Upcoming Litters

Moms and Dads that have been bred and are expecting are listed on the home page. 


Please keep in mind that these anticipated litter pairings may change at any time up until the time of breeding takes place. There can be a change of sire due to multiple different circumstances but these pairings are our best guess and what we currently anticipate to happen.


  • Lainey/Tucker (mini red/abstract/parti 15-30 pounds) 

  • Ginger/Remington--Standard parti and brown puppies. Expected to cycle in November/December 

  • Paris/Tucker (medium red/black/parti 30-45 pounds) Expected to cycle October

  • Dotti/Remington (standard brown/cream/black/brindle/parti/solid 50-65 pounds) Expected to cycle November

  • Suzy-Q/Bernedoodle stud  (f1b mini 20-30 lb red/black solid/phantom) expected to cycle December

  • Indy/Beethoven Expected to cycle February 

In Progress​​​

  • Luna and Tucker Due Mid-January, ready to go home mid-March

  • Scarlett and Tucker Due mid-November--ready to go home mid-January

  • Rory and Cooper Due November 9 *New Year's puppies*

  • Ruby and Cooper Delivered October 19 *Christmas puppies*

  • Tesla and Monty Due Sept 28

  • Cali and Teddy Due Sept 25

Completed 2019
  • Freya/Teddy (Multigeneration, loose wavy red miniature)--Delivered Aug 6. 2019
  • Linna and Norris Delivered August 4, 2019
  • Olive and Teddy Born the end of July 22, 2019 
  • Bisou/Norris (F1b goldendoodles)-- Delivered July 5 
  • Paris and Remington born June 12, 2019
  • Ginger/Beethoven 40-60 lb solid and parti, merle brown, cream, silver beige--Due May 23
  • Rory/Judah  Petite red/apricot--15-25 pounds born 4/14/19 
  • Cali/Teddy 25-30 red/apricot parti delivered 2/13/19
  • Luna/Tucker 30-40 apricot born 1/6/19


2018 completed litters:

  • Scarlett/Knox 20-25 lb mini red solid and red and white parti

  • Linna/Teddy Multi-Gen medium 35-45 lb apricot

  • Annie/Monty (final litter) 45-60 parti and solid red Born 11/11/18

  • Bisou/Norris - miniature 20-35 lb  apricot/red/abstract - delivered 11/13/18

  • Lucy/Norris 20-30 lb mini apricot/red/abstract-delivered sep 25, 2018

  • Indy/Teddy 20-30 lb mini black/apricot delivered Sep 16, 2018

  • Dotti/Remmington 45-60 lb standard parti/brown/black/cream delivered Aug 7th, 2018

  • Suzy-Q/Bo 45-60 lb standard solid black/cream delivered July 18th

  • Penny/Rover-medium red/apricot born 6/28/2018

  • Maggie/Pierre--mini brown and cream born 6/15/18

  • ​Poppy/Norris (F1b mini 15-30 pounds) red and apricot-Born February 7

  • Lucy/Guinness (F3 mini 30 pounds full grown) solid chocolate and parti chocolate-Born February 7

  • Annie/Norris (F1b mini 25-35 pounds full grown) red and apricot puppies-Born January 28

  • Cali/Monty (F1bb medium/small standard 40-50 pounds, wavy coats, red parti/tuxedo & solid) Born January 1

2017 completed litters
  • Lucy/Dash (F1bb mini 15-30 pounds full grown solid chocolate) Born January 6

  • ​Daisy/Norris (mini/medium 25-35 pounds full grown red and apricot) Born January 17

  • Indie/Pierre (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds full grown solid and mis-mark chocolate-cream-black) Born Feb 24

  • ​Annie/Shooter (F1b small standard 45-60 pounds full grown) Born April 6th

  • Cali/Norris (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds full grown red solid and Parti) Delivered June 1.

  • Penny/Buddy (F1bb medium/small standard, 40-50 pounds) Delivered June 9

  • Indie/Pierre (F1bb mini 20-30 pounds, brown, silver beige, silver, black, and cream) Delivered September 6

  • Bisou/Gryff - F1b mini 20-30 pounds, red/apricot solid and mis-mark) Delivered Sept 30

  • Maggie/Gryff (F1bb petite10-20 pounds, black, red, or apricot) Delivered November 3rd

  • Ginger/Remington-(F3 standard 60-65 pounds) silver beige, brown, cream in solid and parti--Born November 23rd

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