moyed poodle 
17" tall, 20 pounds 
brown parti
Curly, non-shedding coat
Suzy-Q and Gus 
mini  F1b Beredoodles
20-30 pounds full grown 17-19" tall
Due  February 9th
Go home date Friday April 3rd

Our first litter of Bernedoodles arrived over the weekend.  They are beautiful and we are excited to see them grow.  We have 3 black abstract. Two of them are Male and one is a female.  We have one Tri male, one apricot abstract male, and one tri brindle female. The tri/phantom colored and sable puppies in this litter will be $3000 and the solid colored abstract puppies will be $2600.  We are taking deposits for this litter now.  

Female Waiting list

1) Ellen (Oakely) Twin Falls,ID

2) Lisa Cowely (Paris) South Bountiful, Ut 

Male Waiting list 

1) Karlee (Chester) Kimberly ID

2) Malia Allison (Pierce) Bellevue WA

3) Maris Sefe (Kelloggg) Bethell WA

4) Brynda Larsen(Cambridge) S Billings MT

f1 mini Bernadoodle 
19" tall, 32 pounds 
Wavy Tri colored
non seddng coat

Pink collar (Paris)- curly Black abstract female     Brown collar (Chester)-Wavy apricot abstract male 

Purple collar (Oakley)-Curly Brindle abstract female    Green collar (Pierce)-wavy Black abstract male 

Black collar (Cambridge)-wavy tri Black abstract male   Blue collar (Kellogg)-curly black abstract male  

Suzy-Q/Gus 6 weeks

Suzy-Q/Gus 4 weeks

Everyone's eyes have been open for a couple of weeks now.  Puppies are now 4 weeks old. They began peeing in a potty area when the were 3 weeks. At 4 weeks they are using their potty area about 90% to go poop and 75% to go potty. We will start them on solids this week.  We start by feeding our puppies a mush.  This is either solid or ground up kibble soaked in water.  They alwasys seem to make a big mess of this as they begin to learn to lap up the liquid in the food and then eat it.  But no worries, momma comes along after them to clean up the mess both all over the ground and all over the puppies.  Suzy-q is spending less time in the box with the puppies feeding them less as she is in the beginning stags of her weening process. They get to come out of the box two times a day to eat and explore.  While they are out I clean and sanitize their box and momma gets to work on doggy manners with them.  

Suzy-Q/Gus 3 weeks

Suzy-Q/Gus 2/8/2020 newborn


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