Poppy/Monty 7/23//2017




#1 (MVGD) Lacey Long Denali (Now Luna)
#2 Anna Buckley Acadia (Now Baily) red/white parti female
#3 Sherry Cox Moab (Now Ozzy) apricot male
#4 Maggie & Eric Jablonski (Zion) Curly Apricot male
#5 Nyberg family Rushmore (now Sam) apricot male
#6 Rosen Family Sequoia (now Stella) curly red female


7 weeks old Poppy/Monty 

Top left to right: Zion Danali Moab

Bottom left to right: Rushmore, Acadia, Sequoia

Everyone is starting to get their own little looks.  We all had some firsts this week.  First bath, first trip outside to roam, first time eating solids, first venture out into the family-room just to hang out. Next week we should start to see some of their personalities show. We will begin what I call "loading the clicker" and "the box game" some time in the next week or so.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to implementing these two things with your puppies.  They come from the new program we have just begun called Puppy Culture.  I highly recommend looking into purchasing the DVDs and beginning to go through them now.  They will help you so much making your puppy "bomb proof" giving them the best start to life and helping them gain confidence. Click the link below to learn more. 

4 1/2  weeks old Poppy/Monty 

Top left to right: Acadia 4 lbs 15 oz, Sequoia 4 lbs 15 oz,  Danali 5 lbs 2 oz

Bottom left to right: Moab 4 lbs 12.5 oz, Zion 4 lbs 11 oz, Rushmore 4 lbs 11.5 oz

Top Girls left to right: Denali 5 lb 2 oz, Sequoia 4 lb 15 oz, Acadia 4 lb 15 oz

Botom: Boys left to right: Zion 4 lb 11 oz, Rushmore 4 lb 11.5 oz, Moab 4 lb 12 oz

Everyone has opened their eyes and they are toddling around. They continue to gain weight and grow. Puppies received their 2nd nail trimming today. We will be finishing up Early Neurological stimulation this week

Girls left to right: Denali 2 lb 10 oz, Sequoia 2 lb 10.5 oz, Acadia 2 lb 11 oz

Boys left to right: Zion 2 lb 7.5 oz, Rushmore 2 lb 9.5 oz, Moab 2 lb 7 oz

National Parks

See, this is why it has been great to let our guardian owners choose a theme and then from that theme name the puppies.  I would have never come up with National parks as a theme but what a great idea. So here they all are, our own little Natural Beauties. Puppies are one week old in these pics.

Boys left to right: Zion 1 lb 7 oz, Rushmore 1 lb 10 oz, Moab 1 lb 9 oz

Girls left to right: Denali 1 lb 10 oz, Sequoia 1 lb 9 oz, Acadia 1 lb 7.5 oz

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