Lainey and Simba 
Petit multi-gen Goldendoodles
10-20 pounds
Due May 2, 2020
Go homeJune 26, 2020

This is Laineys first litter.  We have been anticipating this small sized litter with her for quite some time.  Puppies will be wavy and curly.  They will be 10-20 pounds, red abstract and solid red.  Price of these puppies is $2600

This litter Belongs to Fonda.

Please contact her for more information 208-731-0053

Lainey/Simba Waiting list

1) Breeder pick

2) Breeder pick






f1b from Poppy & Norris


soft, wavy non-shedding

14 pounds, 15 inches


F1b goldendoodle

red/white abstract

wavy coat

19 pounds, 15.5 inches

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