold off.  We will begin contacting them with available puppies in 6 moths starting Beginning of December 2020

  25. Mini/Medium M/Karen and Gar Gose 208-731-6544 5/23/2020 (Twin Falls, ID) curly.prefers female.  has two kids 7 and 8 loves dogs and husband does the train for their dogs

    1. she called 6/9/2020 and wanted a pup from olive so I explained we will not have a pup for her at least until August but maybe later.​

  26. Mini/Pet M/Melodie Huttash 208-870-6281 (Bosie, Idaho) low non shedding boxy any color prefers the look of a wavy doodle but open to curly if doesn't look like a poodle. 3 kids ages 14, 10, and 6

    1. called 6/11/2020and left a message stating we would like to talk and have added her to our master list. ​ she called back and we were able answer any of her question.

Petite/Mini List

Medium/Standard List

Med/Stan (208)358-5570 F/Melissa & Dillon Allen 9/11/2018  Prefers dark (Brown/red) male

    1. 2/19/2019 Fonda Text messaged about cali/teddy but no response​

    2. 6/29/2019 Fonda text about Ginger/Beethovan and Paris Remington but no response

    3. 8/13/2019 Fonda Text and Email about Freyas, Linna, and Paris puppies

    4. 8/13/2019 Fonda called and Mellisa said she likely wants one of Paris puppies.  She will call back tonight after she talks to her husband.

    5. 8​/13/2019 Mellisa text Fonda They only want a solid black or brown wavy medium-standard. Teslas litter will work well for them.

    6. Fonda texted in regards to Tesla and Calli litters 10/01/2019 no response

    7. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 no response

    8. Fonda texted in regards to Lunna litter 1/22/2020 no response

    9. Mellisa texted Fonda 2/4/2020 and is interested in a wavy chocolate doodle from Gingers litter due 2/16/2020

    10. Kim had them on Gingers list and they last minute didn't take a puppy. They had a family emergency they had to travel for. They were told they have until the end of the year 2020 and then we will remove them from the list.

  1. Stan 719-306-2912 Tia Gop 11/1/2019 Fondas niece. Wants a bird dog from Tinely

    1. ​​

  2. Stan 719-306-2912 Shaundi Gop 11/2/2019 Fondas Sister. Wants a bird dog from Tinely​

    1. ​​​​

  3. Med M/Kathy Johnson 916-837-3368  12/10/2019 prefers female but open to male. prefers wavy but open to curly.  she wants a puppy from Luna/Tucker her husband is visually impaired and has chronic back pain.  She is looking for a mellow dog that can serve as a therapy dog for her husband.  They live in CA but have a daughter who lives in Star.

    1. Fonda texted in regards to Lunna litter 1/22/2020 Kathy called and said she wants one of the lunna/tucker puppies she is on that waiting list

    2. Called 1/12/2020 and said due to circumstances changing they will need to hold off on lunnas litter and just stay on the master reservation list for now. 

    3. Fonda called and texted about olive litter 6/8/2020 Kathy said she would pass

  4. Stan M/Teresa McConnell 208-901-2429 4/18/2020 (Boise, ID) Wavy, 2 active teenager in outdoor sports. Works from home

    1. Sent confirmation email for deposit/application 4/23/2020​

  5. Medium M/Jerry Evernden  503-314-3869  4/19/2020 (Hillsboro, Oregon) Low non shedding. Has an Ausidoodle and used to have a goldendoodle

    1. Sent text for Layla/Harvard litter 4/25/2020​

    2. called about rory's litter and sent text 6/9/20

    3. passed on Rorys list 6/10/2020 hoping for a pup from Paris/Winston They say their perfect dog is Winston

  6. Medium M/Joseph Mortensen  210-954-2806  5/1/2020 (Meridian, Idaho) wavy, 4 kids ages 17,14, 11, 8. would love a pup from Olive

    1. Fonda Texted back and forth with them 5/1/2020​

  7. Medium M/Mark & Brittney Roussin  714-345-2695  5/4/2020 (Rancho Mission Viejo, CA) Curly,  would love a pup from lunna/maverik. 2 kids ages 4 and 2.

  8. Medium M/Hunter Arbuckle  949-382-0426  5/8/2020 #2 (laguna Niguel, CA) wavy, junior in collage lives with parents and sister Ashlynn arbuckley has one of Indy/teddy puppies.

  9. Medium M/Marjie and Steve Scott 925-336-0816 5/9/2020  (Eagle, Idaho) Wavy. Empty nesters.  Also on Bernedoodle list. 

    1. Spoke on 5/27--they prefer to ​

Bernedoodle/ Golden Mountain doodle List

  1. Golden Mt doodle M/Marisa Bueno 650-305-0243 4/17/2020 (Bozeman, MT) #1 pick on Golden Mountain doodles​​

    1. Texted 5/27/2020--wants to get a male goldendoodle but if a bernedoodle is available sooner they will take that as well. 

      1. Spoke 5/27/2020.  Wants to stay on the bernedoodle wait list  

  2. medium Bernedoodle or Bernedoodle mix   M/Ross Woodside 509-554-1107  5/6/2020 (Pasco WA) low/non shedding. husband wants to surprise wife with mothersday gift. 3 kids ages 6,4 and 3.

    1. Spoke 5/27/2020--want to remain on the bernedoodle list but are open to goldendoodle if one becomes available sooner. ​

  3. Medium Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle Margie M/Marjie and Steve Scott 925-336-0816 5/9/2020  (Eagle, Idaho) Wavy. Empty nesters. Daughter in Ca and son in TX. lives on a golf course

    1. Talked on 5/27--want to wait for a bernedoodle puppy​

  4. Medium Bernedoodle  M/Pat and LeAnne Stefl 301-356-7958 5/28/2020 (Eagle , ID) mini Bernadoodle

    1. Fonda texted6/9/2020 to get clarification on what he wants and they said they only want a mini Bernadoodle.  I would still call when we have mini golden mountain doodles because it may be quite some time before we have mini bernadoodles if we breed suzy q with a Bernies mountain dog.

2017 litters​

  • Lucy/Dash (F1bb mini 15-30 pounds full grown solid chocolate) Born January 6

  • ​Daisy/Norris (mini/medium 25-35 pounds full grown red and apricot) Born January 17

  • Indie/Pierre (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds full grown solid and mis-mark chocolate-cream-black) Born Feb 24

  • ​Annie/Shooter (F1b small standard 45-60 pounds full grown) Born April 6th

  • Cali/Norris (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds full grown red solid and Parti) Delivered June 1.

  • Penny/Buddy (F1bb medium/small standard, 40-50 pounds) Delivered June 9

  • Indie/Pierre (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds, brown, silver beige, silver, black, and cream) Delivered September 6

  • Bizou/Gryff - F1b mini 20-30 pounds, red/apricot solid and mis-mark) Delivered Sept 30

  • Maggie/Gryff (F1bb petite10-20 pounds, black, red, or apricot) Delivered November 3rd

  • Ginger/Remington-(F3 standard 60-65 pounds) silver beige, brown, cream in solid and parti--Born November 23rd

Lainey/Simba list​

  1. Mini  M/Laurie Peters 208-241-6331 4/20/2020 (Pocatello, Idaho) Wavy. Has a cabin in Island park

    1. Texted ​with Kim and Fonda on a group text 4/20/2020 She understand that we can no longer guarantee a mini/petite puppy In a few months but we can guarantee a mini puppy in the next 6 months or so.​​

  2. Mini/Pet  Kim venmo/Edsel Christensen  208-888-5179 4/22/2020 (Meridian, ID) Wavy. High Schooler with 4.3 GPAwants one of Laineys puppies​

  3. Mini  M/Isabella Rojo 714-742-0399 4/25/2020 (Anaheim, California) low non shedding, family of 6 with 17 month old twins, active outdoor family, had a toy poodle for 17 years that passed in 2017

  4. Mini/Pet M/Amber Hall 208-317-4512  4/26/2020 (Pocatello, ID) low/non shedding (Husband has allergies. Prefer brown/red with white 15-35 lbs.  considered Rosie the Bernedoodle. Have 5 kids but only 2  (10 & 15) still live at home


  1. Mini/Pet M/Karlie Dean/Holman 208-830-4771 4/12/2019 apricot/chocolate curly female

    1. contacted us on 4/13/2020 and asked if they could still get a puppy.  fee has been submitted for 1 year at this point and she was aware of the 1 year on reservation list policy.  I have added her name back to this list but will tell her she needs to choose a puppy litter list in the coming month from Layla, Scarlet, Lainey or Rory. If she does not then her name will be removed.​

    2. Texted about Layla/Harvard pups 4/23/2020--they want to wait for a mini litter-prefer Scarlett

    3. Fonda put on Scarletts/winston/maverik litter. 5/22/2020

  2. ​Mini/Medium M/Brian and Jill Trumble Family 208-866-1804 ​​​3/30/2020 Prefer Female under 50 pounds

    1. Sent text about Layla/Harvard​ 4/23/2020--waiting for a larger puppy. possibly bernedoodle

    2. Fonda put on Scarletts/winston/maverik litter. 5/22/2020


  1. Mini/Medium M/Stephanie Meyet 208-600-2172 3/29/2020 (Boise Id) wants a non shedding but not curly. has 4 kids ages 6, 8, 10, and 12. Active outdoor family.

    1. spoke with Fonda 5/25/2020--planning on puppy from Rory or Olive

    2. Wants the only male from Olives litter

  2. Mini M/Hanah Hesser 406-690-3238   4/9/2020  (Billings MT) Wavy

    1. Contacted about Layla--wants to wait for a little bigger​

    2. Tentatively put on Scarlets litter in #5 spot waiting for response before removing from master list 5/22/2020

    3. 5/23/2020 decided she would pass on Scarletts litter because she couldn't be guaranteed a girl.  Only wants a female.

    4. wants red female from olive

  3. Mini/Medium M/Bruce (Donna) Brown 775-453-8885 4/18/2020 (Reno Nevada)  no preference on coat only low shedding.

    1. Fonda spoke to Bruce 4/18/2020 Previously placed a deposit abut 1 year ago and we refunded it. He is ready for a puppy now so he resubmitted his deposit and application.​​

    2. Fonda talked to Bruce again 4/21/2020 and confirmed we received his reservation fee and application.

    3. Pass Layla and Harvard.  Waiting for knee surgery. maybe scarlets litter

    4. kim called and texted regarding Olives litter of females. wants parti wavy female from olive

  4. Medium M/Lindsay Doran  541-508-9719  4/15/2020 (Bend, Oregon)  Low Shedding. Moving to Boise in the fall. Couple with no kids.

    1. Kim called 4/16/2020 and confimed we received her deposit and application​

    2. put on Olives list for curly parti female

  5. ​Mini/Medium M/Brad & Natashia Harris 503-409-8469 ​​​4/16/2020 (Independence OR) wavy under 40 lbs , 2 kids ages 6 & 2. Wife teacher and husband land surveyor.

    1. Fonda spoke with Brad 4/16/2020​ they are interested in a pup from Scarlett/Rory/Olive

    2. Pass for Layla/Harvard.  Waiting for bigger 

    3. put on Scarletts reserve spot #2 but may need to call for Rorys litter depending if we keep a puppy for breeding​ 5/22/2020

    4. wants a pup from Rorys litter if available

    5. kim called and left a message and then texted brad called back and we think he wants a boy from Rory but he wants to confirm with his wife. Brad texted Fonda later that night and confirmed he wants on Rorys list unless there is a female wavy girl available from Olive

    6. Moved to Olive list for a wavy female.


  1. Mini M/Vita Kremenchuk 208-309-2433 4/7/2020  (Ketchum ID) Wants a female puppy from Indy and Teddys litter no color preference 

    1. text messaged 4/11/2020 to let them know we do not believe that Indy is pregnant

    2. ​Texted about Layla/Harvard 4/23/2020--waiting for bigger dog
    3. Call to be put on Rorys list (will only take a female) if there is not a female available on Rorys list she can have 3rd "client" pick on Scarlets list if we do not keep breeding puppies from Scarlett
    4. kim called and left a message.  we know she wants a puppy from either olive or Rory.
    5. Wants a puppy from Rory Wavy male
  2. Golden Mt doodle M/Marisa Bueno 650-305-0243 4/17/2020 (Bozeman, MT) #1 pick on Golden Mountain doodles​​ but wants a goldendoodle if available sooner.  Male only. 

    1. kim called and left a message.​ kim texted as well

  3. Mini/Medium M/Kristie Abernethy  206-276-0921 4/27/2020 (Bellingham, WA).  wavy. 2 daughters age 8 & 5. has a sheepadoodle and a cat. she is a teacher and he is a construction manager

    1. Kim called 6/10/2020​ she wants to be on Rorys litter list

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