Non-refunded Reservation/Applicaton fees

  1. petite/Min M/Bailey Cooley 941-932-9619 11/7/2020  (Spokane WA)

    1. 11/18/2020 Fonda called and texted but we were unable to talk because she was on a conference call. she will call back wen she has some time​. She texted back and said she only wants petite because she plans on flying with the puppy. and non shedding is really important

    2. Did not contact for Rory

    3. really only wants petite but is interested in one from Cola

    4. Did not call on jades litter because shedding was a very important factor in a puppy for them.  Puppies from jade do not have the possibility of being double furnished and this is what I think she needs

    5. 3/3/2021 called and left a vm for colas available puppy. also sent a text. waiting for a respons she texted back and said she decided she wants to wait for a true petite puppy.  June might be a good option for her. she  said she wanted one she would stay under 25lb

    6. Texted for June--never got a response.  Marked as a pass.  Did not contact for Masi.

    7. 4/2/2021 Bailey contacted us through email and said they have begun to work with a different breeder who specialized in just petite goldendoodles.

  2. Bernedoodle M/Pat and LeAnne Stefl 301-356-7958 5/28/2020 (Eagle , ID) mini Bernadoodle only wants a mini Bernadoodle

    1. Fonda texted 6/9/2020 to get clarification on what he wants and they said they only want a mini Bernadoodle.  I would still call when we have mini golden mountain doodles because it may be quite some time before we have mini bernadoodles if we breed suzy q with a Bernies mountain dog.

    2. Fonda texted 7/6/2020 said we bred suzy-q to Eli. they responded and said they will wait for suzy-qs next litter when we breed her to a mini Bernadoodle.

    3. 12/15/2020--confirmed they are not interested in a goldendoodle--prefer Bernedoodle but will consider Mountain doodle

    4. #1 suzy

    5. 3/19/2021 messaged Kim and fonda and decided after having allergic reactions with dogs who were also hypoallergenic they can not take the risk of bringing a puppy into their home and will be pulling out of getting a puppy.

  3. petite/Min M/Shailee Lala 617-283-6708 12/4/2020  (NewYork) wavy

    1. Want to stay closer to 20-25 pounds or less.  physician who lives in an apartment in New York City.  Talked with Kim--Have daughter that has anxiety and they are homeschooling.

    2. 1/7/2021 Fonda called and left a message about Tenelys puppies.  1/9/2021 texted back and said 30-35 lbs will be too big​​​​.

    3. Did not call for Lolli

    4. Texted for June

  4. Mini/Medium (also on standard list) Caitlyn and Dillon Bowers 916-337-9483 2/13/2020 loose non-shedding prefers female

    1. had committed to suzy-q Bernadoodle litter from week one.  last minute pulled out 1 week before puppies went home even though they had already known they were considering pulling out a week prior due to covid 19 .

    2. Did not contact about Layla/Harvard because they had recently pulled out of suzy-qs litter 1 week before they were ready to go home due to hours being cut at work because of covid.

    3. ​​Texted and left a message Bisou/Maverick litter 10/7--they will contact us when they are ready for a puppy.

  5. petite/Min M/Kelly Baker 5167804090 11/3/2020 (#1) (Stamford,CT) Wavy Prefer male open to any color

    1. 11/5/2020 Fonda spoke to ​Kelly and they look forward to get a puppy soon.

    2. 12/15/2020--kim texted and left voicemail about Rory's litter. -Want to be removed from the list. 

  6. PetMin M/Lyndsay Blass  208-697-7944  8/7/2020 (Nampa, Idaho)non shedding (no black or white) 3 teenagers outdoor family

    1. 8/7/2020 Fonda spoke with Lyndsay on the phone​

    2. Dropped off Maggie's litter because they are moving to a new home sooner than expected.  Want a Spring puppy. 

    3. 10/21/2020 fonda texted with info for indy list. still no response on 10/24 called and left a message saying we are moving down the list. she texted back asn said the are building and move into their home in February 

    4. Did not text with Rory' puppies because they will go home in January. 

    5. 1/8/2021 texted and left a message about Jades puppies messaged back and said they found a mini doodle from someone els

  7. Min M/Mike Mann 208-600-2608 11/1/2020  (Boise, ID) Prefers female

    1. 11/5/2020 Fonda called but Mike didn't have time to talk.  He said he would call back tomorrow​

    2. 12/15/2020--passed on Rory's litter. 

    3. 1/7/2021 Called and left a message as well as sent a text with the 4 remaining puppies available from Tenley's list Mike texted back and said they got a puppy elsewhere.  We messaged back and said we would remove him from the list

  8. Min M/Olivia Cho 208-830-4811 10/28/2020 (Seattle, WA) Wavy prefer male but open to female apricot open to parti

    1. Kim talked to Olivia and Fonda did as well​

    2. 12/8/2020 spoke to Fonda about last boy in tenleys litter

    3. Wants Last Male  

    4. 1/6/2020 pulled out of Tenlys list due to unforeseen family circumstances. 

    5. 1/6/2021 asked to be removed completely from the master list.  They will no longer be able to get a puppy

  9. Min Cindy Young 2085732781  (Nampa, ID) Have a standard goldendoodle and want to add a second dog and two teenagers at their house. (needs phone call)

    1. 10/21/2020 Fonda texted info for indy litter. still no response on 10/24 called and left a message saying we are moving down the list. I also sent another text message

    2. prefers female and prefers wavy.  passed on Scarletts curly parti male

    3. 12/3/2020 fonda left VM and text asking about Tenleys puppies they have until 12:00 noon 12/4/2020 to respond 

    4. wants a wavy female apricot/light color

    5. emailed us after being asked repeatedly if she submitted a deposit and being placed on Tenleys list to tell us they don't think its the right time to add a puppy to their family because they can not give it attention.

  10. Mini M/Aly Paslay 208-670-5534  12/31/2019 family stationed in Hawaii (Rorys' owners 1st cousin) wants low/non shedding

    1. Texted Layla/Harvard Litter. 4/23/2020​ They can't get a dog to Hawaii right now so they re going to wait until they get transferred back to the states.  They will contact us when they get here and are ready for a puppy.  We don't need to notify them until after they contact us.

  11. Med/Stan (208)358-5570 F/Melissa & Dillon Allen 9/11/2018  Prefers dark (Brown/red) male

    1. 2/19/2019 Fonda Text messaged about cali/teddy but no response​

    2. 6/29/2019 Fonda text about Ginger/Beethovan and Paris Remington but no response

    3. 8/13/2019 Fonda Text and Email about Freyas, Linna, and Paris puppies

    4. 8/13/2019 Fonda called and Mellisa said she likely wants one of Paris puppies.  She will call back tonight after she talks to her husband.

    5. 8​/13/2019 Mellisa text Fonda They only want a solid black or brown wavy medium-standard. Teslas litter will work well for them.

    6. Fonda texted in regards to Tesla and Calli litters 10/01/2019 no response

    7. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 no response

    8. Fonda texted in regards to Lunna litter 1/22/2020 no response

    9. Mellisa texted Fonda 2/4/2020 and is interested in a wavy chocolate doodle from Gingers litter due 2/16/2020

    10. Kim had them on Gingers list and they last minute didn't take a puppy. They had a family emergency they had to travel for. They were told they have until the end of the year 2020 and then we will remove them from the list.

    11. Fonda messaged 7/14/2020 to see if they would be interested In a standard Bernadoodle. no response

    12. Messaged for Bisou litter 10/7--left voice message telling her we won't contact her again unless she calls us. 

  12. Min M/Sara White 210-310-8840  12/1/2020  (Boerne, TX) wavy, loves abstract apricot/red only wants a female.  has a little girl with special need who scoots around on her bum at home and goes in a wheel chair at schoolMin M/Amy Yun (678)542-5054 10/2/2020 (Suwanee, GA) 10/2/2020 One 12-yr old son.  Has had other dogs.  not-native English speaking Kim texted--needs phone call​

    1. 10/21/2020 Fonda texted info for indy litter. still no response on 10/24 called and left a message saying we are moving down the list. I also sent another text message. 

    2. 11/10/2020 fonda sent text offering curly red parti from Scarlett.

    3. 11/14/202 texted Fonda and said their plans to get a dog have changed. I messaged back and said I would take her off the list. 

    4. Sara emailed 12/7/2020 and said they had received approval to be gifted a free trained mini goldendoodle for their daughter with special needs so they will no longer need to be on our waiting list.

  13. Mini/Pet M/ Katharine Field 5417600407 7/5//2020 #3  (Corvallis OR) wavy, Almost retired collage professor from Organ state who has  a 27 lb 1 year old goldendoodle and 2 cats

    1. 7/6/2020 Fonda called and we were able to answer questions and get to know each other better. She has a doodle from Janice in Wisconsin at goldendoodle Acers 

    2. 7/27/2020 Fonda sent a text.  Fonda Called and Katharine said she would need to think about it and decide by tomorrow morning and call me back in the morning. decided she wanted to wait for a half sister to her boy from Janice and goldendoodle Acers.  

    3. 8/14/2020 fonda asked if she wanted to be removed from our list through text wants to remain on this list until sep 7th when she for sure has her puppy in hand. at that point she can be removed if she gets a pup from Janice.

  14. Mini (208)-283-6717 M/Lizzie Dyrud 8/26/2019 (close to Christmas) apricot to red curly, wavy coat, kids are dog savvy ​​interested in Tesla pup  

    1. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 said "thank you let me chat with my husband" but then did not respond again.

    2. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 no response

    3. Texted about Layla/Harvard litter​ 4/23/2020--no response--called and left message.

    4. 5/1/2020 Fonda texted about Lainey/Simba litter. no response 

    5. 5/2/2020 Fonda called and left a message explaining we needed to hear back and asking when they will be ready to bring a puppy home.  They instantly texted (Would not answer phone) and said they have fallen on hard times and will need to wait a bit to get back on their feet.  (I assume it has something to do with covid 19)  Fonda texted back and asked when a good time to start contacting them would be but then once again no response.  So I then texted back and said we will wait to hear from her when she is ready.  No need to contact her again unless she ask us to.

    6. Wants us to contact her if we have an older puppy that we discount.

    7. Texted Fonda 5/21/2020 she is ready for a puppy.  contact her about Rorys puppies when they are born.  

    8. kim called and left a message then sent a text Fonda called and left a message as well. she never responded

    9. 6/10/2020 Fonda texted because we still had no response.  Said we would not contact her again she will need to call us and her deposit is good until Aug 26th

    10. 10/15/202 Fonda removed her from the master list

  15. Mini M/ Dottie Bledsoe 2088508624 7/28/2020 (Boise, ID) wavy prefers girl. Stay at home mom who works from home for her own non profit.  They have 3 daughters ages 18, 15, and 13.  

    1. 7/29/2020 called and talked to Fonda. She is considering our extreem parti female and will get back to us this afternoon.​ Decided to pass on masis parti pups

    2. 8/14/2020 fonda texted about back up reserve spot on luna litter. Dottie said she wants placed in the back up reserve spot on Luna's litter. Then changed her mind as she says she only wants a female. 

    3. Texted about Maggie's puppies 8/26/20.

    4. Texted kim 10-3-2020 and said she found a different puppy.
  16. ​​Bernadoodle M/ Mike Kutzen 2014031823 8/7/2020 #2 (Eagle Id) wavy.  was on a list for a trip Bernadoodle and he just found out that his girl he had chosen died. 
  17. Mini/Medium (also on Med/Stan list) M/Dan & Victoria Truong 503-970-9411  7/14/2020 #2 (Vancouver WA) Wavy, open to red, black, brown, all colors Dan is a chiropractor and his girlfriend works from home and is an accountant

    1. 7/14/2020 Fonda sent  an email to confirm we received everything and added them to the master list. Called and talked to Dan and we were able to touch base and answer any questions​.

    2. Fonda Texted and called 7/28/2020. they will make a decision by this evening or tomorrow morning they passed of a parti pup from masi

    3. 8/14/2020 Fonda Texted about back up spot on colas list and boys on lunna.  I also called and left a voicemail.

    4. Dan returned call and said they found someone closer and would like to be taken off the list.

  18. Medium M/Hunter Arbuckle  949-382-0426  5/8/2020 #2 (laguna Niguel, CA) wavy, junior in collage lives with parents and sister Ashlynn arbuckley has one of Indy/teddy puppies.

    1. 7/30/2020 sent text about brown puppies from Paris. Also left a voicemail.

    2. 7/31/2020 I messaged and said we would assume he has chosen to pass on this pupils due to no response. he messaged back and said we could remove him from the master list because the timing did not work out.

  19. Mini/Pet  mini Bernedoodle// Debbie Low 503-679-5201 6/24/2020 (Vancouver WA) wavy, retired and husband works from home 20-30 hr/week. 3 grown children. Loves outdoors and they sailboat. had 2 Bernadoodle siblings who they lost both to cancer at age 6 and 8.They have a 9 yr old st goldendoodle

    1. Fonda called 7/6/2020 left a message and then sent a group  text

    2. 7/6/2020 Debbi called fonda back and we were able to answer questions and get to know each other better. May consider a mini mountain doodle if she can convince her husband of the price.

    3. Fonda called and texted 7/27/2020 Debbi responded and asked to be taken off the list as she has found a different puppy

    4.  after Fonda removed her name from the list she messaged back and asked to stay on the list to be notified of a mountain doodle born next summer. ​​

  20. Mini/Pet(208)-539-2213 M/Renee De Jong 4/20/2019  female red/blonde/black/brown--has pit bull that is reactive to males--needs to have a female.

    1. 7/23/19 bought doodle from stone field goldendoodles.  may want a second dog in a year. Call summer 2020

    2. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 Renee responded and said she is not interested

    3. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 

    4. Do not contact until summer 2020

    5. Texted layla/Harvard litter 4/23/2020 no response. left voice mail assuming a pass for Laylas litter

    6. 5/1/2020 Fonda texted about lainey simba litter. sait they need to pas due to recent accident her husband was in.  We said we will contact them again in the fall of 2020 when we have available puppies.

    7. Renee texted 7/25/2020 after fonda had asked if she wanted on Masi's list and said that they will no longer be getting a puppy.

    8. ​​​​

  21. Mini (907)440-6119 M/Bradley Bourdon. 12/21/2018   Wavy 

    1. From Alaska--4/22/19--will contact by tomorrow with decision​

    2. 7/23/19--Kim Spoke on phone--wants to wait. 

    3. 8/13/2019 wait until spring 2020

    4. Fonda Texted in regards to Tesla and Cali litters on 10/01/2019 no response

    5. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 

    6. Do not contact until spring of 2020

    7. Texted for Layla/Harvard litter 4/23/2020--no response--waiting to contact until travel restrictions lifted 

    8. maybe call about empty spot on laylas list

    9. ​Kim called and he asked to be taken off the list 6/8/2020

  22. Medium M/Marjie and Steve Scott 925-336-0816 5/9/2020  (Eagle, Idaho) Wavy. Empty nesters.  Also on Bernedoodle list. 

    1. Spoke on 5/27--they prefer to ​wait for a possible Bernadoodle. I'm not sure if they would pass on a goldendoodle or mountain doodle but I would check still

    2. Fonda texted 7/6/2020 asked if they only wanted a Bernadoodle or if they were open to a goldendoodle as well.  They messaged back and said they found a puppy and would like to be removed from both list because they no longer need one.

  23. Min M/Albert Nocella (917) 607-4960Â 1/11/2021 #2  (Brooklyn NY)--spoke with Kim on the phone.$200 discount for firefighter service--he wants us to pass it on to someone else. Want to stay on the smaller side--25-30 lbs.. He's a retired NYC firefighter.  They have a lot of stairs and their last dog made them carry him up and down the stairs so they want a smaller size dog.  Male only.  No black but likes other colors--like parti or abstract. ​Did not call for Lolli​--want smaller size and more males to choose fromTexted for June.  Found a puppy in New York--want to be removed from the list.  

  24. petite/Min M/Shailee Lala 617-283-6708 12/4/2020  (NewYork) wavyWant to stay closer to 20-25 pounds or less.  physician who lives in an apartment in New York City.  Talked with Kim--Have daughter that has anxiety and they are homeschooling. 1/7/2021 Fonda called and left a message about Tenelys puppies.  1/9/2021 texted back and said 30-35 lbs will be too big​​​​.Did not call for Lolli Texted for June--found a puppy from a different breeder and wants to be removed.  

  25. Petite / Mini Taylor Red Elk  (208) 716-7698 Idaho Falls ID. 1/21/2021 22:44:56 Goldendoodle/Non-shedding is most important to me/Prefer Male but open to female/Cream/Apricot; Red/Part/Abstract 1/28/2021 spoke with Fonda. Did not call for Lolli2/24/20221 passed on Merle Jade puppy needing to be rehomed at 9.5 weekstexted for June/Knox...Got a puppy from a family friend so wants to be off the list.  May contact us in a couple of years.  

  26. Mini Dawn Kunkel (847) 513-4806 Park City, UT. 1/14/2021 17:38:26 Non-shedding is most important to me;  No preference on gender; Cream; Apricot; Red; Brown; Silver; Silver Beige Abstract Put a deposit on another dog but wants us to contact her with available puppies until the end of February when she actually gets to bring a dog home. ​​​​​ Called for Lolli--they are expecting to bring a puppy home Feb 28. Contact after that time to see if they want to stay on the list. Got a puppy--want to be removed from the list 

  27. Mini Katie Engerman (503) 312-2685 Wilsonville, OR. 2/10/2021 01:36:18  No Preference in coat type non shedding is most important/Prefer Female open to Male/Cream/Apricot/Red/brown/black/Parti/Abstract

    1. 2/15/2021 called and left a VM and sent a text as well​. Has one doodle and is getting a second.  got a doodle from a breeder near Oregon, Idaho boarder.  texted for Lolli's boy--passed--hoping for Masi.

    2. Emailed and said she had a change of heart and asked for app fee refunded.  Explained that it has already been used but she can stay on the list for up to a year if she changes her mind.