Breed:  F1b Medium English Goldendoodle
Parents: Daisy and Pierre
Birth Day:  October 4, 2014
Height:  19 inches
Weight: 34 pounds
Coat Color: Cream (bbee)
D Locus: D/D (negative for dilution)
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: n/C
Furnishings: n/F
Parti Factor: Yes
Penn Hip: Left DI .26 Right DI .25
top 10% (Excellent)
Eye Cerf:  Normal
DM: Clear GR-PRA1: Clear GR-PRA2: Clear Ich: Carrier
MD: Clear NEwS: Clear
vWD1: Clear
Lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls



F1b goldendoodle


curly, non-shedding

55 pounds


Miniture poodle


Curly, non-shedding

14 lbs

Lucy and Norris
Miniature red/apricot English goldendoodles
20-30 pounds
Take home &match day November 17th

Please contact Fonda for more information regarding this litter 


Lucy delivered 7 red/Apricot puppies Tuesday September 25th. To read about or see Lucy's' previous puppies click here...

Lucy waiting list
#1 Juli Haywood (April) Mountain Green, UT
#2 Callie Brown (Leslie) Debuque, IA 
#3 Julie Hammack (pink collar Female) Boise, ID
#4  Justine Martell (orang collar Male) Meridian, ID
#5 Terry Richards (Blue collar Male) Palmdale CA
#6 Kristy Pickett (Green collar Male) Twin Falls, ID
#7 Rick Vogel (Black collar Male) Meridian, ID

"Parks and Rec" 5 weeks



"Parks and Rec" 2 1/2 weeks

Lucy and Norris
Miniature red/apricot English goldendoodles
20-30 pounds
Born September 25th 2018

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