Breed:  F1b English Goldendoodle

Parents: Daisy and Norris

​Coat Color: Cream, BBee, KbKy, AwAt

Dilute: ​D/D (does not carry dilute)

Coat type: Curly, non-shedding

Hair Curl: T/T (+/+)

Furnishings: n/F (+/-)

Shedding: C/T (one low shed gene)

Parti Factor: No

Birth Day:  11/19/2017

Height:  16

Weight: 19

Penn Hip:Right 0.30 Left  0.40                     

OFA Elbows: Normal

Eye Cerf:  normal

Rory is clear for over 150 genetic diseases tested through Embark.  She is a carrier for Ichthyosis so she will only be bred with a stud that is clear for ICH.

Rory lives in a guardian home in Twin Falls

Rory's puppies

Rory & Winston
Miniature red multi-gen Goldendoodles
soft, wavy coats
20-35 pounds
Due May 29, 2020
Go home July 24, 2020

Ruby and Winston are expecting puppies!  All of these babies will have soft, wavy (+/- curl) coats. Neither parents shed at all.  Rory lives with her family of three little girls who adore her.  She is tolerant and patient and so much fun. Winston has a typical goldendoodle personality that we love.  He loves his people and he loves to play. These babies will be great family dogs. 

F1b English 
curly, non-shedding coat
19 pounds, 16 inches
Red Goldendoodle
Straight,  non-shedding coat
40 pounds

Rory's Litter reservation list

1. Krystal Gollobit--Daisy,  Friday 5 pm pickup--cash due at pick-up

2. Vita Kremenchuck--Louie, Thursday morning pick-up. Check mailed for final payment

3. Marisa Bueno--Hewie

4.Kristie Abernathy--Dewey, Thusday morning pick-up--PayPal final payment


It's time for four week pictures!  The babies had their first trip outside to lounge in the grass with mama Rory.  They loved it!  They are all doing great with experiencing new textures and sounds and smells.  Their little neurological systems are developing at an amazing rate!  They spend more time sleeping than awake.  They are just starting to interact with each other and they are doing well with beginning potty training.  Next week teeth will start to erupt and we will introduce water and liquid supplements at the beginning of the week.  By the end of the week they will start on soft, mushy food and we will start seeing individual personalities develop more and more. 


The babies are just past three weeks!  They still spend almost all of their time eating and sleeping and growing!  They change almost every day.  They are all up walking and exploring their world.  They are ready to start potty training--this week we will give them an easily identifiable area for sleeping separate from play and potty area.  Mom still keeps them clean and helps with all eliminating.  Over the next week they will start cutting teeth and they will move to their 'toddler' area where they will have a little more space to practice potty training and they will learn to play with each other.  


Rory's babies were born on Friday May 29th.  Rory had a quick and easy delivery and she is a great mama to her little babes.  They are all growing at record rates drinking all the milk they want! Our little girl Daisy was injured by a different mama dog shortly after birth.  She had to have some intensive care management for the last couple of weeks but now she is healthy and chubby just like her brothers!  This week the babies have just started opening their eyes and they are crawling around more and more.  They still spend most of their time sleeping and eating and they will continue to do so for another couple of weeks.  

Previous puppies from Rory

F1b  Goldendoodle
from Daisy and Norris
19 pounds solid apricot, curly,
non-shedding coat
Rory and Cooper
Miniature red  Goldendoodles
Born November 9, 2019 
Go home 12/31/2019
20-30 pounds, curly non-shedding coats

Rory and Cooper have puppies born on  November 9--they will be ready to go home at New Year's. Rory lives with her family of three little girls and is a beloved family member in Twin Falls.  


Cooper lives with his family in Utah and they love his easy going personality and obedient disposition.  He loves everyone he meets.


These puppies will be great curly and wavy no/low shedding red/apricot goldendoodles between 20 and 30 pounds.

Multi-gen Goldendoodle 
30 pound
wavy, non-shedding coat

Rory's Litter reservation list

1. Kortnie Kent--Joy

2. Tosha Anderson--Holly

3. Krista Werking--Ivy

4. Andrew and Suzanne Campbell--Merry

5. Liza and Ryan Blake--Bow

6. Terri Sommer--Rudy

We have enjoyed such a fun Holiday season with these little babies in our home this year!  There is nothing quite like a warm snuggly puppy for keeping a house fulll of kids happy and occupied!  All the puppies are using the dog door to go potty.  They are working on basic house manners--learning to sit to say please, eating dry food  and sleeping and napping in crates. They will all be ready to go home by the end of this week! 







December 12, 2019

Introducing our sweet girls Merry, Holly, Joy and Ivy and our two boys Rudy and Bow!  They are bringing us all kinds of Christmas cheer.  Merry and Joy both have loose wavy coats and the other four will be curly like their mama.  Rudy and Holly are the tiniest little babies and Bow is the biggest--he will likely be closer to the 30 pound weight range.  


This week the babies started soft solid foods and they are learning to sleep in a crate.  They are all doing great with their litter box training and this next week we will introduce them to the dog door.  

December 6, 2019

The babies are four weeks old today!  They have started potty training and are practicing using their brand new teeth on each other.  We introduce new toys and sounds every day to help enrich their environment and they love to explore.  This week they will start exploring outside and they will start eating solid foods.  


Rory's babies are 10 days old now.  They are crawling around their box more effectively and they have all almost doubled their birth weights.  Rory spends a lot of her time caring for them but has started leaving the box for naps and time outside.  This week everyone will open their eyes and start toddling around on their little legs.  


Rory has babies!  Rory delivered all six puppies in just over 2 1/2 hours on Friday, November 8.  She is a great mama and all the puppies look great.  This week we will let them adjust to life in our house. We handle each puppy every day to help develop resistant neurological systems.  Rory spends almost all of her time nursing and cleaning babies. 

F1b Goldendoodle
from Daisy and Norris 
19 pounds
apricot, curly


F1b goldendoodle

16 pounds

Dark red, curly 


Rory and Judah
Miniature Red Goldendoodles
15-25 pounds
Born 4/14/19
Ready to go home 6/7/19
These petite puppies are $2000

Rory is an easy going mama who lives with three young girls who adore her. This is Rory's first litter. She's easy to train and obedient. She has a thick non-shedding coat.  


Judah is from Old Mac's Doodles.  He has a beautiful mahogany coat.  He loves to be with people and he has an easy playful personality. He also has a thick, non-shedding coat.

Reservation List for Rory/Judah

1. Scout--Oakey Family Twin Falls

2. Leavitt family

3. Dixon Family 

4. Deide Rodriguez

5. sold


These puppies are 7 1/2 weeks and doing great. They are just about ready to go home! They are all using a dog door and are eating all solid food ad they've had their first set of shots. They are busy playing and learning about bite inhibition and basic dog manners with each other and with our other dogs. They have been a huge hit with our kids and their friends these last few weeks. There is nothing more fun than a pack of fluffy 'kanga-doodle' puppies on a summer afternoon! 

Boo-4.0 pounds

Gem 4.13 pounds

Scout 5.3 pounds

Finch 5.6 pounds

Atticus 5.8 pounds

Introducing Scout, Gem, Finch, Atticus and Boo Radley


Red Collar Boy


May 12, 2019

We have been studying 'To Kill a Mockingbird' these last few weeks so we named these puppies after our favorite characters.  The babies are four weeks old today!  They have started exploring outside and have started drinking water.  They are using a paper area away from their sleeping area to go potty.  We will introduce them to the dog door this week and they will start taking themselves outside to go potty! They will start trying soft food this week are they are starting to get little teeth. We will continue to socialize them with all different types of people and we will introduce new textures, sounds, smells and toys every day.  Their little brains are rapidly absorbing all the information available as their hearing, vision and walking improves.  

Blue collar boy
Yellow Boy
Boo Radley
No Collar Boy



The puppies are now turning into cute little fluffy dogs!  We love this stage!  They are toddling around on little wobbly legs and starting to interact with each other.  We continue to hold and stimulate every puppy every day.  

They still sleep most of the time and nurse every 2-3 hours. 

Eyes are starting to open


The babies are all growing and developing right on schedule.  Their little eyes are just barely starting to open and they are wobbling around on their little unsteady feet.  We will see huge developments over the next week as their eyes and ears open and they start to toddle around.  At this stage of development we make sure that they continue to have daily neurological stimulation and that they are held by both men and women to help ensure good attachment to all.  Rory sleeps with the babies all night and still spends much of the day with them.  As they become more active they will nurse less often and stay awake for longer periods of time.  

Rory's babies have arrived!

Sunday 4/14/2019

Rory had a quick and easy labor.  She started 'nesting' (she made a little nest area under my bed...) early Sunday morning and her first puppy was born at about 9:30.  All five puppies were were here by about 11:45!  This was one of the quickest and easiest labor and deliveries we have had!  All of the puppies were born active and healthy and all started nursing within just a few minutes.  Rory is a calm first time mama as long as we don't move her babies out of her line of sight.  She keeps them warm and clean and all six of them are spending their days napping and nursing. We will start gentle neurological stimulation this week and will progress with their socialization as they get older.  

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