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Breed: Multi-Generational (F3) Mini English Goldendoodle
Parents: Lucy/Guinness
Coat Color: Chocolate
bb/Eme KBKB atat
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: F/F
Parti factor: Yes
Birth Day: February 7, 2018
Height: Estimated 16 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
Penn Hip: Right 0.49 Left 0.44
OFA Patella: Normal 
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Ich: Carrier (recessive genetic condition) --clear for all other genetic diseases. 
Lives with a guardian family here in Twin Falls 




Multi-Generational English Goldendoodle 

30 pounds, 16" tall






Multi-Generational   Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 19" tall




No puppies are available from this litter

Tesla & Winston
Large Miniature/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 30-45 pounds
Born: December 17th 2020 
Match Date: January 28th-ish
Go Home: Early/Mid February

Tesla had beautiful babies early in the morning of December 17th.  She had 5 girls and 1 boy.  The boy is a chocolate abstract with a large white chest and one girl is an Apricot abstract with a large white chest as well.  We have three chocolate  girls and a cream girl as well.  

 All puppies will have a nice thick, soft, wavy coat and both of these parents are completely non-shedding. These puppies will be great for families with allergy concerns.  Both of these parents are amazing emotional support dogs.  They pick up on the emotions of the people around them and respond to give comfort.  We expect these puppies to have their parents great emotional stability.


1. Thomas Patton and Kenneth Garcia--Portland--Apricot abstract girl Pink collar

2. Nancy and Barry Hacker--S. California--Prefer smallest girl--royal blue

3. Oahn Tran-Seattle--prefers chocolate female--purple girl

4. Sharon Buckley--Carson City--prefers apricot female, teal collar

5. Kimberly Lasley--Bay Area--chocolate/silver female, gray/ lt. blue collar

6. Shamika Lavekar-- Boston--Chocolate/white male, red collar


Puppies are preparing to go home over the next few days!  I know everyone is excited to finally meet their puppy and start this new venture with their baby.  A new puppy is always an exiting and welcome addition. We know that many of these babies will be going to families who have been planning and preparing for this little puppy for quite some time so the anticipation is very high.  In this coming week these little ones will go to see the vet for their vet check.  I will include vet notes and a medication record with your take home packet. 

Bring a collar and leash with you when you come for your puppy.  Size Small will work for this litter. 

A few tips to remember when you first meet your puppy:

  • Puppies use smell as their primary sense.  Let them smell and greet you before you pick them up.  

  • If you are bringing kids, remind them that high pitch noises or squealing is stressful for the puppy.  They should greet the puppy calmly and quietly and let the puppy smell them first. 

  • Take them straight to your potty area first thing when you get home.  Pick them up and carry them there.  Bring treats to reward potty immediately then take them in the house and let them sniff around to get used to a new place. 

  • Introduce your existing pets one at a time and only when both dogs are calm.  If your older dog jumps and barks and cries when you walk in the door then that is not a good time to introduce the new puppy.  Outside or in a neutral house location is also best i.e. don't take the puppy to your older dog's favorite bed to meet him.  

  • The babies still sleep almost as much as they are awake.  If your puppy is acting really hyper he may be overstimulated.  Put him in his crate or on a bed in a quiet location to settle down. Add a chew toy if he is having trouble settling. If he  still won't calm down then take him outside agin for a few minutes and ignore him as he runs around then try settling down again. 

  • Remind kids that if the puppy is on his bed or in his crate he is off limits.  Puppies should have a safe place to go to when they have had enough 'kid' time. 

  • It's not unusual for them to refuse food or eat only a little for a couple of days. Don't panic. They will eat when needed.


Last tip--Make sure to handle your dog in all different ways and all different places and times.  They should be used to having their paws and ears and tails touched and pushed.  You should be able to handle your dog in all situations--interrupt him when he is eating food:  put your hands in the bowl with his kibble, pick up the bowl while he is eating and then put it down again, get in his space when he has his food.  If he growls or tries to 'protect' his food stop him (a quick 'uh-uh' or no), remove the food, ask him to sit or come to you and then give him the food again.  These are all basic leadership tips that will help your puppy quickly understand that you are in charge and will help to prevent resource guarding.  If you have trouble with him being too rough or mouthy with kids then have the kids take, interrupt and give the food (with your supervision).  

Most of all have fun and remember that training and raising a great dog takes time and patience and one bad day will not ruin everything!

January 30, 2021

The babies turned 6 weeks old this last Thursday. I really enjoyed talking to you all on FaceTime this last week.  The babies are growing and learning like crazy! They had their first bath and a little mini-grooming session and they all did great! We trimmed their back sides to help keep them clean (mom stopped cleaning them when they started eating solid foods) and we cut the hair out of the corner of their eyes so that their vision development is unobstructed. They also had their Neopar shot this last week.  


Next week they will have a 5-day course of fenbendazole which is a dewormer medicine.  We haven't seen any signs of worms but parasites are common in puppies and nursing moms so we always treat at this age to prevent and quickly treat anything that might be present.  

This is week 4 of the socialization period. Puppies have now learned to take food from my hand and are doing great with 'manding' which is where they learn to sit and be calm in order to get what they want. They are eating dry crunch food and Tesla is jhsut about done nursing.  We will keep her here with them so she can continue to teach important dog manners. 


The babies have moved to the dog door pen and they are all doing great running in and out throughout the day.  They still ahve a potty area in their inside pen but we will transition off of that over this next week and they Will all be going potty  exclusively outside. 


The babies are all doing great sleeping in crates.  They still usually pile into one crate together but we offer them a couple of sizes of crates and they sometimes nap all alone.  We don't close the door with them and we don't have them sleeping separately at this stage.


If you haven't ordered food and supplies you need to get that done ASAP. 

There are really just a couple of things that you really have to have before you bring a puppy home. 

1. Collar and leash.  get a size "small" collar and a plain flat leash. 

2. Crate and pad.  For this litter you will want a 36"  crate. 

3.  Food.  You should already have ordered food.  Let me know if you need help.

3. Chew toys.  You need to have something for those little teeth to chew on.  We've given lots of ideas in our take home information.  If you don't provide something they will find something. 


January 16, 2021--4 weeks old

Puppies are all steady on their feet now and are starting to get more and more playful.  They are doing great with their potty training by using the paper potty area about 75% of the time.  When they don't use their potty area they are using their play area--they are keeping their sleep area completely clean.  

This is week two of the socialization period. Their little teeth are starting to erupt so this week puppies will start on solids and begin the process of weaning.  We take our cues from mama--when she starts standing up to nurse we know it's time to introduce soft solid foods.  First we will use ground food mixed with water. As they get used to eating and swallowing we will use regular food soaked in water until it is soft.  Mom has already started to wean by spending less time in the box with them.  This time will gradually increase over the next 2-3 weeks until they are no longer nursing. Mom still interacts with them throughout the day but she does so in shorter amounts of time. 

December 22, 2020

Tesla has six healthy babies!  She and the babies did great with labor and delivery. They are all adjusting to their new life.  The babies will be in the neonatal period for the first three weeks.  They can't see or hear and spend their time eating, sleeping and snuggling together.  Tesla rarely leaves the box and keeps her babies clean, warm and fed.  We will handle each baby every day and we will keep a close eye on mama to make sure all is well with all of them.  

Previous puppies from Tesla 




Multi-Generational English Goldendoodle 

30 pounds, 16" tall





Small Standard Poodle

Red Abstract markings

 43 pounds, 21" tall



Tesla and Monty
Born September 25th
Go home day Monday November 18th
Small medium Goldendoodles
35-40 pounds

Tesla has five puppies!.  Her labor went smoothly and we were surprised to find out she carries for parti.  Tesla is doing well and being a great momma. She has 3 females and 2 males. 1 wavy cream male. 1 wavy apricot/red male. 1 curly brown female. 1 wavy brown and White Parti female. 1 wavy Black and white parti female.They will mature to be around 30-40 pounds and between 16-20 inches tall.  This is Tesla's first litter. Both Tesla and Monty are incredible dogs who fill the purpose of emotional support and therapy dogs to their owners. These puppies will be a great option for therapy/service work. 

Tesla/Monty reservation list

1) Brown female (Katrina Oksten) Twin Falls Id

2) Brown Parti female (Landon & Bonnie) Rexburg ID

3) Wavy apricot/red abstract male (Marly) Boise ID

4) Wavy apricot/red male (Olivia Schwerdt) Kirkland WA

5) Black Parti female (Jennifer Fitz) Boise ID


3.5 weeks

"luxury cars"

1 week

"luxury cars"






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