Parents: Annie and Norris

Breed:  F1b Miniature English Goldendoodle

Microchip: 985113001620657
Coat Color: Apricot (Bbee, kyky, atat)
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
D Locus: D/D (negative for dilution)
Hair Curl: C/T (+/-)
Furnishings: n/F (+/-)
Parti Factor: No
Birth Day: 4/4/2018
Height: 13 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Penn Hip:Right 0.32, left 0.33 (top 10% for her breed)

OFA elbows: normal

OFA Patellas: normal

Cardiac: normal
Eye Cerf: clear

Ruby is clear for ALL genetic diseases and she is not a carrier for any of the (more than) 150 diseases in the genetic test panel. 

Ruby lives with a guardian family in Twin Falls.

Previous puppies from Ruby

Ruby and Louie
Miniature Golden Mountain Doodles 
Bernedoodle/Goldendoodle cross
20-30 pounds
Born August 11, 2020
Go home Friday, October 2, 2020 

We are so excited to offer our first litter of Golden Mountain DoodlesWe have received non-stop inquries for bernedoodles and Mountain Doodles.  A mountain doodle is a mix between a poodle, a bernese mountain dog and a Golden Retriever.  

Golden Mountain Doodles or Golden Bernedoodles,  have a great mix of  trainability, people pleasing personality and devoted, confident family dog all wrapped up in a medium size with a soft, thick no/low shedding coat.  

All six of these puppies have beautiful phantom markings--five are Black and Tan and one is chocolate and tan. 

F1b English 
Goldendoodle from Annie and Norris
loose wavy, non-shedding coat 22 pounds, 18 inches
F1b Bernedoodle
Curly, non-shedding coat, 19 pounds 
17 inches

Ruby/Louie reservation list

1. Laurie Silva--Fremont, CA--prefer chocolate/tan male--Spark Paid in Full

2. Erin Meyer--Seattle, WA--Wavy Female--Cinder purple Paid in Full 

3. Jeanette & Javier Carolina--Portland, OR--Wavy Female--Ember Paid in Full

4. Parveen Ahktar --Beaver Falls, PA--Prefer Male--Flint, green collar Paid in Full

5. Patricia Brantz--Oceanside, CA--Ash Paid in Full

6. Sameena Sharif --Transport-Bay Area--Stone

September 28, 2020

September 21, 2020

The babies are six weeks old!  They have moved back to my house and everyone is using a dog door to go potty outside. YAY! They are also doing great sleeping together in crates at night. We have started giving treats when they are sitting politely which is the first step to learning to sit politely to say 'please.' They all have beautiful blocky heads and they do great with the kids that handle them every day. 


 The biggest development this week is in the coat coloring for Ember, Ash, Spark and Stone.  Cinder and Flint have kept their expected Black and Tan coloring but everyone else is starting to develop signs of turning silver.  It's difficult to predict exactly how the coat colors will progress but it is likely that at least some of the black/chocolate coat color will turn to a unique platinum/silver. Silver coloring always starts around the eyes and spreads throughout the rest of the coat. They may end up as a silver base with tan phantom points when they reach adulthood or they may have some darker black/chocolate color that remains along with the tan points.  We will have to watch as they grow! 

September 8, 2020

The babies are growing!  Everyone has their eyes open and they are all starting to walk and wrestle.  Now that everyone is more stable on their feet we have divided their box into distinct sleeping and potty areas.  Over the next few days the babies will instinctively start to use the paper for potty and the bed for sleeping.  We will start introducing soft food this week and the babies will spend time outside in the beautiful late summer weather.  We handle and hold each puppy every day and we introduce new toys and experiences every day as well.  







August 21, 2020

The babies spent their first week sleeping and snuggling and nursing.  They are all doing great with mama Ruby's constant attention.  For the first two weeks they will be in the neonatal period.  Their neurological connection are continuing to develop--they can't see or hear.  They are primarily driven by smell and touch.  We hold and gently stress them each day to help develop stress tolerance which will contribute to their resilience and trainability as they grow. (white collar girl is pink collar in the newborn video) 

Their markings are continuing to develop as they get older and we will see changes for the next month or so.  Ash and Stone and possibly Flint have curly coats.  The others will be wavy. Puppies change dramatically from birth until they go home at 8 weeks so we will continue to watch colors and curl and personality to see how everyone develops.  

August 11, 2020

Ruby and Louie have babies! Ruby had six babies Tuesday afternoon August 11, 2020. We have three girls and three boys.  All are healthy and growing right on schedule!  We have five Black and Tan phantom and one chocolate and tan little boy. 

Previous Puppies

Ruby and Cooper
Mini multi-generational Goldendoodles
20-30 pounds
Born October 19, 2019
Go home date mid-December

Ruby and Cooper have babies!  Ruby has six healthy babies--four boys and two girls.  They are all eating and growing right on schedule and Ruby is a great first time mama.   These babies look just like their darling parents--apricot, red and one cream coat with thick,  soft, wavy texture.  We anticipate consistent temperaments like both parents--friendly, out-going and easily trainable.  

Ruby and Cooper's reservation list with recommended placement

1. Heather Kendrick--Harry Potter (12/26)

2. Jaqueline Rush wants larger size--Fred 

3. Michele Johnson--Ron (12/14 Saturday afternoon)

4. Juliana Vanderham--Hermione (12/21 morning)

5. Lisa Johnson--Ginny (12/16 Monday 11:30) 

6. Chase Larabee  (George) (to Adria in Seattle)






Harry Potter

November 9, 2019

Ruby's babies are all up walking!  They are just learning to use their wobbly little legs and their teeth are starting to erupt.  As they get more and more steady on their feet they are awake a little more and are starting to interact with each other during the day.  Ruby still nurses them every couple of hours and keeps them clean and warm.  This week they will start using the litter box for potty training and we will have them spend a little time away from the litter on their own each day. 

November 2, 2019

Ruby's "magical" puppies are doing great.  We named them after some of our very favorite "people." (Harry Potter!)  This week the babies are continuing to grow and develop.  They are just starting to toddle around as well as creep in their little tummies.  Fred has opened his eyes and a everyone else is getting close.  We follow a special protocol to stimulate their little nervous systems to help them develop quick learning and adaptable temperaments.  This next week they will all open their eyes and will start walking.  Once everyone is up on their feet we will add a potty area to their box to start early potty training. 

October 21, 2019

Ruby had six babies on Saturday 10/19/19!  She did really well with labor and delivery and all six babies were born healthy and active.  The  babies are all nursing and growing right on schedule.  Ruby has her babies at her guardian Reann's house.  Reann is our puppy nanny and does a lot of work helping us keep our puppies clean and trained on schedule so it was a good match for Ruby to have her babies at her home where she is most comfortable.  They will go to Kim's house in a few weeks when they are ready to be doggy door trained.  For now we check Ruby for signs of mastitis or difficulty nursing every day, we keep baby toenails trimmed short, we make sure to provide lots of clean water and food at all times--nursing six babies is lots of work!  The babies still have their eyes and ears closed. We follow out early neurological stimulation program with them every day to help develop resilient nervous systems during this critical growth period.  They will all open their eyes and start creeping around  over the next week.  

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