Teslas previous puppies

Beethovens previous puppies

from Lucy and Guiness
16inches, 30 pound
brown, wavey, non-shedding 


multi-generation golden doodle

Brown merle with blue eyes

15.5 inches, 20 pounds

curly, non-shedding coat

Tesla and Beethoven
expected March 2019
Ready to go home May 2019
Mini solid/merl/parti chocolate Goldendoodles
20-30 pounds, 15-17 inches

Tesla is expected to cycle again around January making puppies due around March and ready to go home about May. We have not yet decided who we will breed her to.  Beetohven Is only a possibility at this time. 

This litter Belongs to Fonda.

Please contact her for more information 208-731-0053

Tesla/Monty "Luxury Cars"9/25/2019

5 weeks

"luxury cars"

Multi-gen Goldendoodle
from Lucy and Guiness
16 inches, 30 pound
brown, wavey, non-shedding 


Small Standard poodle

red with white abstract markings

21 inches, 43 pounds

Curly, Non-shedding

Tesla and Monty
Born September 25th
Go home day Monday November 18th
Small medium Goldendoodles
35-40 pounds

Tesla has five puppies!.  Her labor went smoothly and we were surprised to find out she carries for parti.  Tesla is doing well and being a great momma. She has 3 females and 2 males. 1 wavy cream male. 1 wavy apricot/red male. 1 curly brown female. 1 wavy brown and White Parti female. 1 wavy Black and white parti female.They will mature to be around 30-40 pounds and between 16-20 inches tall.  This is Tesla's first litter. Both Tesla and Monty are incredible dogs who fill the purpose of emotional support and therapy dogs to their owners. These puppies will be a great option for therapy/service work. 

Tesla/Monty reservation list

1) Brown female (Katrina Oksten) Twin Falls Id

2) Brown Parti female (Landon & Bonnie) Rexburg ID

3) Wavy apricot/red abstract male (Marly) Boise ID

4) Wavy apricot/red male (Olivia Schwerdt) Kirkland WA

5) Black Parti female (Jennifer Fitz) Boise ID


3.5 weeks

"luxury cars"

1 week

"luxury cars"






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We currently have enough reservation fees to fill all of our upcoming litters from Scarlett, Rory, Olive, and Cali Joe. Please note that we will not respond to question asking if there is any availability on these mothers list) 

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