moyed poodle 
17" tall, 20 pounds 
brown parti
Curly, non-shedding coat
f1 mini Bernadoodle 
19" tall, 32 pounds 
Wavy Tri colored
non seddng coat
Suzy-Q and Gus 
mini  F1b Beredoodles
20-30 pounds full grown 17-19" tall
Due  February 9th
Go home date Friday April 3rd

We are expecting our first litter of Bernedoodles.  This is something we have be looking into for quite some time and finally feel ready.  Most of these puppies will not look like the typical tri colored bernedoodle.  We will have one or two who are tri colored and the rest will be a solid color with large white abstract markings.  We are expecting apricot/black and maybe brown. The tri colored puppies in this litter will be $2800 and the solid colored puppies will be $2600.  Because we do not currently have a waiting list for bernedoodles we are going to start taking deposits right now.  We will take 6 deposit


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