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F1 English Goldendoodle 

30 pounds, 17" tall







Multi-Generational Goldendoodle

30 pounds, 20 in.

Red /White parti Wavy

non-shedding coat

Lolli & Maverick
Miniature Multi-generation Goldendoodles 
30 pounds
red, apricot wavy and curly coats in solid, abstract and
tuxedo markings
Born March 11, 2023

This is Lolli's retirement litter!  We have loved the laid back English Retriever temperament and health that comes from this beautiful momma! Lolli is an English Cream F1 goldendoodle from Suzy-Q and Bo.  She lives with her guardian family in Idaho Falls.  She has an easy going, people pleasing personality that we have come to know and love from our English Goldendoodles.  She has a well proportioned, small frame with a wavy coat.  She has very light seasonal shedding.  


Maverick is one of our favorite studs.  He loves everyone he meets and he loves to be with his people.  He has a nice wavy, non-shedding coat with beautiful tuxedo markings. 

1. Anders--Jennifer San Francisco

2. Axel--Jenn San Francisco

3. Clara--Carrie San Francisco