23 pounds, 17" tall
Red Abstract



Multi-F1b Goldendoodle

40 pound, 21" tall




Masi & James
large Miniature/Small Medium Multi-generational Goldendoodles 30-40 lbs
Born: November 6th, 2021
Match Date: Tuesday December 14th
Go home: Thursday December 30th

Masi hap puppies and everyone is doing great. Their are 5 females and 1 male. They are all a nice pretty apricot/red color and will have a wavy no-shedding/low shedding coat.  

Masi/James Waiting List

1) Maria Greeley (Miss White)  

2) Teresa Boban (Miss Light Blue

3) Shellie Nickell (Miss Pink

4) Stacy Reynolds (Miss Purple

5) Alyssa  Bell (Miss Yellow

6) Chaney Snarr (Mr Green


Breed: Multi-Gen Goldendoodle
Coat Color: Red Abstract
Coat type: Wavy/Sraight, low/non shedding
Hair Curl: -/-
Furnishings: F/f
Shed: CT
Birth Day: April 22, 2019
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 21 pounds
Penn Hip:Right DI 0.38
Left DI 0.41
OFA Elbow:Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Eye Cerf: Pending

Full Clear Embark panel

Clear for 160 Genetic Conditions

Lives with a guardian family here in Twin Falls


Masi/James 11/6/2021

Masi/James 11/6/2021

Masi/James 11/6/2021
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Masi/James 5 weeks

Masi/James 5 weeks

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Masi/James 3 weeks

Masi/James 3 weeks

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6 weeks What do you need?

(Pink Girl) -wavy apricot/red (Purple Girl) -wavy apricot/red

(White)-wavy apricot/red (Yellow) -wavy apricot/red

(Light Blue) -wavy apricot/red (Green Boy) -wavy apricot/red

Puppies are preparing to go home in a couple weeks!  I know everyone is excited to finally meet their puppy and start this new venture with their baby.  A new puppy is always an exiting and welcome addition. We know that many of these babies will be going to families who have been planning and preparing for this little puppy for quite some time so the anticipation is very high.  In these coming weeks these little ones will go to see the vet for their vet check.  I will include vet notes and a medication record with your take home packet. 

There are really just a couple of things that you really have to have before you bring a puppy home. 

1. Collar and leash.  get a size "small" collar and a plain flat leash. 

2. Crate and pad.  See our Supply page to determine the size of crate to get.  For the crate you go off of the expected adult height. 

Teacup Range: Height between 10-12 inches typically between 5-10 lbs.

Petite range: height between 12-16 inches typically between 10-25 lbs.

Miniature range: Height:  15-18 inches at wither, typically 20-35 lbs.
Medium range: Height: over 18 but under 22 inches at wither, typically 30-50 lbs.
Standard range: Height: over 22 inches at wither, typically 45 or more lbs.
(height is measured from the floor to the top of the shoulder (wither)

3.  Food.  You should already have ordered your food and it should arrive before your puppy comes home.  If not talk to me and I might be able to help you. 

3. Chew toys.  You need to have something for those little teeth to chew on.  We've given lots of ideas in our take home information.  If you don't provide something they will find something. 

We plan to give the puppies their first full bath this week.  Usually at first they act a little reserved but quickly warm up to the idea. Lots of our doodles are influenced by their poodle ancestors and they absolutely love water.


After their bath they will have their first little mini grooming session.  We trim their back sides to help keep them clean (mom usually stops cleaning them when they started eating solid foods) and we cute the hair out of the corner of their eyes so that their vision development is unobstructed.  As always we keep their little razor sharp toenails trimmed as well. The puppies have gotten really fun to watch playing together.  

The puppies receive fenbendazole (dewormer medicine) this week .

This is week 4 of the socialization period. Puppies have now learned to take food from my hand and are doing great with manding.  Every time we feed the puppies we call them with a high pitch "here pup, pup, pup, pup, pup, pup" similar to how you hear people call a kitty.  They now have a great recall down and will come any time I call out like this.  It is so important to have a good "recall" with a puppy to help keep them from trouble.  This recall will transition to the dogs name once you have him/her in your home.

The babies are all doing great sleeping in crates.  They still usually pile into one crate together but we offer them a couple of sizes of crates and they sometimes nap all alone.  We don't close the door with them and we don't have them sleeping separately at this stage.  


Masi/Jamison 5 week

(Pink Girl) -wavy apricot/red (Purple Girl) -wavy apricot/red

(White)-wavy apricot/red (Yellow) -wavy apricot/red

(Light Blue) -wavy apricot/red (Green Boy) -wavy apricot/red

This week the puppies will begin to spend more time outside during the day when we have nice weather.  They will eventually spend time outside every day sun, rain or snow.  All dogs need to be comfortable with going outside in all kinds of weather.

The puppies are all very steady on their feet now and are getting really playful (especially with each other).  They are doing great with their potty training by using the potty area about 95% of the time and they are keeping their beds clean all of the time. We introduced crates to the puppies this past week and they love them. We put all their soft bedding in the crates to encourage them to choose the crate for sleeping.  They usually all pile in one crate together as they still need each other for warmth and comfort.  

Puppies are now transitioning over to solid dry crunch kibble as they are getting their teeth. We will keep offering soft food until they all have their molars.

This is week three of the socialization period. This week the puppies have begun to learn and be shaped by other adult dogs in the household but especially mom.  Learning dog manners is a skill that can only be taught by other dogs! We always watch interactions with other dogs closely. Mom is really the best teacher as she will stop or pin puppies that are overly energetic or that aren't picking up on cues to settle down.  This interaction is important to learning good dog social skills. They are also learning how to use their teeth without causing damage.  They teach each other that lesson as they constantly mouth and play with each other.

We will give the puppies their Neopar vaccines this week.  Neopar helps develop immunity to Parvo--it is the only vaccine that is effective at this young age as these puppies still have passive immunity from nursing with mom.  Some vets prefer to give full immunizations at 6 weeks of age but shots at this early stage are less than 30% effective.  They have a much better immune response at 8 weeks. Our neonatal specialist recommends waiting until 8 weeks for full immmunization.  Parvo is the most prevalent puppy illness so getting a head start with Neopar is important.  We will talk more about vaccines in the take home information.

This week our puppies usually hit what is called a fear period.  This period can last only an hour or a few days.  We will take extra care to be sure that if they exhibit any fear towards anything we will scale back and individually help them overcome those fears slowly.  Yawning, crying, hiding or avoiding are all signs of fear in a puppy. This is also the week we begin "Manding" with the puppies.  Manding is teaching the puppy to sit to 'say please.'  This type of sit is not a cued behavior (we aren't asking them to sit), we are just instilling a natural instinct to settle down and sit calmly to get what they want.  It's a way for them to communicate with us in a polite way.  We simply approach them with a handful of soft treats and we give a treat to any puppy sitting quietly.  We ignore the puppies that are jumping and pawing us.  Eventually they all catch on that sitting nicely is what gets the reward.  Peer pressure is a great thing with puppies! By the end of this week they will all have caught on and will begin expressing this very desirable behavior whenever we approach the pen.

The puppies had their first barrier challenge this past week.  For a mental challenge that encourages problem solving and stress tolerance, we introduce a barrier that they have to navigate to get to their food.  It can be as simple as putting their food around a corner at first. We allow each puppy to negotiate the challenge at their own pace and we watch each puppy to make sure they successfully navigate to their food before we make things harder.


Masi/Jamison 1 week

(Pink Girl) -wavy apricot/red (Purple Girl) -wavy apricot/red

(White)-wavy apricot/red (Yellow) -wavy apricot/red

(Light Blue) -wavy apricot/red (Green Boy) -wavy apricot/red

Puppies are 1 week old and have all almost doubled their weight.  These first 3 weeks they grow so fast!

Momma is still doing most of the work right now feeding, cleaning, and keeping them warm and happy.  We are enjoying giving them short times of daily handling and ENS daily.      

 The puppies are entering their 2nd week of the Neonatal period.  We will continue doing ENS until they are 16 days old.  At this stage the puppies can't see or hear--scent is their main interaction with the world.  They are surprisingly agile little crawlers but they aren't able to get up on their feet yet.  Their eyes should open somewhere between 10 days and 2 weeks. 


Masi/Jamison 4 weeks

(Pink Girl) -wavy apricot/red (Purple Girl) -wavy apricot/red

(White)-wavy apricot/red (Yellow) -wavy apricot/red

(Light Blue) -wavy apricot/red (Green Boy) -wavy apricot/red

Puppies are all steady on their feet now and are starting to get more and more playful.  They are doing great with their potty training by using the potty area about 75% of the time.  When they don't use their potty area they are using their play area--they are keeping their sleep area completely clean.  

This is week two of the socialization period. Their little teeth are starting to erupt so this week puppies will start on solids and begin the process of weaning.  We take our cues from mama--when she starts standing up to nurse we know it's time to introduce soft solid foods.  First we will use ground food mixed with water. As they get used to eating and swallowing we will use regular food soaked in water until it is soft.  Mom has already started to wean by spending less time in the box with them.  This time will gradually increase over the next 2-3 weeks until they are no longer nursing. Mom still interacts with them throughout the day but she does so in shorter amounts of time. Puppies will participate in their first barrier challenge this week.  Once they are really interested in their food I will place it behind of barrier of some sort so that they can use their problem solving skills to help work through problems or obstacles.


Masi's puppies

23 pounds, 17" tall
Red Abstract



Multi-Generational Goldendoodle

32 pound, 18" tall




Masi & Maverik
Miniature Multi-generational Goldendoodles 20-30 pounds
Due: Born March 11, 2021
Match Date: Around April 21st
Go home: May 7th

Red or Red abstract with white markings:

1. Jann Boyer--Pink collar tiny girl

2. Brooke Jockin--lt. blue collar girl 

3. Mike and Kendra Cook--red collar boy

4. Amy Mink--Forest Green Boy 

White with red markings: