Breed:  F1 English Goldendoodle
Coat Color: Cream (Bbee)
Coat type: Loose wave, non shedding
Hair Curl: n/n
Furnishings: n/F
Parti Factor: Yes
Parents: Paisley and Pierre
Birth Day:  December 24, 2013
Height:  22 inches
Weight: 55 pounds
Penn Hip: Left DI .33 Right DI .27
top 10% (Excellent)                       
OFA Elbows: Normal
Eye Cerf:  normal


9 Weeks

3 Weeks
Linna and Norris
Apricot/red f1b Goldendoodles
mini 25-30 pounds
Born August 4, 2019
Ready to go home September 27th
3 curly boys, 5 wavy boys, 1 wavy girl.

This is Linna's retirement litter.  We have loved having Linna be part of our breeding program here at Magic Valley Goldendoodles.  This will be her 4th beautiful litter she has given us. Her family is looking forward to having her retire and spend out the rest of her life there in their home where she is a loved member of their family. We couldn't think of a more perfect pairing for Linna's final litter!  These puppies will make a fantastic companion or family pet.  The temperaments of the puppies that both Linna and Norris throw make for good emotional support and therapy dogs.  We have a few people on our master reservation list who want one of these puppies but we should have a few open spots.  

1)  Carol and John Lloyd--female

2)  Lauren Feiler Black collar wavy male going to Reno NV

3)  Emily Low Light blue collar wavy male going to Redwood City CA

4   Brittany Pieschl Orange collar curly Male Going to Haily, Idaho

5)  Sherrie Rubink Brown collar curly male going to Sandy Utah

6)  Jayson Haworth Red Collar curly male going to Meridian Idaho

7)  David Kapanka Green Collar wavy male going to CA

8)  Ellen McKenely Blue Collar wavy male going Pocatello ID

9)Lenny & Mariner Yellow Collar going home to Sun  Valley ID/Belvedere, CA


F1 Goldendoodle from

Paisley and Pierre

22 inches, 60 pounds

Cream, non-shedding


AKC miniature poodle

red, curly coat

12 inches, 14 pounds

5 1/2 Weeks
7 Weeks

7 Weeks

5 1/2 Weeks

3 Weeks

Blue collar

Black collar

Red Collar

Green Collar

Pink Collar

Yellow Collar

Brown Collar

Orange Collar

Light blue collar

 "Popular Artist"  8 1/2 weeks

"Drake" Linna/Teddy 45 lbs Wavy coat male

"Demi" Linna/Teddy 30 lbs curly coat Female

"Post" Linna/Teddy 60 lbs curly coat Male

Ariana Linna/Teddy 35 lbs wavy coat Female

"Mac" Linna/Teddy 35-40 lbs wavy coat Male

 "Popular Artist"  5 weeks

Somehow when puppies turn five weeks old they suddenly turn into the most adorable and cut things you can imagine.  They begin to play and interact and their little features start to show. We love it! These little ones have begun to climb out of their whelping box to eat.  They are really catching on to using the litter box to go to the bathroom.  They have found their voices and have begun vocalizing their displeasure about being contained at times.  We let them out a few times a day to roam and play in the family room.  Beyonce and Demi are currently the smallest in the litter.  They both weighed in at 4 lbs 13.5oz this morning.  JB is 5 lbs 4.5oz., Ariana is 5 lbs 5oz., Mac is 5 lbs, 5.5oz,  BeBe is 5 lbs. 7oz.,  Drake is 5 lbs 14.5oz. and then we have our big curly boy Post at 6 lbs 13.5oz.











"Popular Artist"

Linnas Guardians chose "Popular Artist" as the Theme for this litter of pups so we would like to introduce you but before we do lets talk a little about them.  This past week when they turned 3 weeks old we introduced them to their litter box and added a big fluffy bed. The bed is nice and comfy and will help them to learn how to designate "sleeping" area from "Potty" area.  We wash their bed often and keep it clean to help them to want to keep it clean themselves.and move away to relieve themselves after they wake.After almost a week of this they are beginning to catch on and have started to use the litter box on occasion. As they age they will get better and better at this.  Their teeth have begun to erupt and we will being to introduce solid on Friday when they are 4 weeks old.  They are beginning to hear and we have started our startle recovery protocol to help desensitize them to sudden and random noises.

Boys 3 1/2 weeks

Left to right

 "red wavy" black collar"MAC", "cream abstract wavy" tan collar "JB",

"apricot wavy" blue collar "DRAKE", "cream abstract curly" green collar "POST"

Girls 3 1/2 weeks

Left to right

 "cream abstract curly" orange collar"DEMI", "cream wavy" pink collar "ARIANA",

"cream abstract curly" maroon collar "BEYONCE", "apricot wavy" white collar "BEBE"

Linna/Teddy 2 weeks

Linnas puppies are all doing great and growing like crazy.  Everyones eyes were open before they turned 2 weeks old.  They have all begun to toddle around and are becoming a little mobile.  Momma has started to feed them while sitting instead of a laying down position. This makes the puppies have to fight for their spot and helps them to deal with stressful situations and problem solve.  I love when I have mothers who begin to help aid in this process of creating a confident well adjusted puppy who can work through a problem and become  accomplished.  We will get photos of these pups this coming week and they will begin their potty training when They are 3 weeks old. Stay tuned for updates.  



Linna delivered 8 beautiful babies Friday November 23rd She has been doing fantastic with her littles.  Linna has always been a mamma that we know we can count on to instinctively do what dog mamma dogs best.  Everyone is always feed well and kept very clean.  

Linna and Teddy
Apricot/cream Multi-Gen Goldendoodles
35-45 pounds
Born November 23rd, Ready to go home 1/18/19
4 boys 4 girls

1) Carey Clark (BeBe) Jackson, WY
2) Heidi Shaw/Kris Willis (Beyonce) Twin Falls, ID

3) Whitney Hyatt (Jb) Kimberly, ID

4) Kyan Newman (Drake) Meridian, ID

5) Andrea Richardson (Demi) Twin Falls, ID
6) Cassia Gonzolaz (Post) Rexburg, ID
7) Hillary Schanck (Mac) Seattle, WA
​8) Brian Remlinger (Ariana) Jackson, WY

F1 Goldendoodle from Paisley/Pierre
55  pound
cream,  non-shedding


multi-generation golden doodle

red with white abstract markings

14 inches, 22 pounds

Linna/Shooter pups full grown

Lenna/Shooter 8/10/2016

Linna delivered a sweet litter of 8 on Wednesday, August 10th.   She had 5 girls and 3 boys and labor was smooth and easy.  We expect her puppies to be 50-60 pounds full grown.  We have 1 black girl, 2 cream girls, 1 brown girl, and 1 black and white parti girl.  There are also 2 black boys and 1 cream boy.  They are all sleeping and nursing and growing right on track! Puppy pick out day will be Saturday September 17.

Linnas' little ones are not so little any more.  They turned two weeks old yesterday and they have more than doubled their weight. Everyone has their eyes open and they are walking around now.  Mom is still doing great with them and she is often found doting over them. She is still so proud and keeps them nice and clean.

Waiting list
#1 MVGD (Black and white female)
#2 Neilson (large cream female) Scout
#3 Kim (Brown female)
#4 Basma family (curly black male)Rosco
#5 Jack (Curly brown nose cream male) Sully
#6 Johnston family (small black female) Kirby
#7 Maxey family (Small cream female) Luna
#8 large black male (Available)

Linna's first litter came from a stud that carried a negative furnishing gene. The two puppies below with shorter coats are a product of two negative furnishing genes. We have tested the new studs we use with Linna. They have two positive furnishing genes making it impossible to create this type of short coat puppy (even though we think it's adorable!). We may some time in the future decide to purposfully breed this type of coat,  All of Linnas future puppies will have the typical long goldendoodle coat like the puppies below on the left.

Linna & Bingo full grown furnished (typical goldendodle coats) puppies

Linna & Bingo full grown un-furnished (flat like a golden retriever coat) puppies

Lenna/Bingo 11/22/2015

Linna Delivered 8 puppies Sunday November 22nd.  She had 4 females and 4 males. Linna had a good delivery and is an excellent mother.  Their dewclaws were removed on Wednesday and they all enjoyed lots of Holiday snuggles from cousins over the holiday weekend.  They have more than doubled in size and everyone's noses are beginning to turn black. We will be taking individual pictures at 3 and 5 weeks of age and posting them with a brief update at that time.



1. Angel (now Charlie) Tyler and Jamie 

2. Rex (now Kamper) Alice Heberlein 

3. Jill (now Cali)  Lisa law

4. Wesley (Emily Anderson

5. Rose (no Abigale) Ellen

6. Gloria

7 Snicker  (Sam and Connie

8. ? 

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