Breed:  F1b Medium English Goldendoodle
Parents: Bisou and Norris
Birth Day: 11/13/2018

Coat Color: Red, Bbee, DD(no dilution gene), a(t)a(t), K(B)K(y)
Coat type: Soft curly, no shedding
Hair Curl: +/-
Furnishings: N/N

Parti: Unknown
Height: 16.5 inches
Weight:  20

Penn Hip: Right 0.26, Left 0.28, Excellent Hips 

Patellas, dentition, cardiac and elbows are all OFA clear

Lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls

Previous puppies from Layla

Layla and Harvard 
Petite multi-gen Goldendoodles
15-20 lbs red and parti colors
Due April 22, 2020
Go homeJune 13, 2020

This is our first litter with Layla.  She just graduated from obedience school with her Canine Good Citizen Award and she is sweet, patient and so easy to live with. She has a petite but sturdy frame and a beautiful teddy bear face.   Harvard also has a fantastic typical goldendoodle personality--he loves people and pets alike and he is a beloved member of his guardian family.  

This litter Belongs to Kim

Please contact her for more information 208-421-2858



Multi-gen English Goldendoodle


soft, wavy non-shedding

16 pounds, 12 inches


F1b goldendoodle

red/white parti

straight coat

22 pounds, 14 inches

Layla/Harvard Reservation list

1. Greg and Vanessa Dancer--Toula (light blue) 6/13 $2200 paid in full PayPal

2. Sylvia Miller--Taki--Forest--Pick-up at 9 Saturday 6/13/20 paid in full PayPal

3. Jodi Greer--son Grayson--Yia Yia Saturday 11 pick-up  6/13/2020 $2300 paid in full cash

4. JoRita Female--open to male--Gus $2200  paid in full check

5. John and Allison Worthington--Dex--6/13/20  9 am pick-up paid in full PayPal

6. Delaney Fox--Maria 6/13 pick-up $2442 paid in full PayPal

May 20,2020

The babies are four weeks old!  Everyone is doing great and growing right on schedule.  They are just starting to wean onto mush and they will eat soft food until they get all of their teeth around 6 weeks.  We aren't seeing a big difference in personalities yet.  As they get older we will know more about their temperament but we anticipate that they will all be very similar in personality just like their mom and dad.  We will continue to update with videos and pictures!

April 25, 2020

Layla delivered six sweet tiny puppies on Wednesday morning, April 22.  Labor was quick and easy and she has settled in as a new mommy really well.  Like many new moms she is suddenly super picky about food so we are working to make sure she gets all the calories and fluids we can to help her nurse her babies around the clock.  All six babies are active and growing right on schedule.  

This week the main task of mom and babies is to recover from delivery and eat, sleep, take a bath (constant licking by mom!) and grow.  We started gentle neurological stimulation today and will continue through the first couple of weeks. 

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