Breed:  F1 Miniature English Goldendoodle
Parents: Suzy-Q (AKC moyen poodle) and Bo (English Golden Retriever)
Birth Day: 7/18/2018

Coat Color: Cream, Bb, ee, DD (no dilution gene), aa, KBKB

Does not carry for merle
Coat type: Soft wavy, very low seasonal shedding shedding
Hair Curl: +/-
Furnishings: N/n

Parti: carrier
Height: 18 inches
Weight:  30 lbs

Penn Hip: Right 0.36, Left 0.36, Excellent Hips 

Patellas, dentition, cardiac and elbows are all OFA clear


Lolli is completely CLEAR for all genetic diseases.

Lives with a guardian family in Idaho Falls.



Lolli's Puppies



F1 English Goldendoodle 

30 pounds, 17" tall







Multi-Generational Goldendoodle

32 pound, 18" tall




Lolli & Maverick
Miniature Multi-generation Goldendoodles 25-35 pounds
Born: January 20th, 2021
Match Date: March 3rd
Go Home: March 15th

Lolli had a litter of 8 on Wednesday January 20th.  She had 6 girls and 2 boys.  1 girl is parti and everyone else is cream/apricot.  Some of the puppies have some abstract markings.  We will begin to contact those of you on our master list over this coming week.  This will take some time as we will need to wait for responses so please be patient as we make our way through the list.  As wee fill this list we will update it on Lollies litter page.


Lolli is an English Cream F1 goldendoodle from Suzy-Q and Bo.  This is her first litter.  She lives with her guardian family in Idaho Falls.  She has an easy going, people pleasing personality that we have come to know and love from our English Goldendoodles.  She has a well proportioned, small frame with a wavy coat.  She has very light seasonal shedding.  

 Maverick has a beautiful, loose, +/- curl coat that is completely non-shedding.  He is a fun and easy going personality.  He lives with his guardian family right here in Twin Falls and we always enjoy our visits with Mav! 

1.Tammy and Aaron Sachs-Red Collar Male 

2. Skyler and Sarah Westergard--Teal collar girl

3. Crystal Guray--royal Blue collar girl

4. Sam Yadegar--light blue collar girl

5. Wes Long--cream girl

6. Allie Howell--purple girl

7. Claire Locke--pink girl 

8. Katheran Correa--black collar boy

March 9, 2021

We had a beautiful Spring day today.  The puppies spend time every day playing in the grassy back yard.  Today we practiced 'sit to say please'  which is just helping to condition a 'calm down' response in get what they want. We are just starting to use the clicker and teach a sit cue. The babies are doing great paying attention and are learning so quickly!  I always recommend teaching 'attention' as one of the first most important things to teach a puppy.  Teaching attention is simple--use a favorite treat and give it to your puppy every time she looks at you.  Puppies will do what is reinforced so take the opportunity to reinforce behavior that you like. Training is really about communication and paying attention is the first step in that process.  

The babies will be going to their new homes this weekend.  If you haven't taken time to read through all of our take home information now is the time to take a look! We have included all of our favorite tips and tricks to help with a smooth transition. 


February 24, 2021

I've added a new video above!  The puppies are all growing and learning right on schedule. The babies have moved to the toddler pen and they are all going in and out the dog door.  This week the puppies will begin to spend more time outside during the day when we have nice weather.  They will eventually spend time outside every day sun, rain or snow.  All dogs need to be comfortable with going outside in all kinds of weather and these babies love to play in the snow or sun! 

The puppies are all very steady on their feet now and are getting really playful (especially with each other).  They are doing great with their potty training by using the potty area about 95% of the time and they are keeping their beds clean all of the time. Right now they go potty outside when they happen to be outside but they haven't developed the habit of always going outside.  That will come over the next two weeks. 

The babies are all sleeping in crates.  They don't sleep alone at this point--they still need each other for comfort and warmth.  

The puppies have been eating mush food--they are ready to transition to softened kibble. We will keep offering soft food until they all have their molars.

This is week three of the socialization period. This week the puppies have begun to learn and be shaped by other adult dogs in the household but especially mom.  Learning dog manners is a skill that can only be taught by other dogs! We always watch interactions with other dogs closely. Mom is really the best teacher as she will stop or pin puppies that are overly energetic or that aren't picking up on cues to settle down.  This interaction is important to learning good dog social skills. They are also learning how to use their teeth without causing damage.  They teach each other that lesson as they constantly mouth and play with each other.

We will give the puppies their Neopar vaccines this week.  Neopar helps develop immunity to Parvo--it is the only vaccine that is effective at this young age as these puppies still have passive immunity from nursing with mom.  Some vets prefer to give full immunizations at 6 weeks of age but shots at this early stage are less than 30% effective.  They have a much better immune response at 8 weeks. Our neonatal specialist recommends waiting until 8 weeks for full immmunization.  Parvo is the most prevalent puppy illness so getting a head start with Neopar is important.  We will talk more about vaccines in the take home information.

This week our puppies usually hit what is called a fear period.  This period can last only an hour or a few days.  We will take extra care to be sure that if they exhibit any fear towards anything we will scale back and individually help them overcome those fears slowly.  Yawning, crying, hiding or avoiding are all signs of fear in a puppy. This is also the week we begin "Manding" with the puppies.  Manding is teaching the puppy to sit to 'say please.'  This type of sit is not a cued behavior (we aren't asking them to sit), we are just instilling a natural instinct to settle down and sit calmly to get what they want.  It's a way for them to communicate with us in a polite way.  We simply approach them with a handful of soft treats and we give a treat to any puppy sitting quietly.  We ignore the puppies that are jumping and pawing us.  Eventually they all catch on that sitting nicely is what gets the reward.  Peer pressure is a great thing with puppies! By the end of this week they will all have caught on and will begin expressing this very desirable behavior whenever we approach the pen.


February 8, 2021

Everyone has their eyes open and this past week the babies all started to toddle around really well and have started to find their little voices. Tomorrow we will introduce a new bed/sleeping area along with our new pee/pooping area to help start these little ones on a path to easier potty training. In the beginning we have one soft bed area and the rest of the pen is potty area.  We use the puppies' natural instinct to keep their bed clean to help with potty training--the minute they step off their bed to go potty they will be in the desired area. Once they are accustomed to use the paper/grate area for potty we will be able to make their play/sleep area bigger. 


This week puppies will leave the transitional period and will enter the socialization period.  During this time their ears open and they begin to hear.  The puppies live in our living room so they are naturally exposed to a variety of noises that will help them adjust to family life: TV/movies in the background, children playing, vacuums running etc.are all familiar sounds to these babies.  Over the next we will also work on some startle recovery exercises. For startle recovery exercises we will randomly make sudden unusual noises that may startle the puppies ever so slightly to help shape their emotional responses. We watch closely to make sure there isn't a fear response and if necessary we will work with individual puppies more gradually to help them adjust to the noises. 


January 20, 2021

Lolli delivered 8 sweet puppies on Wednesday January 20th.  We have six girls and two boys. All eight were born healthy and active and Lolli has easily settled into her role as a new mama.

The puppies have transitioned through delivery are now in the Neonatal period. The Neonatal period last for two weeks.  During this time we pay close attention to the little pups to be sure each is thriving and growing. We watch weights and observe feedings to make sure everyone is eating and gaining weight.  Momma does most of the work right now and we just do a lot of observation.  Mom will tend and care for her puppies instinctively and make sure all is well by keeping them fed, clean, and warm. She licks constantly to stimulate their elimination systems and to keep them clean. We will begin Early Neurological Stimulation on day three.  ENS is a an exercise developed by puppy behaviorists and trainers that is designed to stimulate neuro-pathway growth and start the physiological basis for stress resistant and predictable neurological development. Is takes only a few seconds per puppy. We hold each puppy upright, head-down down and flat on the back.  Then we apply pressure to one paw near the toes and then set them on a cold cloth.  Each exercise is done for to 2-3 seconds. We will also clip sharp little toenails as needed.

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