1.   Mini (228)-369-4384 M/Kayla Stennis 10/4/2019 on active duty military living in Mountain home.

    1. Left message about Ruby's puppies 10/18/19--interested in Scarlet/Tucker litter

    2. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019

  2. Mini  (201)-527-8443 M/Sharon/Sherry Kahlon/Sandhu--10/2/2019  a puppy in december/January  when she has time off from work.  Spoke with Kim on the phone.  Prefers loose wavy coat male . Interested in , Scarlett/tucker,  Rory/Cooper

    1. 10/28/19 Left message about upcoming litters--just to check in--will call when we have puppies from Scarlett and Rory--especially like dark apricot or parti

    2. Kim texted 10/28/2019 she want a puppy from scarlet or Rory and wants apricot or red with white spots

    3. Fonda texted in regards to Ruby/Rory/Scarlett litters 11/15/2019 wants to be placed on Scarletts litter but we will keep her on this master list until We are certain she will be getting a pup from Scarlett. we should know for sure at the very least by the time Scarletts puppies are 2 weeks old. 

    4. Got puppy from Scarlet/tucker 11/14/2019 litter

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