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Breed: Multi-generational Goldendoodles

Parents: Maggie and Theo
Coat Color: Blue Merle
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: +/-
Furnishings: F/f
Parti factor: Yes
Birth Day: June 5, 2020
Height: estimated 20"
Weight: Estimated 38 pounds
Penn Hip: Right DI=.52 Left DI=.55
OFA Preliminary Patella: Normal
OFA Preliminary Cardiac: Normal
Eye Cerf: Normal
Pepper is clear for all disease through embark
Lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls



Peppers Parents

Pepper comes from Kent Family Farms

MADDIE (F1)                    THEO (Multi-Gen)



Medium Multi-Gen English Goldendoodle

35 pounds, 18" tall

Blue merle






Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

13.5 pounds,

13" tall

red, Wavy


Pepper & Goose
Mini Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 25-35 lbs
Born: September 12, 2022
Go home: November 4, 2022
Match day for cream females Thursday October 20th
Merle = $3000
Cream = $2500

Pepper had 6 babies early in the morning of September 12. She had 4 cream females, 1 merle female, and 1 merle male. The puppies' expected adult weight is 20-30 pounds. We are accepting reservations for this litter.

 To learn how you can be added to this litter you can text Fonda at 208-731-0053

Pepper/Goose Waiting list

1) Merle male Breeders pick pending testing results ($3000) 

2) Merle female ($3000) Available

3) Cream female ($2500) Available

4) Cream female ($2500) Available

5) Cream female ($2500) Available

6) Cream female ($2500) Available


Pepper/Goose 9/12/2022 2 weeks

(Mr Green) -Wavy Merle (Miss Pink) -Wavy Cream

(Miss Purple) -Wavy Merle (Miss White) -Wavy Cream

 (Miss Yellow) -Wavy Cream (Miss Light Blue) -Wavy Cream

The puppies are all doing great.  Everyone has their eyes open now.   It will take a little while for them to be able to see clearly. They are starting to move around more and more.  We've begun handling the puppies a lot more as mom isn't quite as nervous to have them away from her for a few minutes. Handling by young children is a daily occurrence here at the Thompson household because we have a built in 6 year old to help socialize them! One of her chores is to do ENS with the new puppies.

At two weeks of age the puppies leave the neonatal period and enter what is called the transitional period.  Traditional period is typically between days 14-21.  During this time we will begin to introduce them to a new novel item (toy, new bedding etc.) and or a new experience daily.  These items and experiences will help to build a healthy startle/recover/curiosity/exploration cycle to lay the foundation for a confident puppy. This week we will take a dermal nail trimmer to the puppies nails for a few seconds at a time to begin to get them used to vibration and trimming of the nails.  These puppies will have a lifetime of grooming and will need to be handled on their feet and toes on a regular bases.  Early exposure to common grooming practices will help them be relaxed during grooming for the rest of their lives.  

Pepper/Goose 9/12/2022 Newborn

(Mr Green) -Wavy Merle (Miss Pink) -Wavy Cream
(Miss Purple) -Wavy Merle (Miss White) -Wavy Cream 
(Miss Yellow) -Wavy Cream (Miss Light Blue) -Wavy Cream

Pepper had 6 babies early in the morning of September 12. She had 4 cream females, 1 merle female, and 1 merle male. Pepper labored very quietly.  We hardly new she was in labor if it wasn't for her pushing.  She had her first baby at 8:11 am and the last one came at 12:46 pm.  This is Peppers first litter and we helped her out with the first couple of puppies to help her know what to do but then she picked it right up and has been attending to them, cleaning them up, and keeping them warm just like a pro.  She is being a great momma.  We'll keep a close eye on her and her babies over the next couple weeks to be sure they are all healthy and happy.  

The puppies have transitioned through delivery are now in the Neonatal period. The Neonatal period last for two weeks.  During this time we pay close attention to the little pups to be sure each is thriving and growing. We watch weights and observe feedings to make sure everyone is eating and gaining weight.  Momma does most of the work right now and we just do a lot of observation.  Mom will tend and care for her puppies instinctively and make sure all is well by keeping them fed, clean, and warm. She licks constantly to stimulate their elimination systems and to keep them clean. We will begin Early Neurological Stimulation on day three.  ENS is a an exercise developed by puppy behaviorists and trainers that is designed to stimulate neuro-pathway growth and start the physiological basis for resistant and predictable neurological development. Is takes only a few seconds per puppy. We hold each puppy upright, head-down down and flat on the back.  Then we apply pressure to one paw near the toes and then set them on a cold cloth.  Each exercise is done for to 2-3 seconds. We will also clip sharp little toenails as needed.