Lainey/Simba list​

  1. Mini  M/Laurie Peters 208-241-6331 4/20/2020 (Pocatello, Idaho) Wavy. Has a cabin in Island park

    1. Texted ​with Kim and Fonda on a group text 4/20/2020 She understand that we can no longer guarantee a mini/petite puppy In a few months but we can guarantee a mini puppy in the next 6 months or so.​​

  2. Mini/Pet  Kim venmo/Edsel Christensen  208-888-5179 4/22/2020 (Meridian, ID) Wavy. High Schooler with 4.3 GPAwants one of Laineys puppies​

  3. Mini  M/Isabella Rojo 714-742-0399 4/25/2020 (Anaheim, California) low non shedding, family of 6 with 17 month old twins, active outdoor family, had a toy poodle for 17 years that passed in 2017

  4. Mini/Pet M/Amber Hall 208-317-4512  4/26/2020 (Pocatello, ID) low/non shedding (Husband has allergies. Prefer brown/red with white 15-35 lbs.  considered Rosie the Bernedoodle. Have 5 kids but only 2  (10 & 15) still live at home


  1. Mini/Medium M/Delaney Fox 208-309-2601  4/26/2020 (Ketchum, ID).  curly, 29 year old small business owner in Ketchum, wants 20-40 pounds. Her mom will be getting a puppy soon as well but as of today has not submitted a deposit

    1. Kim called 6/10/2020 left message and sent a text ​ left message and sent a text.​ She called and wants to be tentatively put on Rorys list but if pregnancy is confirmed for June she will come off that list and be put onto Junes list once those puppies are born

    2. Deaney called 6/10/2020 really interested in Layla girl but wants more photos.


people who didn't take a puppy but placed a deposit and wanted off the list

  1.   Mini (228)-369-4384 M/Kayla Stennis 10/4/2019 on active duty military living in Mountain home.

    1. Left message about Ruby's puppies 10/18/19--interested in Scarlet/Tucker litter

    2. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019

  2. Mini  (201)-527-8443 M/Sharon/Sherry Kahlon/Sandhu--10/2/2019  a puppy in december/January  when she has time off from work.  Spoke with Kim on the phone.  Prefers loose wavy coat male . Interested in , Scarlett/tucker,  Rory/Cooper

    1. 10/28/19 Left message about upcoming litters--just to check in--will call when we have puppies from Scarlett and Rory--especially like dark apricot or parti

    2. Kim texted 10/28/2019 she want a puppy from scarlet or Rory and wants apricot or red with white spots

    3. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 wants to be placed on Scarletts litter but we will keep her on this master list until We are certain she will be getting a pup from Scarlett. we should know for sure at the very least by the time Scarletts puppies are 2 weeks old. 

    4. Got puppy from Scarlet/tucker 11/14/2019 litter

people taken off the list because they no longer want 

  1. Mini (907)440-6119 M/Bradley Bourdon. 12/21/2018   Wavy 

    1. From Alaska--4/22/19--will contact by tomorrow with decision​

    2. 7/23/19--Kim Spoke on phone--wants to wait. 

    3.  8/13/2019 wait until spring 2020

    4. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 no response

    5. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 

    6. Do not contact until spring of 2020

    7. Texted for Layla/Harvard litter 4/23/2020--no response--waiting to contact until travel restrictions lifted 

    8. maybe call about empty spot on laylas list

    9. ​Kim called and he asked to be taken off the list 6/8/2020

  1. Medium M/Marjie and Steve Scott 925-336-0816 5/9/2020  (Eagle, Idaho) Wavy. Empty nesters.  Also on Bernedoodle list. 

    1. Spoke on 5/27--they prefer to ​wait for a possible Bernadoodle. I'm not sure if they would pass on a goldendoodle or mountain doodle but I would check still

    2. Fonda texted 7/6/2020 asked if they only wanted a Bernadoodle or if they were open to a goldendoodle as well.  They messaged back and said they found a puppy and would like to be removed from both list because they no longer need one.

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