8 weeks
4 months

Breed: Multi-Gen Teacup Goldendoodle
Parents: Cola (Multi-Gen Goldendoodle) Scuba (F1b goldendoodle)
Coat Color: Red
Coat type: Wavy/Straight, non shedding
Hair Curl: -/-
Furnishings: F/F
Shed: CT
Birth Day: December 12th, 2021
Height: Estimated 11"
Weight: Estimated 8 lbs
Penn Hip:Right DI 
Left DI 
OFA Elbow:
OFA Patella: 
OFA Cardiac: 
Eye Cerf: 

Full Clear Embark panel

Clear for 160 Genetic Conditions
CDDY pending Animal Genetics
Lives with a guardian family here in Twin Falls

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Cola (Multi-Gen)                        Scuba (F1b)

Tinys mom                                 Tinys dad

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IMG_7516 2.jpg