Scarlett & Winston/Maverik 
Mini multi-gen Goldendoodles
20-30 pounds
Due May 18, 2020
Go home July, 11, 2020

Scarlett's next litter will be duel Sired (Two different daddies for one litter).

Winston and Maverik are our brand new studs and this is a first time breeding for each of them.  Because neither of these boys are proven studs, using both together gives us the best chance of a successful pregnancy for Scarlett. Any puppies from this litter with a brown nose will be from Winston because Maverik does not carry the brown gene.  Any puppies with a curly coat will be sired by Maverik because Winston does not carry any curl genes.  Puppies who have a wavy or straight coat or have a black nose could be sired by either Winston or Maverik.  We expect to have red, solid and abstract puppies who will be wavy/straight/curly with brown or black noses. 

Both Maverik and Winston are very comparable to one another in genetics, coats, size and temperament and both are a great match for Scarlett. 

This litter Belongs to Fonda.

Please contact her for more information 208-731-0053

Scarlet and Winston/Maverik Waiting list

1) Breeder pick

2) Breeder pick





Multi-gen Goldendoodle from Cali and Norris
18 pounds
red abstract
non-shedding coat


Red Multi-Gen 



non-shedding coat

33 pounds,

17 inches


Red/White abstract



wavy non-shedding coat

31 pounds,

18 inches

Scarlett is doing great with her puppies and they are really starting to grow.  We usually seclude our puppies and mommas from the rest of the household for the first week to two weeks of their lives.  Mommas typically do better when they can be secluded and their puppies are not bothered as newborns.  Scarlett is an exception to this rule.  She was secluded for about 3 days and then she had had enough.  She wanted to be out with all the other humans in the house.  She doesn't like solidarity.  She prefers to be where she can see what is going on and get all the attention she wants.  So On day 3 these beauties transitioned into our family room where all the hustle and bustle goes on and everyone is doing great.

We took a dermal nail trimmer to the puppies nails this week to begin to get them used to vibration and trimming of the nails.  These puppies will have a lifetime of grooming and will need to be handled by their feet and toes on a regular basis. Starting them early and using items like this that cause vibration regularly will help to set them up for success.  

Early Neurological stimulation (ENS) started on day three of this past week and will go into next week of day 16.   ENS is a combination of different tests and stimuli that is designed to get your puppy comfortable being handled, desensitize him/her to discomforting touch, and get their brains working! We perform a serious of “tests” (for lack of a better word) from handling the puppy upright, upside-down, on his/her back, tickling his/her toes, and placing them on a cold surface.

Some of the puppies coats are begining to show some curl.  I should know by the end of this week or the next what pups will be a loos wave and what ones may have a tighter curl.  

Now onto the theme and names for these puppies.  Scarlett means "Red" Her guardian owner has chosen the theme of "Shades of RED" we have pink collar "Ruby" white collar "Cardinal", yellow collar "Rose", , purple collar "Crimson", and green collar "Rusty"  and maroon collar "Claret"

Scarlett's puppies

Multi-gen Goldendoodle from Cali and Norris
18 pounds
red abstract
wavy, non-shedding coat
Multi-gen Goldendoodle 
30 pound
wavy, non-shedding coat
apricot parti

*Tucker has a tiny bit (less than 6%) miniature schnauzer mixed in with his golden retriever and poodle genetics. This will help define the furnishings of these dogs and will increase their hybrid vigor and overall health. 

Scarlett/Tucker reservation list

1) breeders pick 

2)Sherry Kahlon (Apricot/red female)  Winchester CA

3) Kayla Stennis (Apricot/red female) Mountain home ID

4) Becky Mayer (Apricot/red female)(Meridian ID)

5) Brook Burton (Parti) (Boise ID)

6) Megan Heart (Boise ID)

6) Misty & Scott Rogers (Elco NV)

Scarlett & Tucker*
Mini multi-generational Goldendoodles*
20-30 pounds
Born November 14th
pick up day is January 7th

Scarlett had babies on Thursday.   She has 5 females and 1 male.  The heavily marked parti pup (has the most red spots) is the only male.  everyone else is a female.  Puppies will all have a wavy/straight coat. We currently have 4 spots on this litter reserved.  We have two open spots. We will also be taking one reserved deposit for an addition spot in the event we decide to not place a puppy from this litter for breeding.  Puppies will be a miniature size between 20-30 pounds full grown.Read more about our adoption process here.  If you would like to be added to this litter please be sure to set aside time on January 7th to pick up your puppy.  

This litter Belongs to Fonda.

Please contact her for more information 208-731-0053

Shades of "RED" 3 1/2 weeks

Everyone's eyes have been open for a couple of weeks now.  As I write this the puppies are almost 5 weeks old but the photos below were taken when they were 3 1/2 weeks old.  I've recently had some problems with my computer and have been unable to upload the photos.  They will show up here once I have my computer problems resolved.  I should start to see some of these little ones personalities come out over this next week.  As of right now nothing stands out about any of them yet.  We have been working with the puppies on using the bathroom outside of their sleeping and playing area.  They began peeing on potty pads when the were 3 weeks and at 4 weeks we added the black grates on top of the pads.  At this point they hit their potty area about 95% to go poop and 75% to go potty.  Scarlett has begun to wean them and is beginning to spend less time in the box with them.  They get to come out of the box 2xs a day to eat and explore.  While they are out I clean and sanitize their box and momma gets to work on doggy manners with them.  They have been eating soaked kibble now for almost 1 week and by the weeks end should be moving on from soaked to solid kibble.  

pink collar "Ruby" - curly coat       white collar "Cardinal"- straight/wavy coat      yellow collar "Rose"- curly coat 

purple collar "Crimson" - straight/wavy coat  green collar "Rusty"  - wavy/curly coat

maroon collar "Claret" - wavy/curly coat (smallest puppy)

Shades of "RED" 1 week

"Earth Science" 5 week

Scarlett's puppies turned 5 weeks old yesterday.  They have started  climbing out of the whelping box!  We've never had such a "small" little litter here at our home.  These little ones are so little and are stinking adorable.  We started weaning them this past week..  We started them on ground up kibble soaked in water but they actually manage the kibble even when it is not soaked, so today we started them on their solid kibble.  They love their food and we will begin using it to help teach them how to "mand" (Sit to ask for  something). Scarlett's guardian owner is a Science teacher here at our high school and she had her classes help come up with a theme and names for this litter so it's no surprise that the theme is "Earth science!" We have 4 IC affected doodles in this litter. Two girls and two boys.  We also have 2 goldendoodles who are IC  clear and will have that typical doodle look. We can already tell just from looks what pups have furnishings (IC clear)  and which ones do not.  The puppies who have hair growing out on their muzzles have furnishings but we also have genetic tests that tell us what their coats will look like. 


Wegnar (pronounced Vegnar--Green Color) 3lbs 7oz. wavy, non-furnished light red male.  

Bowen (blue collar) 2 lbs. 12oz. non-furnished, curly apricot male. 

Chaco  (purple collar) 2lbs .5oz, Furnished, straight, red female

Gneiss (pronounced nice) (Yellow collar) 1lb. 14.5oz. Furnished, Curly, red female

Granite (Pink collar) 2lbs. 10.5oz. wavy, non-furnished, red female 

Gabbro (red collar) 2lbs 10.5oz. wavy, non-furnished, red female







Scarlett/Knox 3 week





Scarlett/Knox 1 week

Multi-gen Goldendoodle from Cali and Norris
18 pounds
red abstract
wavy, non-shedding coat
F1 Goldendoodle 
17.5  pound
wavy, non-shedding coat

Waiting list

#1 Chaco (Fonda) (Jocelyn) Twin Falls, ID

#2 Gabbro/Granite (Ken Bingham) Burley ID

#3 Wegner (Kathy) Versailles, KY

#4 Bowen (Kathy) Versailles, KY

#5 Gabbro/Granite (Kathy) Versailles, KY

#6 Gneiss (Cindy McFarland) Sandy, UT

Scarlett and Knox
Miniature red English Goldendoodles 

Scarlet had puppies Tuesday November 28th. There are 4 girls and 2 boys.  They will be ready to go home mid  January.  These puppies will be Petit English Goldendoodles. Estimated adult weight of these pups is 15-20 full grown and will they will be dark red.  Some of the puppies from this breeding will be IC affected (Flat coat). This means their coats will look similar to a golden retriever. Scarlett's mom  Cali is an example of an IC affected goldendoodle.  She does not have any copies of the furnishing gene that create the typical facial and body hair of a doodle.  The pups in this litter will be solid not parti colored.  They will likely get darker red as they get older.   We will know which puppies will have this type of coat before puppy match day. The IC affected pups will shed similar to a golden retriever and look similar to a golden retriever but in a very small size. ("A mini dark red Golden Retriever")


As breeders we love to include an IC affected mom in our program because it allows us to downsize our doodles without creating a poodle looking dog. We like the look of doodles that keep a good  portion of their golden retriever genes! 

We will only be opening this litter to breeders in the beginning. After we have received test results back when the puppies are about 6 weeks old we will open up this waiting list to our clients.   If you wish to be put on this litter's tentative waiting list after breeder picks please send me a text 208-731-0053--include you preference for either a typical doodle coat or an IC affected golden retriever type coat. 

Puppies from Scarlett and Knox are $2400

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