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We have really exciting news!


Recognizing the importance of training and wanting to help you get started in the right direction as quickly as possible, we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella to provide discounted lifetime access to their exclusive PUPPY PREP online training school, including all the dog training resources you will ever need, leading to better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship!

As breeders we want to be able to track who is logging on to utilize this phenomenal resource. We will receive a notification from Baxter and Bella's when you have logged in and completed the 1st two puppy prep lessons Intro - Training The Trainer and Prep - Let The Fun Begin

If you use our Special discount code at checkout you can save 25%  instantly

when getting a puppy from Kim use the code MAGIC

when getting a puppy from Fonda use the code MVGD 

Meet your trainer

Professional Educator

I received my professional degree from Utah State University in Mathematics Education and enjoyed the privilege of serving as a full-time teacher for multiple years. Throughout my experience in various capacities, and in working with kids from many diverse backgrounds, I learned how much I truly love helping others realize their full potential no matter the subject material. Teaching has been an amazing opportunity for me to observe that moment when the light turns on for an individual learner and they begin to better understand how to properly connect concepts for optimal outcomes. 

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