Moyen Poodle 
20 pounds, 17" tall
brown parti


32 pounds, 19" tall 
Tri colored
non seddng coat
Suzy-Q & Gus
F1b mini Bernadoodles 30 pounds
Due: March 16th, 2021
Match Date: Around April 20 -27th
Go home: May 7th, 10th or 11th

We were so happy with our first litter of Bernedoodles from Suzy-Q and Gus we decided that she would have another litter of Bernedoodles with the same sire again.

Once these puppies are born this litter list will be filled completely with families that have already submitted reservation fees for our current Master reservation list. We will call families for this litter in the order that application fees were received. We are currently adding families that submitted their applications 2-3 months ago. This litter list is full.

Scroll down to see  Suzy-Qs' current and previous puppies 


Breed: Moyen Poodle
Parents: Pierre and Molly
Color: Brown & White Parti 
bbEme ay/a KB/Ky
Coat type: Curly
Hair Curl: T/T
Furnishings: F/F
Shed: C/C
Parti: Yes
Birth Day: December 3, 2016
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Penn Hip: right .51 left .53
OFA Hip: Fair
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Dentation: (Teeth) Normal
Eye Cerf: Clear
Disease panel: Clear of all 150 testable diseases through Embark

Lives with a guardian family in Utah

 moyen poodle 
17" tall, 20 pounds 
brown parti
Curly, non-shedding coat
Bernese Mountain Dog 
26" tall, 120 pound

Waiting list

1) Nina Brostrom (kaysville, UT)

2) Kathryn Liposchak (Eagle ID)

Ashlee Timm (Arlington WA)

4) James Fayed (Katinah NY)

Suzy-Q and Eli
50-70 lb F1Bernadoodles
BornTuesday Aug 25th
Go home time will be Monday October 19th

We were so happy with our first litter of Bernadoodles from Suzy-Q we decided that she would have Bernadoodles again.  We found a spectacular stud to help us create these Bernedoodles. Suzy-Q delivered 4 babies early Tuesday morning August 25th.  She had two boys and two girls all with beautiful white blazes down their face and chest. 



Suzy-Q/Eli "National Park" 5 week

  (Green Boy "Denali") -wavy/straight brown (Blue Boy""Yosemite") -wavy/straight brown

 (Pink Girl "Rainier") -wavy/straight brown (Purple Girl "") -curly apricot 

This week the puppies will begin to spend a lot of time outside during the day.  

Puppies are all very steady on their feet now and are getting really playful (especially with each other).  They are doing great with their potty training by using the potty area about 85% of the time.   We have  introduced crates to the puppies this week and when they are in their whelping box this is where they will begin to spend most of their sleeping time as it is the only spot in their box with a soft pillow to lay their heads. 

Puppies began to eat soaked kibble this past week and are now eating solid dry kibble beginning the process of weaning.    Mom has already begun to distance herself a little by spending less time in the box with them.  This time away will gradually increase over the next 2-3 weeks. The puppies had their first barrier challenge this past week as well.  When they are really interested in their food I place it behind a barrier so that they can use their problem solving skills to help work through problems or obstacles for the reward of food.

This week is week three of the socialization period. This week the puppies have begun to learn and be shaped by other adult dogs in the household.  They have begun to teach them important dog manners.  This is the week our puppies usually hit what is called a fear period.  This period can last only an hour or a few days.  We will take extra care to be sure that if they exhibit and fear towards anything  we will scale back and individually help them overcome those fears slowly.  This is also the week we begin "Manding" with the puppies.  Manding is the behavior of the puppy sitting when he/she wants something.  It's a way for them to communicate with us in a polite way.  It's always best to have a dog approach and sit (without being asked) rather than jump up  because they want something!  By the end of this week they will all have caught on and will begin expressing this very desirable behavior when they are approached by a human (as long as we have a treat. LOL).





Suzy-Q/Eli "National Park" 3 week

  (Green Boy "Denali") -wavy/straight brown (Blue Boy""Yosemite") -wavy/straight brown

 (Pink Girl "Rainier") -wavy/straight brown (Purple Girl "") -curly apricot 

This past week they have all begun to toddle around really well and have become very vocal. They were introduced to a new bed/sleeping area along with our new pee/pooping area to help start these little ones on a path to easier potty training. 

This week puppies leave the transitional period and will enter the socialization period.  During this time their ears open and they begin to hear.  We will start some sound protocols with them this week.  Some of those include listing to classical music, exposing puppies to common "upsetting" appliances such as the vacuum and blow dryer,  and doing some startle recovery exercises.  For startle recovery exercises we will randomly make sudden unusual noises that may startle the puppies ever so slightly to help shape their emotional responses. 

IMG_0441 3

IMG_0440 3

IMG_0439 3

IMG_0438 3

Suzy-Q/Eli "National Park" 2 week

  (Green Boy "Denali") -wavy/straight brown (Blue Boy""Yosemite") -wavy/straight brown

 (Pink Girl "Rainier") -wavy/straight brown (Purple Girl "") -c urly apricot 

Puppies are all doing great.  Everyones eyes have opened.  They are starting to move around a bit. Puppies are starting to get a lot of handling. Handling by children of this age is a daily occurrence here at the Thompson household because we have a built in 4 year old here to help socialize them.  

At two weeks of age the puppies leave the neonatal period and enter what is called the transitional period.  Traditional period is typically between days 14-21.  During this time we will begin to introduce them to a new novel item and or have a new experience daily.  These items and experience will help to build a healthy startle/recover/curiosity/and exploration cycle with the puppies to lay the foundation for a confident puppy. This week we will take a dermal nail trimmer to the puppies nails to begin to get them used to vibration and trimming of the nails.  These puppies will have a lifetime of grooming and will need to be handled by their feet and toes on a regular bases.  Doing these things with them early and using items like this that cause vibration regularly will help to start to set them up for success for their many groomings they will have.

Suzy-Q/Eli "National Park" 1 week

  (Green Boy "Denali") -wavy/straight brown (Blue Boy""Yosemite") -wavy/straight brown

 (Pink Girl "Rainier") -wavy/straight brown (Purple Girl "") -c urly apricot 

Puppies are 1 week old and have all almost doubled their weight. Oddly enough they all weighed the exact same this morning. The first 3 weeks they grow so fast. Momma is still doing most of the work right now feeding, cleaning, and keeping them warm and happy.  We are enjoying giving them short times of daily handling. Suzy-Q is really a great momma and very attentive.  She is defiantly one of those mommas who is concerned if her puppy is winning either when he/she is off by themselves or if I am holding them and they wine.  Yet she is not overly anxious with people or other dogs around like most mommas are.  We still keep all of that to a minimum (especially other dogs. We don't allow them in the room with her) right now while the puppies are so young.  We will begin to allow more and more of that once the puppies are closer to 2 weeks old.

Just an FYI I had surgery on the September 1 and it will require a long recovery.  I have lots of help with the puppies but I will be a little MIA when it comes to updating the website getting info out to you and responding to request.  Ideally I will do a video every even week and photos every odd week. But please know there may be times I do not get this done at all or  times if I do it does not come at their week mark so please be patient with me over these next few week. I will have a lot of extra time on my hands to get computer, email, website, and texting done because I will be down in bed a lot but I also likely will not feel up to it.  Also my extra time may need to be spent directing those around me to help me and also to do what needs done with the puppies on a daily basis.   

 The puppies are entering their 2nd week of the Neonatal period.  When the puppies were 3 days old we started Early Nejaurological Stimulation (ENS). We will continue doing ENS until they are 16 days old.  ENS is a combination of different tests and stimuli that is designed to get your puppy comfortable being handled, desensitize him/her to discomforting touch, and get their brains working.  We preform a serious of test (for lack of better works) from handling the puppy upright, upside-down, on his/her back, tickling his/ her toes, and setting them on a cold surface.





Suzy-Q/Eli "National Park" Newborn

  (Green Boy "Denali") -wavy/straight brown (Blue Boy""Yosemite") -wavy/straight brown

 (Pink Girl "Rainier") -wavy/straight brown (Purple Girl "") -c urly apricot 

Suzy-Q has had a long weekend.  After sleeping with Suzy/Q on the floor in the bathroom for three nights in a row they finally came early this morning.  We have two girls and two boys.  They all have a beautiful big white blaze down their heads and face that extends down under their chest.   

The puppies have begun life and are in what is called the Neonatal period. Neonatal period last for two weeks.  During this time we pay close attention to the little pups to be sure they are thriving and growing.  Making sure everyone is eating and gaining weight.  Momma does most of the work right now and we just do a lot of observation.  Mom will tend to and care for her puppies instinctively and make sure all is well by keeping them fed, clean, and warm. We will begin stroking them and handling them right away to get them used to touching and handling as much as momma will permit.    





Pink collar (Paris)- curly Black abstract female     Brown collar (Chester)-Wavy apricot abstract male 

Purple collar (Oakley)-Curly Brindle abstract female    Green collar (Pierce)-wavy Black abstract male 

Black collar (Cambridge)-wavy tri Black abstract male   Blue collar (Kellogg)-curly black abstract male  

 moyed poodle 
17" tall, 20 pounds 
brown parti
Curly, non-shedding coat
Suzy-Q and Gus 
mini  F1b Bernadoodles
20-30 pounds full grown 17-19" tall
Due  February 9th
Go home date Friday April 3rd

Our first litter of Bernadoodles arrived over the weekend.  They are beautiful and we are excited to see them grow.  We have 3 black abstract. Two of them are Male and one is a female.  We have one Tri male, one apricot abstract male, and one tri brindle female.

Female Waiting list

1) Ellen (Oakely) Twin Falls,ID

2) Lisa Cowely (Paris) South Bountiful, Ut 

Male Waiting list 

1) Karlee (Chester) Kimberly ID

2) Malia Allison (Pierce) Bellevue WA

3) Maris Sefe (Kelloggg) Bethell WA

4) Brynda Larsen (Cambridge) Billings MT

f1 mini Bernadoodle 
19" tall, 32 pounds 
Wavy Tri colored
non seddng coat

These photos are pics of the puppies at 6 weeks of age on the left and then again at 1 year old on the right.  These babies full grown now range in weight from 25 lbs - 42 lbs. Most of the puppies are right around 30 lbs. 

Suzy-Q/Gus 6 weeks







Suzy-Q/Gus 4 weeks

Everyone's eyes have been open for a couple of weeks now.  Puppies are now 4 weeks old. They began peeing in a potty area when the were 3 weeks. At 4 weeks they are using their potty area about 90% to go poop and 75% to go potty. We will start them on solids this week.  We start by feeding our puppies a mush.  This is either solid or ground up kibble soaked in water.  They alwasys seem to make a big mess of this as they begin to learn to lap up the liquid in the food and then eat it.  But no worries, momma comes along after them to clean up the mess both all over the ground and all over the puppies.  Suzy-q is spending less time in the box with the puppies feeding them less as she is in the beginning stags of her weening process. They get to come out of the box two times a day to eat and explore.  While they are out I clean and sanitize their box and momma gets to work on doggy manners with them.  












Suzy-Q/Gus 3 weeks

Suzy-Q/Gus 2/8/2020 newborn








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